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    06 Feb 2012
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    Before consoles took over the video game market many people would go to an arcade to do some gaming with friends. If you havent heard of an arcade basically it is a place that has dozens of machines that accept quarters as payment to play a game, these machines were also common in Bowling Alleys or other similar places.

    With all sarcasm aside roughly 20 years ago The Simpsons Arcade was one of the better side scroller beat-em ups available in the market. After all of these years t has finally been available for consoles. Some ports have been successful like Golden Ax and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 (NES and XBOX 360) and on the other hand there have been some terrible ports such as Pac-Man on the Atari 2600 (cartridges supposedly barried with ET in New Mexico). The question is what side of the spectrum does The Simpsons fall under.

    The graphics hold up well but do show some signs of being dated. One nice thing I never noticed when I use to play it 20 years ago is the cameos. Almost every major person is shown either by giving you power ups or in the background.

    There are 8 levels, each of which have a different theme. The enemies also have a large variety but there are also some that you will fight in practically every level. The power ups available are plentiful, you can get anything from a sling shot to a boulder. The japan ROM also gives you explosives to play with shock.

    Naturally you get to play as Homer, Marge, Bart or Lisa. The Simpsons arcade supports up to four players online, one nice benefit is if the host leave you will still be able to play. When starting a game there are four difficulties and modes to choose from. The modes are survival (one life), team quarters (40 continues), individual quarters (If you run out your done) and free mode (unlimited).

    There is a little story to the game, which is supported by cut scenes between levels. Thinking about the era I do not recall to many games with cut scenes, Im thinking about games such as Streets of rage or Golden Ax.

    As I said before there is a Japanise ROM included in the game. It is basically the same as the American version except the enemies take less damage, there are more health pickups and more weapons available.

    The achievement list encourages you to try different difficulties and modes. Most of the achievements are easy and could be done in about two hours but there are two that will take some skill to complete. For an arcade beat em up this is one of the best lists Ive seen.

    At the end of the day the Simpsons Arcade is a fun trip down memory lane but there is almost no replay value once you spend a couple hours on it. The variety of levels is what sets it apart from other ports from the era and I like the achievement list but I feel the $10 is more than the game is worth. Due to the lack of replay value I would recommend waiting for it to go on sale.
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    CRAZE KILERI appreciate your support, I love writting reviews so I can try and help people on whether or not to spend money on a game.
    Posted by CRAZE KILER on 09 Feb 12 at 23:20
    STRESSER1good review
    Posted by STRESSER1 on 23 Feb 12 at 00:53
    esc1only a 3/5.. are you cray cray?
    Posted by esc1 on 29 Apr 13 at 12:41
  • ShootZombiesShootZombies275,481
    13 Sep 2012 14 Sep 2012
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    This is how it's done. Finally, the perfect all round XBLA game I've played so far.

    Let me explain... But first...

    I assume most of you know this but just in case you don't this is the First Simpsons Video Game from 1991. It's a side scrolling beat-em up similar to TMNT 1989 or Golden Axe and supports up to 4 players.

    Nostalgia Trip: I remember playing this with some friends when I was a kid but due to the nature of Arcades back then I only remember us getting to the lv. 1 Wrestler boss before my probably only 50p ran out. I do remember having a great time with my friends though all huddled around the arcade and bashing the joystick and buttons. Arcades were a great novelty at that period and vastly superior to any games you could play at home at the time.

    Now in 2012 playing the same game over Xbox Live I have to say the game holds up Really well. This is exactly how you do a retro re-release.

    The game has been left alone as far as I can tell and is Arcade perfect. This is for the better. I never liked TMNT: Turtles in time Re-Shelled. I thought that game should have just been left in it's original arcade form like the TMNT 1989 game was. 3D just didn't work for me and took away it's fun 2D 80's Cartoon feel the original had.

    So basically the original Retro game for me personally is perfect in The Simpsons case.

    So left me throw out some facts:

    You can play both the USA version and the Japan version. You have to complete the game on the USA version to unlock the Japanese version but as I'll tell you soon, that doesn't take long and then you'll enjoy playing through the game several more times on the Japanese version as it's vastly superior and more fun that way (at least for me personally).

    Full Xbox Live 4 player Co Op hop in hop out. This works REALLY REALLY WELL!!!

    At the time of writing, this game is still Very popular, whenever I was online there was always about 3 games available to join and whenever I started a game I was rarely alone and often about 2-3 players with me. The simple joy of frantically button bashing through a level when SUDDENLY "HOMER!!!" would announce himself as ANOTHER player entered the game. There was something illogically FUN about that happening.

    Also for me personally the length of the game is PERFECT. It takes roughly 30mins to play through it's 8 levels but that was fine by me. Every time I finished my first play through I immediately started again to play as another character or a different mode. My longest run was 50mins.

    A possible downside to the game is the fact that it is technically a Button Basher. Compared to a game like Streets of Rage which is what I would consider the Grandfather of the technically Intelligent side scroller The Simpsons doesn't require much strategy apart from move around to avoid being hit.

    HOWEVER!!! This actually doesn't matter because for some reason it never felt overly unfair. There's a few Cheap deaths here and there but it never reaches TMNT heights of annoyance.

    PLUS!!! For some reason The Simpsons is FUN FUN FUN. I'm not sure exactly why it's so much fun but for some reason I had a great time every second I was playing it. Perhaps the fact it's so close to the TV series is a huge help and all the voice samples are directly from the Show. I laughed so hard when Homer was screaming in that crazy way he does as he got Zapped by a lightning bolt later in the game, or when he says "Eh, Get back here with my kid!"

    So basically it's just Fun to play. Which oddly Most XBLA games seem to miss.

    Achievement wise the Achievements are perfect too. There's an Achievement for completing the game with all four characters, which was fine by me :) An Achievement for completing the game on Expert Difficulty with only 10 Individual Quarters, not as hard as you'd think. An Achievement for finding Bongo (the Rabbit) in 4 trees throughout the game. One for completing the game in under 30mins which is easy as long as you rush through, and one Semi Tough one where you have to complete the first 3 levels with only on life. It took me 5-6 tries but I finally got that one.

    Most XBLA games Achievements are either FAR too hard and time consuming to 100%, and closer to the kind of commitment of a full retail game. Or Stupidly easy to 100% and you feel you wasted your money (Looking at you Daytona).

    The Simpsons walks the perfect line Achievement wise in that it gets you to explore all the facets of the game without expecting you to give up weeks of your life to complete some Baloney last Achievement a madman somewhere thought was a good idea.