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Posted on 19 July 16 at 14:22, Edited on 19 July 16 at 14:47
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Welcome to my review for The Solus Project

Developed by: Teotl Studios
Published by: Grip Digital s.r.o.
Release Date: 12th July 2016
Price: £15.99

The Solus Project was finally fully released 5 days ago, there has been many questions about whether it is a good investment or not. Being a new developer creation not many gamers have shown interest in this new development. But for the few of us who have shown interest in this game and I want to get around to answering everyone Questions of whether this new title is truly worth the buy and am I getting my money's worth?

So what has been the flaws to so few showing real interest in such an interesting title? Is it really any good? Is it worth its weight in gold? and Will it give me enough hours of enjoyment for that price? many of the questions and more that gamers like myself are asking about this game.

Firstly I would say it's not the wow factor and certainly doesn't stick out as an amazing game in the first 10 minutes, however there are no real issues to address here as it certainly runs smoothly and works well on Xbox One. I was hoping for a more visualising and in your face experience especially seeing as Xbox One is the next generation, but it did feel my appetite for a sci-fi adventure I could relate to. Seeing as it was a new build I wasn't expecting amazing things seeing as it first appeared in the preview program for Xbox One in February, but I was expecting graphics on par with some other titles like fallout and Forza.

The Story however offers a unique experience as there is no real end goal set, It lets you follow the basics to get started but after lets you get on with it offering an experience I've been waiting for. I have always enjoyed my sci-fi stories in my mind, but never been able to truly set out one in physical form. I love being able to make my own story happen, but at the same time have a level of difficulty that I can choose to make it an experience worth playing. You never know what might happen next from cold evenings to storms you need to truly gather your supplies and learn to survive in a matter of hours to ensure your crucial survival to learn about the new planet you have crashed on. It offers dynamic environments in which you need to learn to adapt to survive from ensuring body temperature, food, water levels are survivable and even sleep to ensure you can get through each day while learning new things about the planet you have landed on.

Graphics: The environment seems decent, however the graphics for such a visualising game experience lets down this game a bit by only being on par with the best Xbox 360 game. However the shadows work well with the day/night cycle and are more realistic than the smaller details are. It isn't perfect but offers an experience worth seeing despite this set back. objects feel realistic but doesn't make me feel that this experience could be real. If I was playing this through VR which the game supports I wouldn't feel I'm truly there and would easily be able to tell the difference.

Music/FX: Music is very ominous in game and mysterious making the game feel an epic journey into the unknown, sound effects are realistic making it feel like a sci-fi game.

Gameplay: Runs smoothly and offers a unique game play style in which you have to survive and explore. crafting is key to survival and scavenging of alien and your own tech from your wrecked ship are both important to staying alive. Practice will be important to survive long enough to explore this new world, with the day/night cycle not really affecting the frame rate of the game.

Longevity: If you are able to accept the few issues that it presents graphically and really engage with the game, it would be possible to waste away a good few hundred hours into this game as I know I will be doing just that as each play through experience is unique and even the achievements make it hard not to take huge risks that could result in your death.

Achievements: Majority of these should be easy enough with a natural play through of the game with not much effort. however there are a few risky achievements that may require trial and error to survive or constant survival to reach. A lot require reaching places and collecting which make this achievement list feel easy most of the time.

Overall: Despite the game being graphically obsolete to other games out there, It others an amazing experience that many games cannot reach and also being one of very few games of survival adventure in a sci-fi environment it is unique in its own right. So is it worth £15.99 price tag to all you gamers that haven't decided yet? Yes, I would even go as far to say it is worth more than the price tag it is asking as it offers loads of hours of game play that interested players can get hooked for hours. It gives gamers the chance to make their own story in this survival on a new and harsh planet. Discover its secrets and survive the harsh environments that are on this world, while also watching your own health. If you get lost easily I would recommend learning to track where you been and time it right as to get caught up in a tornado far from your current cave or temporary base. Constant movement and scavenging is key and will be your only way of surviving.

I have awarded The Solus Project 4 stars seeing as it others a challenging and fun survival experience with the only downside that lowered the score was its par graphics.
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