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Posted on 04 March 18 at 01:05, Edited on 04 March 18 at 01:10
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Welcome to my first review. I will be discussing my personal opinions and my overall experience with,The Technomancer. I don't allow my opinion to be swayed by other people's negative views, nor do I follow community praise.

First, I’ll be talking about the combat gameplay. You have 4 skill trees for 4 different disciplines; you’ll ultimately pick which one suits your needs the most appropriately. I won't go into too much depth explaining all of them, but I personally chose to put all my focus on the rogue stance (you need the mobility more than anything if you plan on taking on the game's hardest difficulty).

The combat, for the most part is tight and pretty responsive, so that when you die, you can’t entirely blame the game for cheap shots. That being said, there is a bit of a problem with hit boxes… at times, they don’t always register… which can feel like a bit of an inconvenience, especially in a few boss fights.

STORY. 3/5
I personally felt the story is somewhat forgettable, but all I'm going to say is choices matter and change the way people and factions will feel about you. Draining every soul you kill is going to make your allies hate you, blocking some squad achievements.

Overall, pretty good for what it Is, but considering it was priced the same as a full priced AAA game, it will have to lose a few points due to animations and character design being slightly more shallow than the counterparts in its price range. Sound and music isn't too bad, but it's nothing memorable that will play in your head, even after you've finished.

Nothing too bad, not even the achievement playing on extreme if you play as a rogue, learn to dodge and take out enemies who are shooting first and foremost. I do have to dock it points because the difficulty feels tacked on, and to me, discouraged exploration due to not wanting to go through somewhat irritating mobs over and over…

Overall, if you enjoyed the original Mass Effect, you'll probably like this too.
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