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Posted on 23 July 19 at 16:57
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NOTE: A copy of this game for streaming/promotional purposes was provided by the publisher (Sometimes You). All thoughts contained below are my own.

As I say each time I write a review for a Sometimes You, it's always an adventure whether the game will be good or bad. It doesn't really matter to me as I love just seeing what's coming out. But with some of their recent picks for publishing, they really have been improving. The last 3 they've released - Ovivo, Grass Cutters Mutated Lawns, and The Tower of Beatrice - really seem to have turned a corner for the publisher. This isn't to say the 3 games are "perfect" or anything like that, but the picks are better and the games have been fun to play.

The Tower of Beatrice is a puzzle game. Think of it like an Escape Room type of experience. Each room is set of puzzles where you are required to accomplish small tasks to acquire objects to further assist you in escaping. Each room usually requires you to "brew a potion" that will fix or change how something works. The puzzles within are usually well telegraphed in telling you what you're aiming to accomplish.

With that out of the way, let's go into some of the positive and negative aspects of this game.

Positive: The Puzzles (mostly)

Each room's puzzles flow into each other. Right at the start of a room, you might feel overwhelmed by the options. There are some many things you can zoom in on and select. After a few seconds though, you'll easily begin to pick up items and have conversations with Beatrice that will begin to clue you in on some of the tasks. Here's an example from the game's second room.

You'll find that her dear pet hamster has died and you'll begin to find some bones. Beatrice will mention that the pet was the one turning the clock. If you look into the spellbook, you'll find a life potion in there. Based on this, you'll know that you need the life potion. This will clue you into some of the items you're looking for during this room.

This isn't to say it's always clear though. I wouldn't go so far to say the puzzles are old school Adventure Game logic leaps like Day of the Tentacle, but the game does a decent job of guiding you from task to task. But there are a few occasions this wasn't the case and leads to minor gripe/negative.

Negative: The Occasional ridiculous logic jump

I'll point out two moments the game seemed a little broken in what it was telling you. Room 2 - There are 7 bone pieces to collect, but the game makes it seem like there are only 6 when Beatrice tells you "have all the pieces" after getting the 6th. This is especially weird since the game makes it clear at the beginning there are 7. Room 4 - You find a "through the mirror" potion, but when you first try to use it on the broken mirror, you're told it's a bad idea (because it's broken). The thing is, you need to repeatedly do it because that's actually the path forward. Myself and my co-stream partner, angelsk, were stuck there for a good 20 minutes since we agree with the logic at the moment.

These aren't major problems, but definitely moments when it breaks a feeling of natural progression.

Positive: Decent Achievement List

The list isn't anything that will send you out of your way doing something crazy, but you'll get the full experience of the game just by playing through it. This will also unlock all of the achievements. I know that not all of the achievements were listed as "Story" but it appeared none of them were really missable along the way.

Negative: Finicky controls

While the controls are serviceable, both myself and angelsk found the D-Pad and Left Control Stick a little imprecise at times. I think as I went on it got a little better for me, but there were moments I found myself jumping to spots I didn't intend to.


Overall, The Tower of Beatrice is a decent puzzle game. It will likely be a low ratio in terms of TA given how it's not a tough or especially long game, but it should scratch that puzzle itch if want something a little different (there really aren't a lot of escape room type games on X1 currently). It's a cheap game as well in terms of price so hopefully it will help entice more people to give it a shot. Don't let who the publisher is turn you off of this one.
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