The Turing Test Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

You are Ava Turing, you are on a space station (Fortuna) orbiting Jupiter and work for a corporation called ISA. Communication has been lost with the ground crew (on Europa) and you are awakened from cryostasis early, by T.O.M, a computer presence/ artificial intelligence.

This is a puzzle game that requires you to think outside the box and build on concepts you have learned to solve the puzzles.

It's hard to do a spoiler-free walkthrough of this, as it's all about the puzzles, but I'll put some tips on the next page. I would advise you play through this as much as you can without the guide, and just refer to it if you get stuck, I found it more fun that way :) But YMMV.

It's also hard to describe the puzzle solutions - so I compiled my gameplay into a playlist; if you want to watch me stumble through solving them :)

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