The VideoKid Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Hello and welcome to the walkthrough for The Videokid. The Videokid was developed by VideoKid Games and published by Chorus Worldwide Games as part of the ID@Xbox program.

This one is a relatively short walkthrough due to the nature of the gameplay. Videokid is similar to Paperboy but a lot more forgiving. Instead of being focused on precision for delivering of newspapers, VideoKid really asks you to throw videos at everything.

What follows is a short introduction for controls and an overview of how to play through the game.

NOTE: There was a patch released in November 2018 and players are reporting it fixed the buggy achievement problems. I've been unable to confirm myself, but I am leaving the notes about it in the walkthrough just in case. If the fix worked however, then the game does not require you to play and finish the achievements in a single sitting.

One last important piece to consider that will be repeated multiple times throughout - this game is BUGGY. From an achievement tracking perspective, this focuses on the purchase mechanics. As a result, we will aim to do the game in one sitting (or at least purchase everything at the end).

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