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    22 May 2016 22 May 2016
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    The Walking Dead: Michonne is the 3rd walking dead game from TellTale but the first to differ from the story which is played throughout The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: Season Two . During this mini-series you play as the popular character Michonne (shocker), she is featured also featured very prominently throughout the TV series and comic series so chances are if you're a fan you know a bit about her already.


    The story of this mini-series is based on the comics and what happens to Michonne when she strays off from the main group. (Between issues #126 and #139 if you're interested.) You start off seemingly stranded and helpless with a lot of the focus during the game on her daughters Colette and Elodie and how she keeps seeing apparitions of them. You are then somewhat rescued by Pete and you will embark or you're adventure with him and his crew meeting many new and interesting characters along the way, including your standard Walking Dead bad guys who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

    While the story in this game may not be on the outstanding level set in the first 2 main seasons it is still exciting, gripping with many jaw dropping and seat clasping moments. It really portrays the picture of what Michonne is like and how she was in life before there were zombies everywhere. Also like the previous games your story can go different ways, your choices you make throughout the game will affect how your game is played out. It could be the difference between life and death for some characters or maybe just their opinion about you. All these decisions throughout the game help mould what is happening in your world and as we know this makes for great entertainment and is a real selling point for the game, and all their other games as well.


    This is no different to your standard point and click adventure from TellTale. The game runs smoothly in general, there were a couple of times where it would seemingly glitch out and a cut scene wouldn't activate so I would have to back out and load it up again but it only happened twice throughout the whole game so not a major issue. There is lots of button mashing and QTE's as usual, nothing revolutionary to get you out of your seat.


    The voice acting is great as we have come to expect, can't fault any of it as it's what makes these games so great. The sound effects are also of the highest quality, they really bring the game alive when you're wandering about in the zombie infested world. There was a few occasions where there may have been a loading issue and some of the zombie noises or voices were played out of time but not really a big issue. The best thing of all though is the music. The soundtrack to the game is brilliant, the music that is played at all times is perfect and will give you the chills, the way they integrated the songs to fit what is happening in the story at the current moment is fantastic and really is a highlight of the game for me, I can't say enough good things about it.


    The scene that is set out in the world of the Walking Dead is detailed and emphatic. Everything they placed in the world just fits with what is going on and really nothing looks out of place in a zombie apocalypse. The animations and graphics are the same as the other games so you know what to expect, very crisp and neat they've done a good job once again, not a lot else to say about that to be honest.


    These are your standard complete each chapter achievements, nothing original, pretty boring list but what can you do hey? At least it's a very easy 1000G for everyone and you can thoroughly enjoy yourself at the same time.

    All in all this great little mini-series will have you gripped all the way through as is definitely worth the £12 for the whole lot. If you like it that much there is the opportunity to play through again making different decisions as it will play out a different story for you. Also if you feel like adding another 1000G to your account you can play it on the 360 as well and you will not get bored, I really enjoyed playing it a second time with different choices to see what happened.

    Overall: 9/10 smile
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    KanchanaburiWell I may agree this was a well told story, it does not deserve that high of a rating due to it's SHORT playthrough. Each episode is UNDER 1 hour long, great if you want quick gamer scrore but poorly finished if you want your money's worth. On two of the episodes, you get 1-2 achievements within minutes of starting. A perfect example of a money grab.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 27 May 16 at 18:59
    EthelI have just today finished Season 1 which was without a doubt the best game I've ever played, I ordered Season 2 this afternoon and just purchased Michonne based on this review, hope it lives up to the high expectations now smile
    Posted by Ethel on 23 Jun 16 at 19:25