7. The Walking Dead Episode 5 - No Time LeftUpdate notes

After the initial cutscene, we will start the episode for real. Search the cupboards for some pliers to use in the elevator to keep them open. After some more cutscenes, you get a rather tough choice. Climb up the ladder and upon reaching the roof, you will unlock the following:

Check the ladder to your right and use it on the bell tower to your left to reach the other side. Use the bell, jump across the gap and leave the roof. After some more conversations, defend the house and assign duties to your group. Look in the upper-right cupboard for a cleaver and use it to escape to the attic after some more fighting. Upon reaching it, you will unlock the following:

After some more decisions and conversations, use the wardrobe stand to smash the wall on the back and upon leaving the attic, you will unlock the following:

Search the room, enter the balcony and keep moving across the roofs. Retrieve the walkie talkie and flee the scenery to unlock the following:

Choose who should move across the sign and afterwards, fight your way through the streets. Be quick and you should be fine. Afterwards you will unlock the following:

Enter the room to find Clementine and talk to the stranger. Make sure he does not kill you and take Clementine with you to get the following:

This part is straight-forward since you simply need to evade the zombies around you. After a long way, you will unlock the following:

Now tell Clementine to get the baseball bat, smash the window and use the stool to enter the room. Let her steal the keys and gun and give her the baseball bat to defend herself. After some conversation, wait for the game to finish (stay strong, I nearly cried at that bit!)

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