8. The Walking Dead 400 Days DLCUpdate notes

This episode is totally off the chart and therefore a completely new set of small stories with new characters and different choices to be made. It doesn't matter which order you play the stories, so basically I will write down the order in which I did this and will keep spoilers to a minimum, only telling you where to go and at which time. The stories are pretty short so it is possible to beat this episode with the full gamerscore in around 3-4 hours, depending on how thorough you are. So with that said, let us start this new adventure.

After the initial cutscene, you come to a board with pictures of the survivors. I will start with Russel's story here.

Russel's Story

Follow the road ahead and after some time you will get the option to either stay on the road or hide. Choose hide as an option as this will unlock the following achievement:

Here is a video, credit goes to reabo:

Get in the car and continue the dialogue until you are shot at. Evade the bullets, sneak to the back of the building and choose whichever dialogue you want in order to finish this chapter and unlock the following achievement:

Bonnie's Story

Here you will talk a lot and after that you need to escape from strangers through a cornfield. Get the weapon, talk some more and choose whichever option you feel most comfortable with. Escape and unlock the following for finishing:

Wyatt's Story

Get the weapon and defend yourself. After some dialogue you will be prompted to play rock-paper-scissor and by all means say yes to play it. This is a crucial point where some people will perish and others succeed at the first try. You need to win this mini-game in order to get an achievement. However, this is random so my tip is to quit out of the game if you didn't win. You need to be quick since there is a checkpoint right afterwards. The order is totally random so there is no tip on which option to choose first. So, this is pure luck!

Here is a video, credit goes to cakechieveables:

As soon as the car returns, turn the lights on, look underneath your car seat and escape to finish the chapter with an achievement:

Vince's Story

Get rid of the weapon and talk to your friends. Defend yourself, make a tough decision and finish the chapter for the following:

Shel's Story

Talk to the survivors, exit through the backdoor, check the walker in the back and get back inside. Ahead of you is a lot of talking and a lot of decisions which is rather lenghty. After the decision to kill someone or to flee, you will unlock the following:


Talk into your walkie-talkie and find the survivors. Talk to them to convince them to join you and the chapter will end regardless of how many join you. This will also unlock the last achievement:

Congrats on this easy and fast gamerscore!

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