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Git gud: 30 of the hardest Xbox achievements ever

We've talked about grinds, luck, and even online achievements, but lets strip it back a little this time — which skill-based achievements out there are simply some of the most straight-up difficult to unlock?

Posted 1 month ago by Luke Albigés 267

Two More XBLA Titles are Delisted

Two years ago, a new racing title hit Xbox LIVE Arcade in the form of Days of Thunder Arcade. The film tie-in saw players racing their stock cars as they tried to rise to the top of the leaderboards.

Posted 8 years ago by Rebecca Smith

The War of the Worlds Review

It would be a long time before I could get past that checkpoint I had already struggled to overcome so many times before. Learned helplessness began to seep through my mind and invade my thoughts as

Posted 10 years ago by Mark Delaney

War of the Worlds Dev Diary #2

Back in August, we brought you the first developer diary for the new XBLA adaptation of H.G. Wells' classic novel The War of the Worlds, a 2d action-adventure game narrated by the acclaimed actor Sir

Posted 10 years ago by Lexley Ford