2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition General hints and tips

First of all, remember to make use of the signs.

Quen: (the shield) Get into the habit of using it regularly, it can only withstand a single hit but if you dodge out of the way you can use it again.

Aard: (telekinetic blast) Useful for knocking enemies down, that allows you to try an instant kill on smaller regular enemies; but this was not possible all the time. You'll also be using it to blow doors down a couple of times throughout the game.

Igni: (fire) Can set enemies on fire, ignite poison gas necessary in some locations and I found it most useful for making enemies drop their shields.

Axii: (mind control) You'll use this outside of combat to get extra options in dialogue and in combat once developed enough you can use it on an enemy to make them fight for you. They'll be able to kill other enemies in a single hit. The effect doesn't last long and sometimes the affected enemy will just stand there

Yrden: (magic trap) All I ever used this for was against a few of the wraith hunt quests. I never bothered with it for any other reason. Some wraiths would only be hittable inside the trap. It can also stop projectiles and slows enemies down but I never tried.

There are plenty of potions, oils and decoctions that you can make use of. The main potion you should be using is called swallow, which heals you. I didn't really use many others. A useful one to get though would be killer whale, which lets you stay under water for longer. Oils I used regularly on bigger enemies and groups. As for decoctions I never used them EVER never saw a point until I got to the final boss on new game+. In hindsight I was probably making it more difficult for myself. They do have a high toxicity though so take that into account. There are a number of missable achievements in the base game but there is a big window in which to get them but I'll go into this more once we approach them. As for direction of where to go for different quests the game does kind of take you by the hand showing you where to go.


The in game card game has several achievements related to it but they are all easy enough to get once you start improving your deck. Personally I found the Northern deck preferable and I stuck to this throughout. In the latest update you can now get a book that shows your collection, what your missing and the area to get it.

Cumulative Achievements

There are some achievements you can rinse and repeat at certain locations, especially the ‘do this so many times’ achievements. Since the game is so huge and will take a lot of time, I found it easier just going for those in the course of the game. When you’re done with one, move on to the next. I highlight those achievements at the start of the walkthrough and I’ll keep reminding you of these during at the points when I unlocked them.


Geralt can take on contracts alongside the main quests. These contracts usually mean killing a beast and you will be rewarded with XP and coin, and likely get decent rewards. There's also an achievement for clearing all of the contracts in each area. Keep an eye out for contracts on the notice boards that will appear as you explore the area. At the start of each section, I will list the contracts that are available. Often, you will find that your current level doesn't match to a contract, and you will need to come back when you've leveled up. But to maximise on your XP, don't let you level pass the recommended level by more than 5 levels, otherwise you'll get paltry XP!

Side Quests

TW3 is full of side quests that add to the fun of playing the game. Some are laughable, and others are deep, involving stories. Take on all quests you come along for more XP. I won't be listing them in this walkthrough, except for any that count towards an achievement.


Do the tutorial that will be initiated when you make your way the court in Kaer Morhen. It will help you get the basics, and you can actually get your first achievement here. Continue fighting with Vesemir after he teaches you the basics. Don’t sheathe your sword and opt for continue training. When Vesemir attacks, counter-attack (not parry), attack, throw a bomb and hit him with magic quickly in under 4 seconds. Best order is cn_LT, cn_X, cn_RB, cn_RT. Doing this will unlock What Was That?

What Was That?

Attack, counter, cast a Sign and throw a bomb (in any order) in under 4 seconds.

What Was That?
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