4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition Velen


The Griffin from the Highlands (Optional according to comments below, though I cannot confirm - Part of Secondary Quest: Master Armorers in Velen - Speak with Fergus, the Blacksmith in Crow's Perch, to start)
Jenny O' the Woods (10) - Notice Board in Midcopse (Tip: Use Yrden to deal more damage. When she splits into three, use your crossbow to 1-shot the parts)
The Merry Widow (10) - Notice Board in Lindenvale
Missing Brother (33) - Notice Board at the Inn of the Crossroads
Mysterious Tracks (20) - Notice Board in Lindenvale
The Mystery of the Byways Murders (22) - Notice Board in Oreton
Patrol Gone Missing (7) - Notice Board across from quartermaster's tent at the Nilfgaardian Central Army Camp
Phantom of the Trade Route (23) - Speak with a refugee in Benek in far East Velen
Shrieker (8) - Notice Board in Crow's Perch
Swamp Thing (12) - Villager to the west of The Orphans of Crookback Bog (Tip: Use Aard to knock the Foglet out of the mists so you can attack it)
Woodland Beast (6) - Various Notice Boards in Novigrad and Northern Velen

You’ll end up at the Royal Palace in Vizima, where you’ll catch up with Yennifer, meet the emperor and finally get your next mission. You will get to move around the palace quite a bit as the story unfolds and I’d recommend you go round the whole palace looting and also reading as many of the books as you can. There are quite a number here, and if you’ve been collecting and reading books from White Orchard as well, you should have read enough to unlock Bookworm for reading 30 books and journals.


Read 30 books, journals or other documents.

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When you leave the palace, you’ll end up in Velen, at a place called Hanged Man’s Tree, for obvious reasons that you will see. By any chance, if you missed playing the scholar at White Orchard’s Inn or didn’t win the Zoltan gwent card from him, here’s your chance to get it. The poor bugger was hung, and you find the card beneath his hanging body. Just use your witcher senses and you’ll find it.

If you were also unable to get The Butcher of Blaviken achievement in the inn, here’s a good opportunity to get it and also Can’t Touch This. Just beyond Hanged Man’s Tree, there are five level 1 wild dogs. If you dodge well, don’t use Quen and kill all without taking any damage, the achievements should pop.

Check my video just to get an idea.

Can't Touch This!

Kill 5 foes in a fight without taking damage (except for Toxicity) and without using the Quen Sign.

Can't Touch This!
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You can also use the wild dogs to get the Triple Threat achievement. Meditate and the wild dogs should respawn, though you can get this one at any time with any group of at least 3 enemies. To get Triple Threat, you’ll need to kill 3 enemies in one fight using 3 different methods. The dogs are easy being level one. Just sword kill one, igni a few, then leave one to kill with your crossbow.

Triple Threat

Kill 3 opponents in one fight using 3 different methods (swords, bombs, crossbow, Signs, etc.).

Triple Threat
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Do side quests along your path to the main quest for XP and rewards. The main quest will be Hunting a witch, which is simple enough if you follow the marker. This will then progress to Wandering in the Dark. As you progress and get to the first place that you need to dive underwater to get across, be on the lookout underwater for some loot. There’s a diagram for Tracker’s trousers amongst other items. It’s useful armour in the early levels. Continue on with the quest until you complete it. After the quest, you’ll have the option to help Keira on a side quest, Magic Lamp. If you want to see Geralt get romantic with Keira, then accept to help her. Be prepared for a grind, cause she will make you work to get a piece of her! This particular side quest involves solving a riddle. It’s an easy one to solve. First ignite the statue on the right, then the left, then the far right and finally, the far left statue. That should unlock the door. Watch the video to get the sequence.

As mentioned earlier, to get at Keira’s goodies, you’ll have to work quite a bit. When you get out of the cave, Keira will ask you to drop by at her place in the secondary quest, An Invitation from Keira Metz. When you do, she’ll give you a side quest to do for her, A Towerful of Mice. Complete this side quest and she’ll yet again give you another task, A Favor for a Friend. After completing that quest, go to Keira’s hut and she’ll invite you to dinner. Make sure you accept. After a lot of chit-chat (make sure you keep up the flirting), Keira will finally reward you for all your hard work, and you'll also get the Friends With Benefits achievement. When you’re well rested, you’ll get another Keira side quest, For the Advancement of Learning. It’s a simple quest but be sure to pick these choices when you get talking to her; 'It's Suicide' and 'Go to Kaer Morhen'. This goes towards a missable achievement later on.

Friends With Benefits

Complete the subplot involving Keira Metz.

Friends With Benefits
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Armed and Dangerous is the achievement for unlocking and equipping a full set of Witcher gear. The first set you’ll be able to complete is the Griffin Set. I started the treasure hunt by getting the Griffin Silver Sword diagram in a tower in Hindhold (check image).

<strong>Hindhold - Griffin Silver Sword</strong>Hindhold - Griffin Silver Sword
The diagram for the Griffin Steel Sword is at another lighthouse, at Lornruk (check map).
<strong>Lornruk - Griffin Steel Sword</strong>Lornruk - Griffin Steel Sword
The entrance to get into the tower is somewhat hidden. Once you get to the tower, you’ll find that the drawbridge is up. Jump into the water at this point and swim to the right, where there’ll be a place of power. Now, if you swim around the place of power, an ‘Entrance’ marker will show up, and you’ll need to go underwater through the entrance. Once on the other side, collect the loot, then climb up some rocks in the cave. You’ll get to a room that has a ladder which will be your route into the tower. No need to climb to the top of the tower, though there’s good loot. Once you’re outside and can lower the draw-bridge, look for a ladder that will lead up to some ruins. In that area, you’ll get the diagram for the Griffin Steel Sword. Now head out to the next location for the quest, the grave. Once you get there, prepare to battle a number of wraiths inside the tomb. Eventually, you’ll fight with a vampire that’s ‘guarding’ the treasure. When you defeat it, there will be lots of loot including all the remaining diagrams for the Griffin Set. Now it’s just to get all the components and cash to craft the gear. I think the hardest to get were the monster parts for the gloves, but learnt you can get this from dismantling some monster parts in your inventory. Much easier than going out to harvest for them. So if you’re level 11 and have at least 757 gold, you’re good to craft and equip the gear, unlocking...

Armed and Dangerous

Find and equip all the elements of one set of witcher gear.

Armed and Dangerous
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Naturally, you should be progressing with the main quests. Taking on the Family Matters quest from the Bloody Baron will also have you take on the Ladies of the Wood quest eventually. Just a note that you should play and beat the Bloody Baron during you initial interactions with him to unlock the Gwent Players of Velen quest to continue with completing your gwent deck. Not much to do here but complete the tasks tied to the quests. There’s one quest as you’re doing Ladies of the Wood; The Whispering Hillock. This one will need you to make decisions that will affect the final outcome of the quest the quests Family Matters and Ladies of the Wood.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

When you do update the Baron on his wife, you will have the option to join him or let him go out to the swamps to rescue Anna. Whatever your decision, you will complete the Family Matters quest and it will unlock

Family Counselor

Find the baron's wife and daughter.

Family Counselor
Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

The Baron will also complete telling you the tale of Ciri which will lead to two Ciri quests; The Race and Out of the Shadows. There’s a point in Out of the Shadows that you’ll need to climb a tower. I spent about 30 mins jumping and trying to clamber non-existent ledges! You will simply need to jump down some ridge to ‘climb’ the tower. This video should save you some time. Anyway, don’t bother trying to climb the tower. Go off towards the right and climb the rocks near the tower. When you get to the top and get to the wall, climb down the rocks as though going to the bottom of the wall. That should get a cutscene started.

You can choose to help the Baron get his wife back in the quest Return to Crookback Bog, for a bit of XP and coin from the Baron. This is where your actions in the quest The Whispering Hillock will determine the Baron’s fate. While in Crow’s Perch, make sure you complete the horse races and the fist fights. You can get the races and fights started by picking the notice from the notice board. Be sure to also talk to Fergus Graem, the armorer's apprentice to get the side quest Master Armorers. She's the only one who will be able to craft you master armor when you get her the tools.

Also in Crow’s Perch, be sure to pick up the Shrieker Contract. It’s not a complicated contract to complete, but you can be better prepared by using Dracanoid Oil and Grapeshot Bombs. After defeating the Shrieker, take the trophy back to Chet in Crow’s Perch. You can choose not to take the reward and get 250xp, or take the cash and 235xp. Either way, you will unlock the Shrieker achievement.


Complete the contract on the shrieker.

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If you’ve been going round exploring the undiscovered locations in the maps, you should be close to completing Fire in the Hole, for destroying 10 monster nests with bombs. There’s a good location, scorched open-fields, just East of Reardon Manor that has a number of monster nests. Here’s the location for you.

<strong>Lots of Monster Nests</strong>Lots of Monster Nests
Hopefully this should be place you get the last of the nests to unlock the achievement.

Fire in the Hole

Destroy 10 monster nests using bombs.

Fire in the Hole
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As you’re exploring undiscovered locations, you can slowly go for Enemy of my Enemy. Use Axii to control an enemy to kill another enemy 20 times. You’ll need to have levelled up Axii 4 times and get the puppet ability. To use the ability, target an enemy and hold cn_RB for about 3 seconds until you possess the enemy. Because of the time it takes to possess an enemy, do this from a distance and with slow moving enemies, like humans. I found possessing the axe and hatchet guys was more effective since they did the most damage to their pals and would often be a one hit kill. You can get about 2-3 kills this way, and eventually you’ll unlock The Enemy of my Enemy.

The Enemy of My Enemy

Use the Axii Sign to force one opponent to kill another. Do this 20 times.

The Enemy of My Enemy
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