World II: Hunting Boss Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Hello everybody, this is the walkthrough for the game The World II: Hunting BOSS. The idea of this game is that you don't have to face quests, fight with minions, collect gear, explore dungeons. No, your only purpose in this game is to beat the Bosses of each level directly. You start with a single character, their stats will increase according to your level progress, and eventually two other characters will join you as well. No achievement is missable in this game, but in fact they can be harder if you don't progress according to the guide on the next pages. That said, this walkthrough includes both text descriptions and videos to help you acquire everything as easily as possible.

The path to 100% is simple.

1. Start working on the harder achievement first.

2. Replay levels to grind your level for some of the related achievements.

3. Complete the rest of the game, smooth as possible.

3-5 hours is a good estimate of how long it will take you, but it could take an hour or two longer depending on the grind method you choose.

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