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  • DUTCHY xgxDUTCHY xgx454,545
    19 Nov 2010
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    this is really one of the worst games of this year. facepalm
    the graphics looks like you're playing on a gamecube or even an older console.
    the music is sometimes loud, sometimes hardly to hear, there are original songs/artists in the game but also much fake.
    it is a fairly simple game in which you must compete against a few ai 'singers' to finish as the winner of the contest.
    at the start of your career you'll have to sing just about 1.30 minutes of a song, along the way the songs getting longer and you'll have to sing a few songs to clear a round.
    there are a couple of songs that you cann't choose yourself, but these aren't that hard.
    you need to complete about 8 rounds, including the final, which takes only a few hours. (lots of achievements in 1 playthrough)
    when you've accomplished that, you can play it all over in pro-mode.
    the comments you receive of the jury become most irritating as it is mostly the same comment.
    there is something that's supposed to be a dressing room, a fan board, a practice space and a useless 'leaderboard' with the ai guys on it.
    between your performances there will be some questions that you'll have to answer, but those are very very simple and dull.
    you can play the game with a friend in another mode, you can battle or sing as a duo.
    if you own guitar hero mics, you can use these, there is no need to buy any special mics for the game.
    i would recommend to rent this game if you're able to, it is an easy achievement game, but far too expansive to buy for what its worth.
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    cooorpseThe worst thing is that the game is only for PAL consoles :/
    Posted by cooorpse on 08 Mar 12 at 16:15