Things on Wheels

Things on Wheels

Xbox 360

Things on Wheels Achievements

Most Earned

ToW Go
ToW Go5 (5)Congrats! You’ve finished a race at any place! Now admit this one was just too easy.
ToW Off
ToW Off32 (20)You've ranked in the top 10 of any 'against the clock' leaderboard. You're hot stuff.
ToW Gether
ToW Gether17 (10)You've played co-op mode with a human player. Did you know there are two different rules for co-op?
ToW Champ
ToW Champ27 (15)Congratulations, you’ve won the last race of the dreaded Citrus Cup!

Least Earned

ToW Night
ToW Night35 (20)Last of the lasts! You won 'RC master' in Red Lantern mode with 7 A.I. Bravo!
ToW Tally
ToW Tally35 (20)You've raced 'Sprint time' for a minimum of 15 minutes in Endurance mode. Kudos!
ToW Star
ToW Star110 (40)Kudos, you just beat 56 sec on one lap of 'Gran ToWrismo' solo race rules, the best Load Inc time.
ToW Away
ToW Away16 (10)You've completed a race in your new 'Cold Sweat'. Did you like the ride?
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