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    Some people did not find my review all the helpful so I put a little more effort into it. So here is the new review below with the old review following it at the bottom.

    Overall it is a fun little puzzle game. The objective of the game is to build up you castle using an array of blocks and special items. The main mechanic of the game is that the blocks you us can only support so much of a load before they begin to crack and then break if you overload them. So you have to find the right balance to meeting your objectives and pushing you blocks to their limits. You are required to meet a target score and some other objectives in order to finish a level. Some of the other objectives include using x number of special blocks, crossing a river, using a certain number of blocks, or doing a couple other things. If you lose a level you lose a life. You have 5 lives to use at a time and if you run out they will restock at a rate of 1 every 30 minutes. On the flip side you can request hearts from friends on Facebook or buy them. I don’t know how many levels the game has because I have not reached the end but if you take the achievement for get 195 stars over all levels and dived it by 3 for max stars per level you end up with 65.

    Difficulty: The game early on is not all that hard. After about level 33 the difficulty in the game ramps up and in my opinion try’s to force you into using special items that it gives you at different points in the game. I have been able to advance level 54 but it has not been easy and I have had to use up most of the items they give you. The problem is in order to get the achievement for 195 stars you will most likely have to be extremely good and patient with the game or be required to pay for their items through microtransactions. There are also points in the game where you are required to stop and do one of 3 things to advance. You can link to your Facebook and ask 3 friends for help, you can complete 3 challenges (you have to wait 24 hours between each challenge), or you can pay to advance past the point.

    Achievements: Most of the achievements in the game are somewhat achievable but there are a few that will be hard to earn without spending money. Here is how they break down.
    12 Achievements:

    3 – Related to getting stars across all levels. One requires 3 starts in all levels
    3 – Required to use the special blocks (i.e. torches, gargoyles, completing blue prints)
    3 – Completing levels and hitting a special requirement
    1 – Requires Facebook integration and 5 different friends to send you extra lives. Though their Facebook integration does not work all that well either as the game does not see all my friends and so there are friends I can’t send requests to.
    1 – Juggling of multiple blocks at the same time
    1 – Requires the use of a special item that they give 3 to start with and they don’t give you any more. This requires you to pay for more in order to get the achievement. Currently there is a work around for this achievement but it requires you not to pass level 10.

    Like I said it is fun but the game is flawed in my opinion. I don’t fault the game for using microtransactions because that is what free games do. What I fault the game for is requiring that you almost have to purchase items in order to obtain the achievements. Hopefully they will fix this so you can request to friends for the special items but I doubt they will. So over all I have given it a bad score not because it is not fun but because of the way it tries to make you buy things in order to complete the game and get all the achievements.

    Old review:
    The problem with the game is it gives you items to use that you can't get again unless you pay for them. Even then you get pitifully few of the items when you buy them. Yes it is a free game but most other free games at least give you a way to earn the crap you have to use even if it is at a slow pace. Another thing is that while you don't have to hook the game up to Facebook it is best that you do so you can get the friends achievement. Even if you do connect it to Facebook it might not recognize all the people in your FB that play the game requiring you to find more people. So good luck.
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    DjDooksyNegative vote from me, as I viewed this review to find out what the game was about.. You don't mention the game. All you do here is rant about the value for money on the micro transactions. "PUZZLE GAME" covers a vast amount of genres!
    Posted by DjDooksy on 23 Mar 14 at 19:19
    HumpyrtonI would have to agree with DjDooksy this tells me nothing about how the game plays, controls, etc. A section on how its free, but not really free is great. Most people come to review to see if its fun, if its playability, features and on this site how hard/time consuming achievements are.
    Posted by Humpyrton on 24 Mar 14 at 13:52
    MattismWhile I thought I was being concise I have edited my review to talk about how the game plays and saved my ranting about the mircotransactions for another spot.
    Posted by Mattism on 24 Mar 14 at 15:27
    Christian DoeMuch better. Thumb up.
    Posted by Christian Doe on 25 Mar 14 at 20:01
    XtowersWow, this game. How much money are they asking for? Did you pay anything in to it? Not that you need to include it in the review. I'm just curious.
    Posted by Xtowers on 03 Apr 14 at 18:07
    MattismI have not paid any money into the game. From what I can tell it is 1.49 for 3 of any specific item.
    Posted by Mattism on 03 Apr 14 at 18:51
    HumpyrtonMuch better
    Posted by Humpyrton on 05 Apr 14 at 10:42