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    26 Jun 2013
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    When a game has regenerating ammo you just know that it's gonna be all about the shooting, thankfully there are loads of soldiers, tanks and other types of enemies in Thunder Wolves that will be glad to catch your bullets and missiles right between their teeth.
    Taking inspiration from titles such as Desert Strike and Raid on Bungeling Bay, this latest release from Most Wanted Entertainment is very short, still, during those few hours, it provides more action packed sequences and explosions than most modern titles even dream of.

    The plot is really forgettable, you can clearly see that it was pretty low on the developer's priority list.
    You take control of team Wolf and are tasked of stopping a terrorist organization that wants to blow up the world. Even though it's a pretty simple and uninteresting tale, it has time for a plot twist at the end, it's predictable, but the effort on the developers part is something to praise.
    The strong point in the story is definitely the characters, their badassery was clearly taken from the 80's and 90's action movies, they keep the cutscenes flowing and make them interesting to watch.

    The best way to describe the gameplay is to quote the game itslelf, "it's not rocket science, it's just rockets".
    Fundamentally Thunder Wolves is all about blowing stuff up, infinite ammo, a lot of enemies and a frenetic pace. Other games this generation like The Club or Bodycount have tried to achieve this constant arcade action and score racking, but ultimately failed.
    To make sure the helicopter action never gets stale, Most Wanted Entertainment introduced a few smaller sections that let you snipe enemies, control a ground vehicle or bombard some enemy infested battleship.
    As the campaign goes on you will also unlock a few different helicopters, each with three different types of rockets and varied characteristics like a faster speed or a more durable armor.

    Graphics and Sound
    Thunder Wolves might actually be the worst looking game on the Xbox 360, it gets to a point where you have to wonder if it actually was the developers intention to make the game look that bad. The animations are terrible and the character models look like blocks with arms and legs. In the style of the original Turok there is also a strange fog that limits your visibility.
    Imagine playing one of the older 3D command and conquer games up-close and you get the idea of how archaic the graphics are.
    At least the cheesy rock music and awesome dialogues are well done and fit the over-the-top style of Thunder Wolves almost perfectly.

    Final Thoughts
    Thunder Wolves is one fun and action packed adventure, the fact that it has sub-par graphics and a very short campaign detracts very little from the overall experience. If you play games for the fun of it, this helicopter shooter will reward you with just that, fun!
    Just don't try to take it very seriously and you should enjoy Thunder Wolves to the max.

    Year of Release: 2013
    Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
    Developer: Most Wanted Entertainment
    Publisher: bitComposer Games

    7 out of 10
    NRLB would like to thank bitComposer Games for providing a review copy of the game.

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    DROGTURISTGood job on the review, but... Normally, I respect opinions and don't care that much if someone disagrees with me, but I have to say that your comment on the graphics feels so off the mark to me that I have to wonder if maybe something's wrong with your TV or something. Not saying that with sarcasm or any malicious intent, I just don't understand how anyone could call this "maybe the worst looking game on 360."

    It's not going to win any graphics awards, sure, but it certainly doesn't look worse than Spartacus Legends, to use a recent example. Now that game is ugly as sin.
    Posted by DROGTURIST on 08 Jul 13 at 09:31
    Czesio83,,maybe the worst looking game on 360''
    You should play in (shadow of mordor)
    And you will change your mind quickly.
    Besides that review thumbs upclap
    Posted by Czesio83 on 19 Apr 17 at 17:35