Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 Reviews

  • H4RPUAH4RPUA167,305
    28 Mar 2012
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    First, I'd like to say that I have purchased Tiger Woods PGA Tour games every year going on 5-6 years. It's the best and kind of the only golf simulation that money can buy as far as console games go.

    After reading IGN's review yesterday, I can see how some may shy away from this year's title. That being said, I really think this game might be the best that EA has put out in roughly 3 years. The completely revamped swing mechanics, realistic golf pace, and finely tuned graphics make this the best PGA Tour title I've played yet.

    One thing TW 13 doesn't do is really explain how the new swing mechanics work. That being said, if you've ever swung a golf club using your left thumb, it's really not that much different from past titles. The trick here is that it's just more sensitive. In past titles, there was an emphasis on percentage. What percentage should I swing to make the ball go where I want it to go? This year, it's really more about "feel." As a real-time golfer I actually love this element. It's much more realistic to actually being out on the golf course! The new swing mechanics, along w/ the millions of ways you can shape a shot, single handedly force you to slow down and critique what you're doing before just getting up and hitting the snot out of the ball... For someone who plays golf and respects what it does to you mentally, this game comes as close as possible to that. If you make a good shot, you feel that you made a good shot b/c the game forces you to commit to it before hitting it. If you hit a bad shot, you can probably look back on it and realize WHY you hit the shot poorly. In short, the game gives you an amazing feeling of accomplishment when you finish a round at five under or even par on higher difficulty's. I've had a couple of rounds so far that after I completed them was just blown away at how hard I had to work at shooting 2 under!

    Finally, the graphics appear to be quite a bit better. Despite some frame rate issues, the graphics are wonderful. It seems like everything is scaled more proportionally and finely tuned. The only part of the graphics that is still lacking is, of course, water...I'll save that argument for another day. But, seriously, EA, fix the water.

    One piece of advice I'll give out to whoever is reading this...Spend the extra $10 on the Collector's Edition of the game. It pains me to say that b/c it seems to get worse and worse w/ EA every year, but the extra $10 in this case has proven to be worth the 6 extra courses alone. They want $30 for a 5 course pack and another $40 for the remaining 11 that are DLC only. With the Collector's Edition you get 6 more courses for essentially an extra $10.

    So, if you're looking for an incredibly solid, sometimes frustrating, immersive golf experience, then TW PGA Tour 13 is for you! If you're looking for SPEED GOLF, then this game is NOT for you!

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    NawtyCawtyThanks. Still, it cant be as bad as the commentary on Grand Slam Tennis 2. That is the worst in a game i hasve EVER seen lol.
    Posted by NawtyCawty on 21 Apr 12 at 15:13
    The GlobalizerGame is buggy as fuck-all...freezes all over the place.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 25 Apr 12 at 04:11
    H4RPUAThe Globalizer - I've had it freeze up on me twice. I have it installed on my HDD now and it hasn't frozen up since then.

    Might want to give that a shot!
    Posted by H4RPUA on 25 Apr 12 at 12:13
  • MKorkiaMKorkia71,040
    31 Mar 2012 04 Apr 2012
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    Having played every TW released on Xbox 360 I have to unfortunately say this is by far the worst version ever. :(

    The game looks, sounds and worst of all feels and plays like EA Tiburon had lost TW source code and had to completely build it from scratch in three months.

    First you create your player. Photo face takes 1,5 hours to finish, not promised 15-30 minutes. Created face is a monster. This feature worked earlier. Then you try to change your face, imbossible! The monster textures are still there.

    Then you replace your character with new one without game face and kaboom! Your TW 12 bonus experience is gone...

    Okay, now we get to try it for real. Announcers voice is broken, it stutters mechanically all the time. After introductions are gone it works.

    Graphics? Bland and soft, environments feel strangely empty. Even the physics seem to have been over simplified compared to previous TW games.

    New swing mechanics are okay, those I can live with. Maybe this is only area of the game that is better than before.

    Putting mechanics? Wrong, wrong, totally WRONG!!! Having to set putting force by partial backswing is wildly inaccurate. Your 17 feet put can result anything between 5 to 50 feet. This totally destroys the game.

    Getting to green is easy, you'll get to try eagle or birdy every hole but then you'll only propably end to make five seven feet puts... :(

    I wont even go to DLC issue.

    If EA Tiburon can't find their TW 12 source code for TW 14 they have lost at least one paying customer. Stay far away from this game. Play anything else. This game is no TW PGA Tour Golf.

    Edit: 4.4.2012:

    I wrote the review above after playing the game with Razer Onza game pad on Tour Pro difficulty. Razer Onza has very light and sensitive sticks with almost no dead zone. While this is advantage in most games it is clearly disadvantage in TW 13. With light and sensitive sticks it is almost impossible to swing accurately.

    After I switched to my regular Xbox controller the game became manageable. Xbox controller's sticks are less sensitive, have noticeable deadzones and are heavier in their feel. This helps on TW 13 that is clearly calibrated to be played on regular Xbox controller.

    There is also workaround to putting. While it is extremely difficult to produce rhythmic partial swing with controllers stick it is possible "fool" TW 13 putting mechanism and produce accurate rhythmic full swings.

    For example: Hole is 13 feet away and 7 inches above you. This translates to 13 + 7 = 20 feet put in flat surface. If you try to do 20 feet put the HUD will show the sweet spot to be (for example, depending on difficulty) on 70 % backswing. If you accidentally do full backswing your ball will travel 20 / 70 * 100 = 28,5 feet resulting your 13 feet put to miss hole almost 9 feet or jump over the hole if your put is otherwise accurate.

    The "fooling" part is to shorten your put so that you can do full backswing resulting desired put length. Considering the above attempted 20 feet putting force you have to shorten your put to 14 feet if your sweet spot is on 70% (14 / 70 * 100 = 20) or 12 feet if your sweet spot is 60% (12 / 60 * 100 = 20). Your sweet spot will change when you shorten your put, so it takes a few iterations to achieve ideal putting force for each put.

    Using the method above I was able to consistently drop my first puts on over 70 % regularity while achieving over 60 feet (record being 62 feet eagle) puts with high accuracy on Tour Pro difficulty.

    The game still has it's shortfalls and lots of bugs, but it is still possible to enjoy rounds of addictive and pleasurable golf. I'll raise my initial 1 star score to 3 stars, now that I understand that my problem was more on the (too sensitive) controller than on the game itself.