Tiki Towers (WP)

Windows Phone

Tiki Towers (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

No Man is an Island
No Man is an Island10 (10)Unlock a new island.
The Ecstacy of Gold
The Ecstacy of Gold11 (10)Collect all of the gold masks on an island.
Errorist13 (10)Erase 1000 bamboo sticks.
Animal Mishandler
Animal Mishandler13 (10)Lose all monkeys in one go.

Least Earned

Ultimate Super Champion
Ultimate Super Champion82 (50)Achieve complete mastery over the game.
Eco Warrior
Eco Warrior48 (30)Complete all of the Eco Missions on the islands.
Deforester16 (10)Use up 5000 bamboo sticks.
Das Booty
Das Booty15 (10)Complete the Diving Dutchman.
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