1. TimeShift Walkthrough Overview

TimeShift is a relatively easy game due to the difficulty achievements being stackable and fairly easy to get. There are a few achievements not related to the completion of the game and they should be acquired as early as possible in the game. The game has muliplayer and you will need a partner to boost the considerable amount of achievements. This is the order that I would suggest going through the game:

1) Start the game on Elite and take note of the achievements not related to completing Acts.

2) Try to go for most of the achievements on the first level but there are plenty of areas later in the game where you can get them.

3) Finish the game on Elite

4) Focus on the Custom match achievements in Multiplayer.

5) Focus on the Ranked match achievements in Multiplayer.

6) Complete the Free DLC achievement

7) Purchase the remaining DLC

8) Mop up any achievements that remain including the 48 hour dedicated server achievement.

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