2. Titanfall 2 Mission 1: The Pilot's GauntletUpdate notes

Note: Collectibles are always in bold and have three pieces of information in parentheses. The first is the collectible number out of the total in the mission. The second is the collectible number out of the total in the entire game. The third is the time stamp where it is available to view in the YouTube video. If you'd prefer to just watch the video, you can do so here:

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The entire walkthrough also has images for the collectibles. If you'd prefer to view the walkthrough without the images (but with all other information), you can do so on the All Missions (No Images) page.

With that in mind, let's begin the training mission by starting the campaign.

The Basics
You begin the prologue learning the basic movements. Jumping, wall-running, sliding. Then you'll move on to the shooting range where you can try out a few of the weapons. Shoot targets as long as you like and then you'll be introduced to the obstacle course called the Gauntlet. There are two achievements related to good times on the Gauntlet. But before we shoot for those, I'd recommend you simply run through the course a few times to get a feel for it. Inside the Gauntlet you'll also find our first collectible, Pilot Helmet (1/1) (1/46) (0:04). When you enter the final area, wall run along the left hand side. You should see it glowing blue on a floating platform overlooking the finish line. It's a quick and easy wall run away.





With the first collectible under your belt, you have three options. First, you can just move on and worry about times in the Gauntlet later. Second, you can shoot for the easier achievement to get a feel for the game. Third, you can try to knock out the entire Gauntlet. I would recommend at least doing the easier achievement and then choosing what to do from there. If you're playing the game without it fully installed, you can't move forward anyway so options two and three are your only options.

The Gauntlet times are definitely not easy. Your goal times are 56.65 and 33.65. Your total time is based on the time it takes you to finish the course plus two seconds for any of the 15 enemies that you leave alive. If you want an estimate on time it will take to do this, I would imagine it will take 15-25 minutes for experienced players who are good at both platformers and FPS games. If you're inexperienced at either one, I can see this taking over an hour in some cases for the harder achievement. The easier achievement will take about five minutes even for average players.

The Gauntlet Walkthrough
All of this is described in a narrated video as well as in text. If you're going for the difficult time, it's going to be practically necessary to watch it. The text guide should explain things in more detail if you're confused about any section.

First, you need to get the EPG as your secondary weapon. It's hidden in the ceiling above the shooting range. Head back to the range and jump on the tall pillar to your right. Then look up and you'll see a concrete ring along the edge of the ceiling. The EPG is right in the middle of this. Make a double jump straight out and hold down cn_X. If done properly, you'll pick up the EPG and keep it when you respawn after falling to your death.

With the EPG in tow, head back to the weapon rack near the start of the Gauntlet. You'll want the following weapons:

  • R-201
  • EPG
  • Arc Grenades

You should also go into Options and turn on Auto-Sprint.

The Gauntlet measures your speed at all times, and you should make concerted efforts to be above 35km/h at any given moment if you can. You can maximize your speed by staying in the air and wall running whenever possible. Throwing grenades slows you down, so we're going to avoid that. If you need to shoot, I wouldn't use cn_LT because it's never needed and it's distracting. When wall running between walls, maximize the amount of time you're in the air to keep your speed up.

Here is a step by step walkthrough of all the actions you will take. If you prefer a video, it is below the description.

  1. You should have your R-201 equipped.
  2. Begin by wall running along the left wall through the starting line to give yourself an extra burst of speed off the start.
  3. Immediately jump to the right wall, onto the next section of right wall, onto the circular wall to the left, and then onto the right wall again. Make your jumps quick and snappy here as moving through the air is faster than wall running.
  4. Double tap cn_RBcn_RB to quickly throw an Arc Grenade at the group of three enemies (pressing only once is much slower). You'll need to hit close to dead centre to kill all three.
  5. As soon as you throw the grenade, jump off the wall towards the back wall and double jump to get yourself most of the way there.
  6. Hit cn_B to slide while sprinting and kill the enemy to your left as you go under the wall. Press cn_B again to stand up, shoot the enemy to the right, and then immediately jump on the wall.
  7. Shoot the two enemies as you wall run to the back wall.
  8. You'll enter a long corridor. Quickly jump back and forth while keeping your forward momentum up. As soon as you enter the corridor, you'll need to use cn_RBcn_RB to toss a grenade into the enemies. If you're too close, you'll slow yourself so make sure you throw it quickly.
  9. Switch to your EPG to take out the three enemies in the next corridor. You'll want to jump off a wall, shoot an enemy, then jump to the other side to ensure you don't lose any speed.
  10. As you land on the wall above the third enemy, position your jump so that you don't make contact with the next right wall until the last moment. If done properly, you will take the corner at full speed. As soon as you do, jump off toward the walkway, shooting the enemy on the platform with an EPG as you go to the walkway.
  11. As soon as you're on the walkway, move an inch to begin a sprint and then quickly double jump onto the right wall. Jump off of it, shoot the final enemy (which weapon you use is your choice), and then wall run and jump to the finish.

For achieving a time of 56.65, you'll get the student achievement.

And for achieving a time of 33.65, you'll get the master achievement.

Once you're ready to leave the Gauntlet, talk to Lastimosa. You'll get a cutscene and your first story achievement.

The game will ask you what difficulty to play. If you only want to do one playthrough, you'll need to pick Master. If you want to do two, you can pick one of the easier ones. The single player campaign is pretty short and a second run-through wouldn't take too long, so if you don't want to mix high difficulty with collectibles, it's safe to split them up.

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