3. Titanfall 2 Mission 2: BT-7274Update notes

As you begin, you'll need to move forward fighting spectres. Take a look around and enjoy the spectacle. After moving forward a bit, a cutscene will play. Move forward and assist Lastimosa.

Finding a Battery
Your first objective will be to find a battery. Follow the path along across a first wall run. Move through the canyon and you will come to a second, longer wall run. Just to the other side of the second run you'll see Pilot Helmet (1/2) (2/46) (0:21).

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Keep moving forward. You'll have another opportunity to to get an achievement as soon as you get to the top of a circular area with a waterfall. You'll come up to to enemies standing on a cliff and the game will introduce you to melee hits. You can melee with cn_RS, but what the game doesn't tell you is that you can do a melee takedown by holding cn_RS. So run up to the enemies, press cn_LB to use your cloaking, and then hold cn_RS. You'll pop an achievement as you can see in the video below.

Continue on killing IMC infantry, flying robots, and spectres. Eventually you'll get to the battery and then it's only a few quick jumps to get back to BT, who will send you to find another battery.

The Second Battery
Follow the waypoint all the way to the second battery. You'll need to do some platforming and kill more enemies along the way. Be sure to make use of cloak and your sniper rifle if you have one. Once you've secured the battery, you'll drop down through the floor of the ship to an outdoor area once again. On your right will be a huge cliffside you can wall run against. You're supposed to go down, but if you look at the piece of wreckage to the left, you'll spot Pilot Helmet (2/2) (3/46) (0:38) shining clearly.




A few jumps later you'll be back with BT where you are ambushed. Killing the four spectres is easy. Once they're dead, you can install the battery and knock out an achievement.

To close out the mission you'll learn how to pilot BT. The Brute titan you fight at the end can be tricky to kill. If he puts his shield up, put yours up. This will ensure you're never on the losing end of that particular battle. With the Brute down, just follow the objectives to the end of the mission.

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