4. Titanfall 2 Mission 3: Blood and RustUpdate notes

Entering the Sewer
Quite quickly into this level you will enter combat with Titans. Be careful if you're playing on Master, as they do quite a bit of damage. If you're familiar with Halo, that playstyle works particularly well here. Just pretend the enemy Titans are Elites.

In this first area you'll have an opportunity to get an achievement. Throughout the game you'll be able to use various Titan cores. This one is the Burst Core. You can see it charging in the bottom left corner of your UI. As soon as it's at 100%, wait until an enemy Titan uses its shield barrier and then press cn_down as soon as the shield goes down. You'll kill the enemy Titan and net an achievement.

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There's also a second achievement here, though I found it rather difficult on Master. You need to keep both of the allied Titans alive throughout this entire area. If either dies, the achievement fails. There aren't many tricks for this - simply stand in front of enemy fire and kill them before they kill you. You'll need to kill many enemy Titans and worry about soldiers with anti-Titan weapons. It's much easier on an easier difficulty, but it is possible on Master with a bit of luck. Personally, I wouldn't waste time trying to get it - just come back later. If you do manage it, you'll unlock...

As soon as you get to the entrance of the sewer, there will be a weapon on the ground. Make sure to pick it up. You can swap to it by pressing cn_right. With a new weapon comes a new core. We'll get to that in a second.

The Sewer
As soon as you walk into the sewers, if you look to the left you'll see a pilot helmet. Above the main path you'll see some large pipes with a red light. Walk around behind the pipes and get out of your Titan. As you're getting out, press cn_A to jump out onto the pipes. Then simply follow them around to drop down into a room with Pilot Helmet (1/6) (4/46) (0:57).





Follow the path and in the next room you will encounter two more Titans. This is your first chance to get your second core achievement. If it's fully charged, simply aim at an enemy Titan and press cn_down to unleash a huge barrage of missiles onto the enemy. Don't worry if you don't get your charge yet, you've got basically the entire game to get this.

With the Titans dead, BT will tell you to exit and go hit a switch. Get out on the right side and clear out the enemies in the area. Before progressing to the next area, you can get your next pilot helmet by climbing up onto the giant containers. There are quite a few ways to get up. One easy way is to start from the bottom and wall run against the container at the bottom of the stairs onto the wall on the right and then over on top of the container where you will see the glowing blue light of Pilot Helmet (2/6) (5/46) (1:21).





Fight on to the control panel to clear the path for BT. You'll have to continue it alone for a while, going through an outdoor sniping section which can be a bit frustrating. When you make it to the other side, you'll hear comms from some friendly Militia soldiers. Head in through the pipe and you'll see your friends across the toxic water. Before you greet them, look to the left and you'll see a pilot helmet on the upper catwalk. Jump left and wall run around a small pipe to get up there and collect Pilot Helmet (3/6) (6/46) (1:38).



There's also a grenade launcher on the ground next to it if you're interested. You should be interested. It's a grenade launcher. It's not even very good but it's fun.

After Meeting Your Friends
Your friends won't have much to say so you can just walk past them. You'll come to a gate you need to defend for a bit of time against Stalkers, which are basically super Specters. You can shoot their legs to slow them down. The L-Star that you can find on the ground will make quick work of them. Up above on the walkway will be more soldiers and in the next room you'll face a few more Stalkers.

Right when you walk into that next room which had the Stalkers in it, look to the left and you'll see another open area. Up near the ceiling on some pipes against a far wall you can see another pilot helmet. Walk a small bit into the waste (it will be safe) and then wall run against the left wall all the way to the top to get Pilot Helmet (4/6) (7/46) (1:53).




Now you'll need to fight for a while making your way through the facility. Eventually, you'll come to a door which you must press a green switch to open.

This next room houses the next pilot helmet. When you enter, you can look straight up and you'll see a catwalk with the helmet. Wall run off the left wall to make it to the pipes against the back wall. Then you'll need to make a tricky jump where you wall run against the back wall up onto the right wall and then immediately turn and jump directly at the catwalk. You should have just enough height to grab the railing and pull yourself up so you can collect Pilot Helmet (5/6) (8/46) (2:08).





In the very next room you'll neet to climb up some pipes while avoiding toxic waste. When you get to the top, you'll see a familiar blue glow before jumping over to the end of the left. Wall run to jump over the exit and you'll reach the platform with Pilot Helmet (6/6) (9/46) (2:28).



The next big battle sees you playing defense after hitting a button. Explosive spiders will attack you while soldiers fire on you from afar. The key here is to keep moving. Standing still means the spiders catch you and you die. Try to kill them near enemies. Once the soldiers start spawning, there will usually be a spider where they drop down. If you're quick, you can blow it up and take down the whole group in one shot. The very top of the control room is a good place to be. You can wall run away and back if you need to.

Once you reach BT, it's time for a boss fight. The enemy pilots Scorch. You'll want to avoid the fire, obviously. I used Tone and kept my distance until I could use my Salvo Core on him to deal large amounts of damage. Killing him nets the final achievement and the close to this mission.

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