5. Titanfall 2 Mission 4: Into the AbyssUpdate notes

Note: This mission is separated into three chapters. The collectibles will now have three fractions in parentheses. The first number is now the number within the chapter (which you can see by pressing cn_start). This will be the case for any mission with multiple chapters. Please also remember you CANNOT restart a chapter on your first playthrough - if you restart mission or select the mission again from the main menu, it will start you over at the beginning.

Chapter 1: Taking BT's Shortcut
As soon as you begin the mission, you'll come to a large area with a little rock formation in the middle. The main path goes to the left, but if you look to the right instead you'll see a little cave in the side of the rock. Inside here you'll find Pilot Helmet (1/4) (1/9) (10/46) (2:39).

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If you've been following along, you'll get your first collectible achievement here for finding 10.

From here, simply run across the entire area (not along the main path yet - straight forward from the cave mouth). You will see a crack in the wall you can get through. In the next area, move along the cliff to the right and you will see on the edge Pilot Helmet (2/4) (2/9) (11/46) (2:53).





Following the path out of this area, you'll see a new weapon on the ground. Pick it up to earn the Scorch loadout. This one can put fire on the ground and is generally pretty powerful. You'll continue on with BT killing IMC soldiers on the ground without much trouble.

After clearing this first area, before walking down a narrow corridor, you can look to the left of the corridor against a cliffside and see the glowing blue of the next pilot helmet. Walk down the corridor until it turns right. Clear out the enemies and then get out of BT. Against the left, rock wall in the corridor you'll see a platform you can jump onto. Get up there and then turn around and jump to the next platform. From here, jump onto the wall on the other side of the corridor and then immediately jump back to some pipes near the ceiling. Crouch under the rocks and then move along the pipes against the wall until you get to Pilot Helmet (3/4) (3/9) (12/46) (3:15).








Once you drop down to a somewhat open area in the factory, you'll encounter a Brute and shortly thereafter a Tone. By the time you weaken the Tone, you should have your core charged. Press cn_down to emit a large shockwave - kill the Tone with it and the achievement is yours. As always, there are many, many opportunities to get this in the future, so don't worry if you don't have it yet.

Continuing on there are a few more Titans to fight through. As you leave the area, you'll see a weapon rack with yet another loadout - Brute. You'll get a new objective to go press a button. Before you do that, get out of BT, run past the docked ship, and drop down onto the ledge far below the platform you're on. Once you're on the ledge, turn around and you can clearly see the pilot helmet below the platform BT is on. Hop over to collect Pilot Helmet (4/4) (4/9) (13/46) (3:48).






Climb back up and continue on. BT will be moved away and you'll have to use a lift to follow.

Chapter 2: Recovering BT
You'll ride the lift down and kill some enemies. Once they're dead, you'll move along some pipes against the cave wall. Eventually, you'll need to wall run against a yellow wall and then onto another yellow wall to reach the next ledge. When you get to that ledge, look across the cave to the right and you'll see the pilot helmet. Make another quick wall run to get across the cave and collect Pilot Helmet (1/3) (5/9) (14/46) (4:08).



Continue on with a bit more wall running and you'll enter the foundry, earning an achievement.

The factory is quite a fun area. In general, you want to follow along the factory flow line. So wherever the conveyor belt takes things, that's where you're going. With this in mind, you can skip almost all the fights here if you want to, which is good because some of them can be quite challenging.

Eventually, you'll come to a part where you can stay on the flow to avoid combat. The flow will begin building a house around you and the platform you're on will be slanted. To the left of the flow will be a large area with enemies. You MUST jump off here to get a pilot helmet (to be clear, the game does not force you to jump off so you need to be looking for this section). If you jumped off the first section this is available (it's quite a jump), you'll need to walk up a huge set of stairs approaching a part of the flow where the platform slants down - this is how you get back on the flow to continue. Before you jump there, turn left and take out the enemies (there's very little cover so this is a tough fight). On the back wall you'll see the boxes - two next to each other and one on top. Jump up here and turn around. On a pipe you can see a pilot helmet. Jump to the wall to the right to get across and collect Pilot Helmet (2/3) (6/9) (15/46) (4:22).




Continue on following the path. Eventually, the flow will stop and you'll need to climb out of the house you're in sideways. Once you're out, ignore the objective and wall run across to the sloped, grassy platform. Run to the top of this and wall run across again followed by a jump to the catwalk. From the catwalk, you should be able to see the pilot helmet. Wall run across the right one more time to get to the platform with Pilot Helmet (3/3) (7/9) (16/46) (4:42).




Now run back and follow the waypoint to the objective. Once you've reached the far catwalk, you'll get an achievement for leaving the sideways town.

Next you'll be instructed to jump onto the platform again. Go ahead and do so to ride it up and you'll be in a simulation. You'll be fighting two Reapers, which are like small Titans. Within the building you start in will be an L-Star (it's the building to the right of where your friendly soldiers are). Grab this and use it to kill the Reapers. They will chase you down - just back up and unload into them, running when they get too close. Once you've killed both, you'll get an achievement.

Your next task is getting out. The IMC will blow a hole in the wall which you can use to exit. Make use of electric smoke (you can get some next to the L-Star) and take out all of the enemies. Beware the Stalkers that will chase you down - use the L-Star on them. Once you're through, follow the objective to complete the chapter.

Chapter 3: Locating BT
Follow the narrow path to an area with a few huge columns in it - these are prowler towers. If you look at the second one near the top, you can see a pilot helmet. Activate the console to eject some tubes out of the towers. Climb over to the second tower. Once there, jump on the tube to your left, then turn around and look up. Wall run over to the high tube, turn around one more time, and jump over to collect Pilot Helmet (1/2) (8/9) (17/46) (5:02).





Move forward and you'll be in an area with a curved blue floor and a low ceiling. Make your way through killing explosive spiders and more spectres along the way. After a short jump, you'll be in an area where you can see BT fighting through a hole in the wall. Just to the right of this hole you can see this mission's final pilot helmet. You need to jump and wall run along the giant metal plates moving along the conveyor belt to get across. Once you're across, make your way just to the right of the hole before meeting BT to get Pilot Helmet (2/2) (9/9) (18/46) (5:26).




Hop into BT and get ready to kill three Titans. Remember, you have the new Brute weapon but haven't used it yet. So build up your core to 100% and then use the Flight Core to get a kill on an enemy Titan to get your achievement.

Now I recommend switching back to Tone. The next fight is against Ash, who pilots a Titan that can teleport and wield a sword. She's going to constantly charge you. The best strategy is simply to keep backing up and firing at her. If she gets close, it's okay to turn and run. Since she's always approaching you, this makes hitting her with the bulk of your Salvo Core very easy.

I found Ash to be the easiest enemy Titan to execute as well. The mercenary bosses are the only Titans that will go into the yellow/black health bar state that allows for executions. Once the health bar is depleted, you will see it refills yellow and black. Ash will charge you, so simply melee her using cn_RSc as she's in the execute state and you will perform a neat animation and get an achievement. If you miss it here, don't worry there will be another opportunity later in Mission 6.

Upon defeating her, an achievement is yours.

Head out and BT will make a joke as the mission finishes.

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