6. Titanfall 2 Mission 5: Effect and CauseUpdate notes

Chapter 1: Finding Anderson
This missions begins in a particularly interesting fashion. Make your way through the facility until a flying dinosaur kills another dinosaur. It will fly out of the window where you can see a ruined city below. BT is off in the distance and that's your objective, but first look down and a bit to the right and you'll see a pilot helmet against the side of a building. Jump down to the helmet. Across from it is a glass wall you can jump off of to reach Pilot Helmet (1/2) (1/8) (19/46) (5:38).


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From here, run toward BT. Once you get to the main street, look at the street lights and you'll see a pilot helmet on top. To the left of the light post is a stairway leading up. Walk up this and then turn back to look at the pilot helmet. Wall run to your left to jump over and collect Pilot Helmet (2/2) (2/8) (20/46) (5:57).




From here, simply follow the objectives. When enemy Spectres spawn, you can safely run around them since they don't have guns. Finding Anderson's device ends this chapter.

Chapter 2: Searching the Complex
Now you can travel through time, which is completely awesome. Use it to enter the next room and you'll see a caged Prowler (dinosaur) in the past. Switch to the present and run into its cage, which should be broken. Once you're inside, switch back to the past and kill it. You'll get an achievement. You can see this done in the video below.

Continue on. As soon as you've crossed a pit of fire, a Prowler will come out of the door on the right in the present. Kill it, then move into the next room. On the bottom floor you'll see four elevators. Your target is the second to the left. Jump down and switch to the present. Guards will come out of the far right elevator and then our target elevator. As soon as they're out, switch in and out of the past to make your way into the elevator. In the present, you will be able to climb through the top of it. In the elevator shaft, there are drones in the past and a Prowler in the present. Up above you floating is a pilot helmet in the past. Kill the drones and then jump back and forth between the walls to move up and collect Pilot Helmet (1/6) (3/8) (21/46) (6:13).







Finish moving up the elevator shaft to enter the next area. In the past, open the door and walk in. You'll get to see an old hologram of Anderson and unlock an achievement for your efforts.

Next leave the room and you'll need to go through a doorway clearing enemies in both past and present. In the past, there is a laser wall you can't pass, but in the present it's a fiery pit with a pilot helmet floating above. Simply hop down the hallway in the present and collect Pilot Helmet (2/6) (4/8) (22/46) (6:48).






Move forward by dropping down into the fire pit and switching to the past. Continue on fighting through some enemies to see another hologram. Once the the door opens, move down the hallway and alternate past and present to avoid some turrets and a debris pile. In the next room, switch to the past and you will see a pilot helmet in a little circular room hanging from the ceiling. In the present, those windows are broken, so jump through them and then switch back to the past to collect Pilot Helmet (3/6) (5/8) (23/46) (7:09).




Keep moving on and you'll quickly come to another area where you can see a pilot helmet in the present right after walking through the doorway. It's on a platform out by itself. Switch to the past and you can see another platform you can jump on to get to the correct one in the present. You'll have to jump from the past and switch to the present in mid air to collect Pilot Helmet (4/6) (6/8) (24/46) (7:20).




Continue moving forward until you cross a large gap on a zipline and land on a little circular building. The way forward requires you to wall run back and forth between two walls in past and present to get to the other side. It's actually possible to do it on just one side by jumping out and back in. In the middle of these two walls is a pilot helmet in the past - it's Pilot Helmet (5/6) (7/8) (25/46) (7:32).



If you've been following along, you'll get an achievement here for getting 25 of the collectibles.

The final pilot helmet for this mission is just off the platform you land on once you do the wall run between time periods (that you just did to get the pilot helmet). Turn to your left and switch to the present and you will see it along the wall. Be careful to avoid the fire. Simply jump and wall run to get Pilot Helmet (6/6) (8/8) (26/46) (7:48).



And that wraps up collectibles for this mission. You can safely run past all the enemies for the rest of the mission as well until you get outside. Get in BT and you can switch time while piloting him as well. Head toward the objective and make sure to pick up the Ion loadout from the wall. Hit the switch and then head back outside. There's a battle here but you can switch to the present to ignore it and then just head straight into the Ark in the past.

You'll get a very cool platforming sequence as you had toward the Ark.

And that's the end of the mission!

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