7. Titanfall 2 Mission 6: The BeaconUpdate notes

You can't switch between time anymore. How sad!

Chapter 1 - Establishing Contact With the Militia
Chapter 1 has no collectibles.

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As you get down to the bottom of the hill at the beginning, you'll need to hop into BT. Before you head into the smoke, make sure you grab the Ronin loadout which should be right in front of you. Then simply follow the objectives to make contact with the militia. Very quick and easy!

Chapter 2 - Obtaining the Arc Tool
Back to the collectibles...

You'll have a fun little platforming section with electric walls. Once that's over, you'll enter a room and have your first fight. This room has a pilot helmet in it. Once all the enemies are dead, go back to the entrance and look at the spinning turbine to the right. On top of it is Pilot Helmet (1/2) (1/11) (27/46) (7:59).



Now continue following the path until you find a Marvin with the Arc Tool. Take it from him and you'll get an achievement.

Now we'll go to our first pilot helmet. Follow the path until you open a door with the Arc Tool. Once you open the door, you'll come to another room with a giant turbine on the floor you can turn on. Walk to the middle and you'll see three spokes coming from the green switch. You want to stand facing the one that faces the same direction as the switch (see the picture or video if that's confusing). It will be the upper right spoke. Now use the Arc Tool to activate the turbine and move forward in the air. At the very height of your jump, you should see and be able to jump over to Pilot Helmet (2/2) (2/11) (28/46) (8:10).





Now just head back to the surface to complete this chapter.

Chapter 3 - Repairing the Beacon
This chapter is the final one with many collectibles. We're almost through the storm!

As soon as you get back to Cole, he and BT will tell you to jumpstart the beacon. Head down and get that done. When you return, power will be restored and you'll get an achievement along with a new objective.

Head out the door and straight ahead through the fog using BT. Walk up the pipes and under the arch to get to a door. Get out but instead of opening the door, hop up above it. When you get to the top of the building, you should see Pilot Helmet (1/9) (3/11) (29/46) (8:29) next to the back right column.




From here, look towards the back left column (so turn left) and you will see another pilot helmet. Wall run against the column to get enough distance to launch yourself over and collect Pilot Helmet (2/9) (4/11) (30/46) (8:49).



Now head back down to BT and open the door. Follow him and he will throw you toward a wall in the distance. Wall run off of this and enter the lower floor (if you accidentally go into the upper, there is a staircase inside). Open the door and the right and head in to find Pilot Helmet (3/9) (5/11) (31/46) (9:04).





Now you'll need to move forward through the door opposite the one you entered through. Jump across and then activate the crane to move the wall. Jump across to the new building, open the door, and move up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, look out the door and on top of the next building you should see a helmet. Jump on the boxes and up to the top and you'll find Pilot Helmet (4/9) (6/11) (32/46) (9:23).




Now you'll need to progress further, fighting enemies and moving from building to building. At one point you'll need to ride a zip line. Before you do, make sure to turn around and get the Thunderbolt (a weapon that looks like a rocket launcher and fires energy balls). You'll want it to take out a Reaper in the next area.

Eventually, you will come to another crane. Move the wall again and wall run on the wall, then on the next wall on the left side and finally all the way to the top of the building where you will find Pilot Helmet (5/9) (7/11) (33/46) (9:38).



Keep moving a bit bit more and you'll come to a third crane (this will actually be the fourth time you use a crane, but you'll have used one of them twice). Move the wall over and jump across as normal. When you go through the doors, you'll see IMC soldiers in an elevator as the doors close. On the other side will be running soldiers and Stalkers attacking you. Use your gravity grenades and Thunderbolt to make short work of them and then jump on top of the elevator to collect Pilot Helmet (6/9) (8/11) (34/46) (9:51).



Move a bit further and you'll open a door to walk out onto a balcony. Your objectives will update and you'll need to get a new module from the dish. There are two things we need to do in this area. First, we're going to activate six Stalkers and turn them onto our side. you do this by hitting the green switches next to them with the Arc Tool. They come in three sets of two. Images are below. I've also created a video if that's easier for you.

The first set is right below the balcony.

Robot Army 1

Now walk through the doorway and take a right. You'll see the next group across the courtyard.

Robot Army 2

Now climb up and you should see a building with "04" on it.

Robot Army 3

Head up the stairs and inside. To the left is the final set.

Robot Army 4

Once you've activated all three sets, you'll have earned two achievements.

Now there's also the matter of a pilot helmet. Head back outside the building with the "04" on it. Turn around at the doorway and jump directly at the "04", then double jump again to climb on top. Right on the corner of the roof above the "04" is Pilot Helmet (7/9) (9/11) (35/46) (10:07).

Robot Army 3



Continue into the building with the "04" on it and activate the console to progress. You'll need to fight through some enemies and then climb out onto the dish. You can use the new Thunderbolt outside of building "04" to kill the Reaper. Upon obtaining the module from the dish, you'll get an achievement.

Get back to BT and enter battle. When it's complete, BT will throw you again. There's only one path up here, so follow it. After jumping across a gap, go up the stairs and in the corner of the platform you'll find a very obvious Pilot Helmet (8/9) (10/11) (36/46) (10:23).


As you continue on, you'll jump across another gap, go up a very long set of stairs, and then across yet another gap. After the third gap, you'll be running around a circular path. Look out near the edge of the circle and shortly after you begin your walk you'll see Pilot Helmet (9/9) (11/11) (37/46) (10:37).




Continue on to the top and replace the module. When you get down you'll be back with BT. Head back to the Militia and you'll be in for a fight. First you'll fight two waves of Reapers and then Titans will begin to spawn. At this point, you should have two new Cores you haven't had the opportunity to get achievements for. Try to get them charged up and then use your Core abilities to kill enemy Titans with Ion and Ronin to get achievements.

Don't worry if you don't get both. There are still plenty of opportunities remaining to knock them out. After you kill the Brute and Ronin, Richter will come down. He pilots a Tone with quite a lot of health. I used Tone myself and simply fought at a distance. If your shields go down, take cover and let them recharge as there's not a lot of health around. Killing him nets you an achievement.

Head back inside to finish the mission!

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