9. Titanfall 2 Mission 8: The ArkUpdate notes

Boarding a Ship
You'll have a few cinematic moments before finally entering combat by jumping from one ship into another. There are quite a few enemies in this area - I recommend running to the upper level along the left wall and grabbing a Mastiff to make short work of the Stalkers if they are activated. Clear the entire area. Once they're dead, go back to where you first jumped onto the ship and look back towards your objective. You should see that the hall begins to curve and, right where it curves, there is a platform with two computers on it. Run to this platform and look forward and you'll see a Pilot Helmet you can jump to. Make the jump to get Pilot Helmet (1/3) (41/46) (11:38).


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Moving forward you'll need to clear all three gun batteries. Go ahead and do this (the Double Shot is especially good). As soon as the third battery is cleared STOP. Briggs will pull her ship up so that you can wall run against it to the other side. You do NOT want to do this yet. As soon as she comes up, wall run off the column and jump into the open doors of her ship. If you miss, just reload the checkpoint. If you pass this point without getting it you cannot go back and will have to restart the mission. Inside her ship you will find Pilot Helmet (2/3) (42/46) (11:52).




Taking Control of the Bridge
Move forward and you'll have a large fight. Once it's over, your allies will run up a huge set of stairs and tell you to follow. Before you follow, run down the hallway all the way until the end. Take a left right before you get to the end and you'll see Pilot Helmet (3/3) (43/46) (12:10).





Move forward with your friends and you will quickly enter a battle with Viper, the final mercenary. He flies and is quite difficult on Master. I had the most success with Tone. When he's finally dead, you get an achievement.

Follow the objective down the hall and you'll get another achievement as well.

And with that, the mission will end.

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