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Posted on 18 April 14 at 06:04, Edited on 04 November 14 at 20:13
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From the exact moment of which you first drop a Titan and watch it hurl down towards the Earth you only watch in awe as you feel that Titanfall is just something special. It may be the giant mechs that are running around stepping on creatures on battling each other, or it could very well be the excitement of parkouring around as a pilot feeling the quick rush of the game. This title is exactly the innovation that the shooter genre has needed for years and honestly how could no one else think of doing something like this before. It takes the basis of a shooter you are very familiar with and enhances it with speed, an adrenaline feel and of course titans to run around in. It's not like it has completely changed in any previous formulas, but it has evolved many aspects that have become worn out over the years, presenting us with a new series that will surely last for many years. It's actually quite hard to come up with aspects that Titanfall does poorly, presenting a fairly large number of maps that can be played in a pure Multiplayer of their Hybrid Campaign areas. These are both basically the exact same aside from the campaign featuring some interesting cutscenes and other sideshows going on while everyone battles in a number of objectives. After running through each campaign a number of times you begin to appreciate the story a tad more, though it could have been put a little more front and center so easier notice is taken to it. The story seriously is interesting though these characters are very poorly developed, but expected as no one has ever done a hybrid campaign like this before and after this it won't be the last. There are two sides to it as well which meet and intersect every match as there are two live teams combating for their better story. The multiplayer component itself brings all the campaign levels plus many, many more with a number of game modes on them. Personally my favorite current modes are Hardpoint and Last Titan Standing. The first is an evolved Domination style and Last Titan Standing feels like Search and Destroy in respects to having only one life while starting in a Titan. There are of course other modes like your basic deathmatches called Attrition or Pilot Hunter respectively. There's also Capture the Flag which seems to be rather difficult to capture anything with Titans being allowed to carry the flag holder. From the game modes you have individuals of which everyone has personally customized to the extent of gender; weapons, abilities, Titan's weapons, abilities and extras. These all are unlocked through levelling to really help add variety, along with a random factor in every single battle. On top of the classes there are also burn cards which give a life an extra benefit like radar, double XP or even unlimited of something and really switch up the match, will note that you get three slots to choose cards for each match. Anyways I've had a blast in each of the modes and have just been ramping up my levels working towards all those prestiges (or next generations as they're called).

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What really amazes me about Titanfall aside from the adrenaline feel is the very fast paced gameplay that just keeps you going into every single fight. Death itself only pushes you to spawn faster or stronger with a Titan as you try to get back that person and their team. This speed, mixed with very intuitive parkour throughout the worlds keep the action going and spreads out where everyone is at various moments. Even while everything is going on you can take some time to take a little bit of a glance to world around you which is full of smaller areas to explore or even have massive environments of happenings going on in the backdrop of each map. The scale is just absolutely crazy and the useless AI that are honestly just there to make you feel better about every game just adds to it. There's not many games that have this massive amount of action going while everyone battles on the field. I'll have to add a little bit about the Titans, they are smart creatures that can be driven by their pilot or even sent off to do a number of things from guarding objectives to protecting you or going to a follow stance. They are well equipped to fight one another and even kill pilots by themselves, but are only at a max once piloted.

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Titanfall is just amazing, everyone will be playing it until the sequel arrives and rightfully so. There is just something about the gameplay and cooperative environment that just keeps you going well past when you should have logged off for the night. There may be some nit picking, but this title is damn near perfect, its multiplayer is flawless along with addictive. There are a ton of maps to play on with many modes to experience each battle with. The campaign itself is worth playing multiple times to get a true story going as it is split between two sides and wins impact this. You will feel sympathy for your Titan and love every moment riding, having him guard or attach for you. This is a definite shooter that will change the balance of how that genre is refined.

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Gave Titanfall 9/10
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Posted on 30 April 14 at 17:25
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This game was easily the most hyped game so far this year. As you know I am a xbox fan boy, I can admit that! I was eagerly awaiting this games release. It has been out for a month an a few weeks now, and I still can not put it away. The graphics, game play, and replay value (for an avid multiplier gamer) is phenomenal. My overall score can not be below a 1, it is a gimme score.

Graphics (2 of 3): The graphics are put together well. Though they have never given me the "WOW" factor that Ryse did on a constant basis. They aren't bad by any means though. The game takes place in space in a revolution type combat between the IMC and the Militia, Space scenes through the "Campaign" (we will get to that in a minute) are incredible. Some round entrances are fun to watch over and over. The Graphics still could be better, but they are expected to be lowered during a multiplayer game.

Multiplayer (3 of 3) : Considering this game is ONLY multiplayer, they did a good job on it! It gives me the competition I want in any FPS shooter, the maps are fun to play even if you have seen them before. You are always finding new ways to climb through the cities, new zip lines to go to point A to B. It is quite an experience to zip line over a titan, or run away from missiles while wall jumping through buildings. Very original. It has caught my attention through this aspect. It has the feel like CoD/BF while still giving it a good mix of Halo. Very hard to explain. The CTF game mode is the best CTF that I have played since Halo 2. Very addicting. Some exciting things are captured on my youtube page, there is a link on my G+ account if you are interested.

Replay (2 of 3): This game does eventually wear down on you. I am at 8th gen finishing up one of the last challenges that are required to move on. I am down to the last bit of energy left for this game. Though whenever I have time to play, I always look online to see who is playing this game before I start something else up! It does capture you for a good chunk of time, especially because it is new, and unlike anything that I have ever played. New maps are set to release this May, that will bring me back for more. I also am waiting to see if being max level will keep my interest, I have felt through the leveling process that sometimes I lose interest in the game because of how bad the required challenges are to move forward. Games that I feel would score full points in replay are ones that you literally can not stop playing. I have a hard time playing FPS games without at least another person helping me out.

Thanks for reading my opininon on this game. I hope it helps some people on a decision weather to get this game or not. My Xbox gamertag is "Vanhow10" feel free to add me and we can game sometime.

I do reviews at gamingthevanhow10way.blogspot.com If you go there you are able to access my G+ account and such.
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Posted on 30 September 14 at 03:48, Edited on 30 September 14 at 13:44
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As I have finally reached 1000 gamerscore on this game I thought I finally have the suitable knowledge to give it at least a decent review after logging well over 60 hours so far (and still going).

Now Titanfall is essentially a game brought to us by the original creators of what is now considered a masterpiece, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. After a fallout with Activision they essentially walked out, joined up with EA and created a new studio and now we have Titanfall a game that is meant to show that first person shooters can be made fun and innovative again.

Now the game itself is essentially online only even the campaign is online and is played out as a selection of team death matches and capture the objective game types. This ends up being a bit of a let down since the story and the lore of the game's universe boil down into shouting matches going on in the background of the pitched battle going on around you. Sometimes you will stop to listen but during those moments you will find yourself having your neck snapped and then being laughed at for not playing the game.

So yes story is not where this title shines, but does that make Titanfall a bad GAME? Hell no, where Titanfall shines truly is within its gameplay now it may be a first person shooter but it is not traditional in anyway if it were to be compared to the other big shooters of today like Call of Duty, Battlefield or dare I even mention Team fortress 2 which is also online only. Hell the story is quite literally about a militia fighting for...........something, against the evil IMC (why not just call them the empire) who are all for curb stomping civilians and tea bagging the militia scum because "hurr durr evil".

The fun in Titanfall is found within the parkour style wall running feature they have put into the game thanks to your "pilots" having gear that allows them to run up pretty much EVERY SINGLE WALL in the freaking game. And it is fantastic, it adds a new dynamic to the battlefield and can really change a one on one fight fire fight into something you'd seen in the matrix (with less slow motion sadly). If you find yourself being bored running to the next kill or objective then why not run along the wall which is actually faster and alot cooler to do anyway! Also did I mention you can double jump thanks to having rockets strapped to your legs........I am not joking.

Sadly the game is mainly 6vs6 pilots multiplayer which isn't even the basic 8vs8 we have become used to with Call of Duty. So the big maps can feel a little empty during certain modes but that's only while your away from the action. Don't let this put you off though, you can move very fast in this game so its easy to understand why finding an enemy is hard during certain moment when you aren't all on the ground. The game does manage to achieve a level of scale with all the AI soldiers that the maps are filled with to help make it look like your pilots are an important element in a huge conflict. But when it comes to fighting them they are mostly cannon fodder for you to play with.

Now before I go further I should also mention the Titans which is what makes this game more than just another shooter game. Plus their like half the name of the game TITANfall........so they really are the butter on the bread. Titans are essentially giant mechs you can call from the skies (no I am not exaggerating) to change the tide on the battlefield and to literally stomp on your enemies armed with anything from a chaingun to a gun that shoots freaking lightning.

Titans are the nearest thing you can get to "kill streaks" in this game but they aren't hard to earn at all. Hell you can get a Titan just by living for a few minutes, but you can easily earn them faster by supplying the Titan builders with more murder, a single pilot murder take 30 seconds off the clock. Does this mean only the best players can get them sooner? Maybe but these machines are far from invincible, while it is easy to kill pilots within a titan you will often find that pilots are a titan's worst enemy. Imagine trying to shoot someone within your giant mech feeling full of overconfidence and then they start suddenly run along the freaking walls like something out of alien, trust me skilled pilots are a pain in the butt. Especially the ones armed with the rocket launcher, seriously that thing does a ton of damage. If they're using the grenade launcher though be sure to do an evil laugh while you smash them into the dirt.

Game modes........we have the basic stuff here.
Attrition where you kill pilots and AI to get about 300 or so points to win.
Hardpoint which is literally capture and hold three points as much as you can to achieve victory.
Pilot Hunter which is attrition again but only pilot kills are required to win, AI doesn't give you jack.
Capture the flag, I am not explaining this.
Last Titan Standing, this mode is a cool idea. You all spawn already in your Titans and you don't get another or to respawn, last team with a titan still alive wins.
A few more modes would have been cool but at least they covered the basics at launch. And yes I know new modes have been added but I am pretty much reviewing the original package.

In terms of content the game literally covers all the basics but that's all it does. Titanfall has 15 maps which is more than many shooters these days at launch. But when that is your entire game is does feel bare bones when your missing a proper single player experience. Not bad but still a let down. There is a decent number of weapons to choose from but once again were just giving the basics, assault rifles, sniper rifles, LMGs, shotguns and a pistol that aims for you......I was hoping for at least one laser cannon! Anti-Titan weapons are pretty nice though, the tools pilots use to destroy enemy mechs and they really are very effective at doing the job especially with the quick reload perk.

We get three Titan types aswell but they are built for balance rather than for show, we have the fast one with barely any armor, the one that is fast and well armored, then we have the heavily armored one that moves like a fat kid in PE class. They look great but you can tell they couldn't go wild with the designs and stats without literally breaking the games balance.

Probably one of the best innovations in the game is the burn card system which I feel really deserves a mention before I wrap this review up. Now these are like one time perks which you can bring into each mission and as long as your alive you can keep using them until you die. You can bring three for each mission and decks can get pretty big. I mean having the ability to use a titan at the start of a match is pretty damned helpful, trust me.

Lets end on the note that while Titanfall isn't the greatest innovation we were hoping for it certainly does alot of things right in its effort. From dropping in Giant mechs from the sky, wall running/climbing and double jumping with rockets attached to your legs its really mixed up what shooters can be about in the future. The pace is what makes this game great and hopefully in the future when we get a Titanfall 2 or Titanfall: Revelations clap in which they will keep speed the way it is and maybe even improve the parkour features further.
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Posted on 06 April 14 at 10:32
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Just as a for-warning for those who do not know, this game is ONLINE ONLY!!

Now that it has been said, for a quick overlay this game is a FPS with Mechs. It is a fairly simple concept with a lot of rock, paper, scissors type mechanics and gameplay.

The game is extremely fast past, just a couple steps behind Quake or Doom. Constant action and attacks from all angles keeps players from getting comfy cozy in a corner and camping away, not to say that won't stop people from doing so.

All pilots are the same and there is very little visual customization (Do you want a pingas or no?), but provides a variety of skills and attributes, as well as "made up" weapons that also allow some, and I stress some, customization to help you in game play. It is akin to somewhat of a Call of Duty style to the challenges for doing anything with any weapon, to the set up for customizing and choosing of custom classes, pretty much like a copy-and-paste movement on that part; even Gen'ing up( *cough* Prestige mode *cough* ). With that being said, it should be relatively easy to navigate and use the game mechanics.

As for game play, there is a Campaign, but it is extremely laughable as it is multiplayer with dialog from the world's characters. Because of this, the outcomes of each mission all have more or less, the exact same outcome aside from some changes in dialog. With the two factions (Militia and the IMC) fighting against each other saying their cause is more righteous than the other party's. What else is that the Campaign (if you really want to call it that) is only nine missions long and extremely short( you will be done in about 3 to 4 hours for one run through) and will leave kind of a sour taste in your mouth, as large lapses in time pass supposedly through each mission and will leave you confused as to what is really going on as there is a lot of information that is felt to be missing that no one gets to experience. The ending is also laughable because nothing happens, it's extremely anti-climatic and really disappointing, but this was expected since all Respawn wanted to focus on was the multiplayer experience.

Now not to dog entirely on the game, it is really solid in terms of replayability as the game starts off right away with 15 different maps and 5 different game modes, it will keep you occupied for quite some time. What really makes this refreshing is the parkouring! It is basically Mirror's Edge on crack, and no downfalls for falling hundreds of feet! I find it relatively easy to navigate the maps with the parkour and it allows a whole new level of gameplay other than just running around corners to shoot enemies.

Titans also bring a whole new mechanic that are essentially the spotlight of the show, as they should be! 3 different classes(you think there would at least be five!) with another set up on a rock-paper-scissors dynamic, allowing you to sacrifice speed for more armor for one mech and vice-versa for another mech. This allows players to play at different paces inside the Titans and makes for greatly blended mechanic that goes well with the Pilot fighting mechanics. Titans have no customizations visually, but also have their own skills, weapons, and perks that all have pros and cons to help you fight in battle.

One last interesting mechanic is the Burn Cards. These interesting trinkets do all kinds of things, from allowing you to get extra XP and build times, to being permanently invisible or having suped up weapons, these cards can really make or break a game and allow players to keep the game interesting and can easily turn tides for teams constantly.
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Posted on 11 July 16 at 18:02
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So I picked up this game when it was free with EA Access. I completed the training mission and got an easy achievement.

Since I have no basis of understanding, I thought that the training would hurtle me into a campaign mode. No such dice. Evidently, there is no campaign mode. This is a big fail with this game.

At the time of release, I am sure this game was great. However, I found the graphics to be kind of cartoony when compared to the latest video games. I found the mechanics to be clunky. Getting online takes way too much time. And when I do, there is not alot of people playing the modes. Some of them had 8 people playing the mode...in the world!

As of today, the game is dated and the multiplayer is dead. I hope that Titanfall 2 is better. I will wait to see what this looks like.
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