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Hellgate Aeon
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Hellgate Aeon
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Posted on 01 October 19 at 08:19, Edited on 08 October 19 at 10:47
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Here is a small quick review to let you know what you get if you buy this game.

First of all, this game is a loot shooter like The Division.
As a fan of Ghost Recon this is something that ruins it for me. If you get your shit together and stop crying about that, it is fun. I like the The Division games and i can live with that. Anyways... this is a different thing compared to Wildlands.

I was expecting an improved Wildlands, i got another The Division game in a strange science fiction setting.

Keep that in mind when making your choice.

Sadly the release version is somehow rushed out of the door. We know why ;) Modern Warfare will be released in 3 Weeks.
Breakpoint has some issues here and there... things that need fine tuning and polish.
The Camera is weird, some bugs and glitches, fps problems at certain points, the vehicles handle like crap...
Fun fact: open beta started when the physical copies were already shipped. i saw it in the shelf of my videogame store. and thats what it is: a Beta.

Sadly thats how Publishers handle things today but all bad critique aside, the game is playable and great fun for what it is.

If you expect another Wildlands, this "maybe" isnt the right game for you.
It is:
Tom Clancy´s The Division - Breakpoint feat. the quest system from AC Odyssey*

*maybe finished at X-Mas Holidays

PS: the survival stuff is just a joke.

After 40h in the game i have to rate this dumpsterfire down to 0.5 Stars.
first 10 hours are ok but this clusterf*** of a game does a steep nosedive with every hour you play it. i just reached the point where i cant urge myself to play this junk anymore.

This is a collection of unfinished, unpolished ideas shoehorned into a boring open world experience. The whole thing feels like a city interactive game with AAA Graphics.
Every of those so called new concepts are build around microtransactions and a games as a service concept.
the main problems of the game:
-it is boring as hell
-it is empty
-it is repetitive
-the story is dull and pointless. you couldnt care less about the sheit that is going on
-the mission design is disgustingly lazy
-the missions arent even intriguing at all.
-TONS and TONS and TONS of bugs and glitches
-the health system is hilarious. why do you even have 3 health bars if you end up being a total moron after losing 2 of them???
-NONE of the gameplay mechanics are working how they should be
-the gunplay is awkward
-the driving is AWFUL!!!!
-this game is a god damn falling down every god damn hill simulator... are you serious?????
-and even the loot system is a complete joke

just FYI:
it is not about that type of game. i spent 150 hours in wildlands, got full GS with all DLC and finished the whole ghost mode. i LOVE wildlands.
i was looking forward playing breakpoint but this "game" is just an insult.
It is Just Cause 4 without stunts.

Seriously... spent your money somewhere else. F*** this game....

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Posted on 09 October 19 at 00:04
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Breakpoint is a game that tries to implement survival gameplay with a looter shooter element. Thus game isnt for everybody but if you were a fan of wildlands you will enjoy this game. It take what was enjoyable in wildlands and improves on it.
However the story was improved from wildlands but is not the best. The voice actors for alot of side character ia sub par. They are some glitches in the game. The world seems less inhabited due to story reasons and at times you will be walking across wilderness bored. The over monetization of the game is also a downside. The game is enjoyable. If you were a fan of wildlands I would recommend playing this game.
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