Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon WildlandsNarco Road

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15-20 h
Narco Road

Narco Road Achievements

The Narco Road Add-on for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands has 7 achievements worth 300 gamerscore.

  • Gang Leader

    Operation Narco Road: Kill One boss of the cartel

    1 guide
  • El Visible

    Operation Narco Road: Kill the final target

  • More Followers than Escobar

    Operation Narco Road: Fill the Followers Gauge of all regions to 100%

    2 guides
  • Scenic Route

    Narco Road: Go from Eddie's party villa to Arturo's bar in 8 minutes or less in a ground vehicle

    2 guides
  • Cristina

    Operation Narco Road: Kill 50 enemies with any gang's vehicle

    4 guides
  • Mal Rodilla-Ternera

    Operation Narco Road: Complete an Electro™ challenge while freefalling

    4 guides
  • Brake a leg

    Operation Narco Road: Complete a trial without using the brakes

    2 guides