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    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

    The primary focus of this game has been directed at Multiplayer versus online. In a little way it is not only an FPS game, but a strategy game. Siege does retain Terrorist hunt variations from previous installments of the Rainbow Six series.
    Before beginning to play you can squad up with friends to join games together or use the match making system to fill your team. All multiplayer modes are teams of 5 players.

    Multiplayer Gameplay: You can choose from Casual or Ranked(available once you level up). Both play similar with a few differences. For Casual each game is a best of 5 attack vs defend an objective. The objectives vary from Hostage, Bomb and Secure Object. All rounds end when either team has been eliminated, the attackers secure the objective or the timer runs out. This is where the strategy comes in.

    MP Overview/Casual: Before starting the round you choose a character from those you have unlocked for that side. Here is where the strategy part of the game starts. At the start of the round the defenders have 40 seconds to secure the area, putting up barricades and traps to disable or slow the attackers. During this time the attackers control a drone and try to locate the objective which is randomly placed. The defenders can destroy the drone if spotted. Once the timer expires, a 3 minute round starts. You have one life per round so being cautious and working together will help move toward a victory. After a player is killed they get to see a kill cam of the player that killed them. Check your fire! Friendly fire is always on! This game relies on good teamwork, knowing your environments and having keen senses. You are penalized for actions that are detrimental to your team.

    MP Ranked: Ranked plays similar to Casual with a few differences. During ranked matches the defenders get to choose the start location of the objective they are defending. The attackers also get to choose their start location outside. Kill cam is disabled in this mode. If you quit ranked early you are penalized with negative xp and can be suspended from ranked play. It is highly recommended to play this mode with friends or a group for the best experience.

    Co-op/Terrorist Hunt: The original terrorist hunt returns. Siege has also added a few different variations than just the classic terrorist hunt. For those who do not know, terrorist hunt classic is hunting down a set number of terrorists on the map before your team is eliminated. The variations added are, hostage rescue, disarm bomb and defend hostage. In hostage rescue and disarm bomb you are charged with finding the objective hidden in the map and rescuing the hostage or disarming 2 bombs with the attackers. In defend hostage you have to defend the hostage for 4 waves of enemies using the defenders. You have an option to play this mode in Lone Wolf if you choose.

    Ranking up and Renown: The games level system is known as your Clearance Level. You earn a xp from almost every action you do. Kills, disabling traps, placing traps, assists, and head shots are just a few examples. You earn the most xp by completing terrorist hunt rounds and winning online matches. You also earn the game’s version of currency known as Renown. You use Renown to purchase characters and equipment.

    Operators and Weapons: The playable Operators(characters) consist of 10 attackers and 10 defenders. There are 5 special forces organizations with 2 attackers and 2 defenders each. Every character has a unique ability which helps the team in some way. Before you unlock a character you play as a Recruit. A base class that is always available. The first character you purchase within a group costs 500 Renown and each one after in that group increases 500 Renown(500, 1000, 1500, 2000). Each character, along with having a unique ability, has weapons specific to them. They are all real world weapons ranging from MP5, L85, Spas12 and many more. You can purchase attachments and skins with renown to personalize the weapon to your own style. There are sights, grips, barrel attachments, etc. Each affects your weapon in a different manner and is explained in a bullet pattern graphic on the screen.

    Environment and Maps: The game comes standard with 10 maps. Each offering different approaches to the situation. The entire environment is destructible. Don’t want to use the front door? No problem blow a hole in the wall and enter there. Enemy below you? Enter through the ceiling. Depending on the surface, you can shoot through it, create holes to see through or reinforce it with steel barriers.

    Single Player Situations:
    There are 10 single player situations. Each a different S.W.A.T. type mission. They vary from rescue the hostage to disarm bomb. Unlike previous installments of Rainbow Six there is no single player or co-op campaign. Once you have completed the 10 situations, there is a very Tom Clancy esk 11th situation you get to play. No spoilers here. This scenario is Multiplayer and may come up when matchmaking terrorist hunt.

    Sound Effects
    This game has some of the best sound effects in the business. I highly recommend using a good headset. Each movement however quick or slow makes a sound. Move slowly to stay undetected or run in guns blazing. The latter is not recommended as the defenders may have traps set or you may find yourself with 5 guns pointed in your direction.

    Overall the achievements for this game are fairly easy. A few may require a boosting session or just luck. A couple of others are grindy but can be attained alone if you choose this path. 800+ can be attained by simply playing the Situations and a several rounds of multiplayer. There are no achievements related to the DLC.

    There are multiple DLC updates to this game. All are completely free and add additional operators, maps and equipment. In order to unlock the new operators the renown cost is very high. If you are in this game for the long haul you may want to purchase the annual updates packages.

    All in all Rainbow Six: Siege is a unique game. It is most fun when played with friends. If you are looking for a campaign based game this is not for you. The graphics are stellar and the sound effects are intense. It is tailored heavily to the competitive versus gamer.

    My last personal opinions on the game:
    Personally I did not care for the game.
    I have played every Rainbow Six game since the first on PC and this just did not fit the Rainbow Six world for me. It probably would have fit better to title it simply, Siege. Tom Clancy has written some of the most intense books. The installment of games with his name over the years has seen his works come to life and let the player take control of the story. While a good shooter, it was far too repetitive for me. Every game felt pretty much the same. Camp, camp and camp some more. I don’t like that the only MP pits Rainbow vs Rainbow. The premise of Rainbow has always been an international counter-terrorist team.

    If I had a group to play with it may have been more fun, but the amount of people who team kill and are just not team players was too high for me to enjoy the game.
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    SyphonidesIsn't a game you HAVE to play with friends inherently flawed?
    Posted by Syphonides On 05 Feb 17 at 14:43
    ^ Fucking what?
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    UnInfamousGhostI don't feel as though price should be in the title of a review. I don't mind spending whatever money on games, I'd like a specific callout that is specific to the game itself.
    Posted by UnInfamousGhost On 10 Mar 17 at 05:07
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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best FPS multiplayer games that I've ever played. It is a tactical that is completely unlike all other multiplayer games that I have had the pleasure to play.

    The unique operators and maps offer an unlimited number of possibilities when playing so the game never gets old and keeps you interested. The game is also built around teamwork and strategy which are both words that are often overused in games but Rainbow Six Siege actually takes strategy to a new level with permadeath and the lack of automatic healing. You are also sure to lose if your team isn't communicating.

    The game treats it's new players well with a game mode specifically meant for newcomers by making the game as simple as possible while keeping the core parts of the game. There is something called "Situations" which takes you through the basics of the game by putting you in different situations that you will surely face when playing the multiplayer. There are also basic tutorial videos that teach you the basics of barricading, reinforcing, and breaching.

    The developers at Ubisoft know how to keep the game fresh with constant updates and community challenges. There are new seasons every 3 months which almost always contain 2 new operators and a new map or a rework to an old map, special events every season, and there are weekly community challenges to complete for charm and weapon skin rewards so there is always something to do.

    Microtransactions have become a big issue in gaming with the term "pay to win" often used but in Rainbow Six Siege, the only thing you can buy with only real money is cosmetics. Everything else can be bought with in-game currency obtained by playing the game.

    Overall, I would always recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a challenge and a fun time and I would recommend it to any of you as well.
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    Rainbow Six Siege is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the action packed, run and gun style FPS's that are currently the norm. Although the game does not have a campaign mode, which might be a downer for some, it more than makes up for it with the three game modes that are available.

    Situations mode allows you to work your way from the recruit class through all of the operators while playing different game types (Deathmatch, Protect Hostage, Disarm Bomb, etc). In this mode you are introduced to the different weapons and tactics that are available for each operator.

    Terrorist Hunt:
    Terrorist Hunt offers a PvE element which will allow you to team up with four other squad members to take on the Terrorist. You also have the option of going about this alone in the Lone Wolf mode, which is much more difficult. Terrorist Hunt is a good way to figure out your favorite operators and their unique capabilities.

    Multiplayer is the bread and butter. You have two multiplayer options, casual and ranked. As you may have guessed, ranked is much more difficult and teamwork is ESSENTIAL in this mode. Casual is somewhat possible without while running solo, but ranked is not. Overall, the multiplayer option in this game is amazing if you enjoy a more tactical and thoughtful gameplay. If you are looking for a run-and-gun Call of Duty type of game, DO NOT BUY THIS.

    Overall, I really enjoy this game. The only con I would present is that if you are a lone wolf, it would be exceedingly difficult to go into ranked and such because you will more than likely be matched with full fireteams and that will be a difficult task to face. However, it is still a very fun game and it hits the mark.