Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Walkthrough

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Rainbow Six Siege Walkthrough

Welcome to the Trueachievements walkthrough for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The purpose of this walkthrough is to serve as a roadmap to obtain all of the achievements in this game in the fastest and most effective way possible. Many of the achievements are easily obtained, while a few others require more dedication.

Rainbow Six Siege can be categorized under the 'semi-realistic' first-person-shooter genre. This means that you should not expect automatic recovery from injuries after you have taken damage and you are not able to respawn after you are killed. Being killed means you will have to entertain yourself with the spectator mode for the remainder of the round so tread carefully. Tactics, caution, and communication are vital elements in this game. The game puts a strong focus on competitive and cooperative play and therefore completely lacks a narrative storyline or campaign.

The general tips & tricks is where you will be given some general information about this game and its achievements. At the situations page, we will discuss the achievements that are tied to the singleplayer situations gamemode. At the multiplayer page, we will discuss the multiplayer achievements. At the Terrorist Hunt page, we take a closer look at the time-consuming achievements that can be earned in the Terrorist Hunt playlist. On this page, you will also find many of the 'general' achievements that one can easily achieve over time such as purchasing all operators in a single CTU, customizing 30 weapons, etc. The reason why these are listed here is because the Terrorist Hunt achievements require us to grind for a bit. This grinding comes with the added benefit that we will accumulate quite a lot of money and XP that allows us to pick up these achievements there if you haven't acquired them before we have to resort to grinding.

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