Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

First, let us start with a quick introduction in regards to the fundamentals of this game.

Game modes

The achievements for this game are spread between the 3 separate game modes:

1) Situations
Situations are standalone missions that can only be completed in while playing solo. You play on the same maps that are used in multiplayer and terrorist hunt. You are tasked to complete a main objective while there are 3 secondary objectives that are optional to complete for higher rewards and additional achievements.

2) Multiplayer
Multiplayer is the classic Player versus player that this game focuses on. You will face other players in a number of objective oriented games (Hostage, Secure Area, Bomb). Each game has multiple rounds where teams take turn as defender and attacker. These rounds either end when the objective is fulfilled or in the far more common scenario when all the opponents are killed.

3) Terrorist Hunt
Terrorist Hunt is the cooperative gamemode that can also be played solo. You face AI-controlled adversaries while you are tasked to carry out specific objectives (Classic , Hostage Extraction, Protect Hostage or Disarm Bombs)

Renown & XP

Renown is the currency within Rainbow Siege, it is earned after completing and winning multiplayer matches, terrorist hunt missions, and even single player situations. Renown is used to purchase new operators, weapons, skins and add-ons for your weapons.

Experience (or XP for short) is also earned by playing all gamemodes and indicates how high your level is. The only benefit to having a high rank is that you will not unlock the ranked playlist until you reach level 20. In addition to that there is an achievement for reaching level 50. No unlocks or rewards are tied to your XP level.


You will find a wide variety of different operators in this game, each and every one has unique abilities that can be used during your games and each and every single one of them provides a certain advantage. These operators need to be purchased with renown before you can use them.

Every operator can only be used by one person, per round. That means that if your teammate choses the operator of your choice then you will not be able to select that operator and have to pick another one or... lacking having another operator, have to resort to playing with the recruit. The recruit has default weapons and gadgets and has no add-ons on his weapons.

Operators are divided in defensive and offensive operators and it is important that you find yourself well stocked with operators in both categories because you will not be able to use defensive operators while your team is attacking or the other way around, use an offensive operator while you are defending.

Operators belong to teams such as the FBI, SAS, CS9 etc. Even though this does not serve as limitation during play (you are never limited to a single team, so it's possible that you are playing with the FBI while your teammates are Spetnatz, GIGN and SAS for example), it does have an effect on the price of operators. Every operator you purchase within a single team is more expensive than the last one. The first one will be cheaper than the second, who in turn is cheaper than the third. The last operator in a team is vastly more expensive than your first purchase. Whoever is your first purchase is entirely up to you so pick wisely.

1st operator: 500 credits
2nd operator 1000 credits
3rd operator: 1500 credits
4th operator: 2000 credits


Most achievements in this game are fairly straight forward but several require more extensive play or require you to make kills in a rather extraordinary manner. This walkthrough attempts to aid you in obtaining all achievements through regular play but it is worth noting that there is a number of achievements where the conditions for unlocking them are more a matter of luck than skill and one could opt to join boost sessions to get those out of the way instead. Certain achievements such as completing a Terrorist Hunt mission of realistic difficulty also require a level of communication that is hard to find when joining random lobbies. Having buddies to play with is by no means a requirement to earn every achievement in this game but it would make it significantly easier.

The achievements are roughly separated in 4 categories. Achievements related to situations, multiplayer, terrorist hunt, and what I will call the general category that transcend the playlists such as achievements for obtaining all operators, reaching a certain rank, etc. You can progress towards these achievements regardless of what playlist you play and generally speaking it does not matter in what order you wish to pick up these achievements.

This walkthrough will pick up the achievements in the following order:

1st : Situations : This will let us familiarize with the game while picking up quite a bit of renown before we hop into the multiplayer. The situations serve as a tutorial and cover all the objective game types and maps that we will also come across during multiplayer and Terrorist Hunt.

2nd: Multiplayer : The achievements in this category are not necessarily time consuming but they require very specific victories, kills and actions.

3rd: Terrorist Hunt: The most time consuming achievements in Siege are found in the Terrorist Hunt playlist and chances are you will not be finished with these achievements when you have already picked up every other achievement in the game, such as earning level 50 and obtaining every operator in the game.

Before we start, it is worth noting that there is an achievement that requires you to save up 5000 renown. This is not an exceptionally high amount but it requires you to briefly keep your money in your pocket until you have saved up that amount. If you want you can do this right at the start of the game. This walkthrough will start with the singleplayer situations and during these missions you cannot play with your desired operator or weapons so there is no need for you to spend your renown at this stage. However, if you wish to purchase a few operators to get you started and save yourself from having to play with the recruit every game, then that is perfectly fine. The achievement will come in due time.

Secondly: Watching the tutorial videos from the main menu for the first time grants you 800 renown. This renown is enough to purchase your first operator unless you wish to save up. At this point, I recommend purchasing the CS9 operator 'IQ'. She comes in handy soon. You can purchase operators from the main menu under the 'operators' tab. Here you will find the option 'Unlock Operator'. IQ can be found in the CSG9 team (yellow).

This should also unlock your first achievement:

Taking Point in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Unlock one of the 10 Original Attack Operators.
  • Unlocked by 101,053 tracked gamers (86% - TA Ratio = 1.07) 117,010

Use the remaining renown to purchase an attachment for IQ's weapon, such as a scope or silencer. This will unlock:

Designer in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Designer11 (10)
Customize a Weapon. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 91,884 tracked gamers (79% - TA Ratio = 1.12) 117,010

Let's move on!

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