Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Walkthrough

4. Multiplayer

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Time to start with the multiplayer and its achievements. Rainbow Six has always been a series where tactics and communication play a dominant role. Contrary to what I will refer to as the 'run & gun' shooters is there no respawn after you die. You do not automatically regenerate health and a reckless unplanned approach is far more likely going to end in an unfortunate end rather than an insane multikill.

The priority on tactical semi-realistic play can be found in the fact that the multiplayer at the time of writing this walkthrough does not feature a classic team death match playlist but exclusively focuses on objective gamemodes. However, even though the classic TDM is missing, matches often play out as if they were deathmatch games due to the fact that every round also ends when all your enemies are defeated. As a result, the objective is often of secondary concern during most rounds.

Every round starts with a deployment phase. During this phase attackers get to use remote control camera drones for a short amount of time which they can use to spot enemies and locate their objective in the map. If they do not manage to locate the bomb/hostage/etc, then they will not know its location and there will be a serious chance they will be unable to complete their objective within the limited timeframe of the round. Defenders can use the deployment phase to fortify the area around their objective, hide themselves somewhere in the map, or make preparations by setting traps.

After the deployment phase, the action phase begins. The attackers will spawn and initiate their attack. At this point defenders are no longer allowed outside the main structure in the map. Wandering outside this structure alerts attackers of this defender and/or instantly kills the adventuring defender, depending on the game mode.


The majority of the multiplayer achievements for Rainbow Six Siege can be roughly divided into 2 categories.

2) Kill X amount of enemies using weapon X

2) Perform a specific action on a specific map/gametype

3) Miscellaneous

We are going to take care of the achievements in the first category first but you should not pass up on the opportunity to do some of the following things when you are presented with the possibility to do so:

-Make kills with your Nitro Cell (C4) if you have the chance to do so
-Kill enemies after you have stunned them with a stun grenade or with Blitz shieldflash
-Destroy camera drones used by the attackers
-Kill with a breach charge
-Revive allies whenever you can

We will make these kills the focus of our attention later, but we will be playing quite a few games in order to clear out the achievements that fall under the first category, so you might want to hit two birds with one stone and use these matches to progress towards the type of kills/conditions that I have listed above this paragraph.

If you are going to spend the renown you earn on operators, I recommend obtaining these if you want to make the most efficient progress for your achievements (in order of priority):

1st - One of the following defenders: PULSE, SMOKE,BANDIT, MUTE or KAPKAN (For their Nitro cell)
2nd - Any attacker that has a Breach Charge, preferably Blitz (CSG9) because we need him for another achievement later on)
3rd - Thermite(FBI) (for his exothermic charge).

Let us focus on the first category first..


The next couple of achievements require us to play in a specific manner. Do not be troubled because despite the fact that many of these achievements are based on luck, there are strategies that can turn the odds in your favor.

This part of the chapter of the walkthrough will not longer be linear in the sense that we will not pick up the achievements in a specific order anymore. Some require us to be defenders while others require us to be attacker. Since you switch between attacker and defender roles each round and luck has to be in your favor more often than not, there is really no telling what achievement you will pick up first. I recommend that you keep reading this page until you reach the CATEGORY 2 subchapter of this walkthrough page.

During rounds that you play as defender you should reinforce doors and windows by holding the cn_X button while in front of it. This will barricade them with wood. After reinforcing 5 doors or windows, you will unlock:

Woodworker in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Woodworker24 (20)
Place 5 Barricades as a Defender in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.
  • Unlocked by 80,976 tracked gamers (69% - TA Ratio = 1.20) 116,760

When you are a defender, you should be on the lookout for the little camera drones that the attackers use during the deployment phase. You are able to destroy them by shooting them. After the action phase begins, the camera drones will still be at the location where the attacker that operated them left them when the action phase began (unless him or her resumes control of the drone after the action phase has begun). Shoot 5 of these drones and you will unlock:

Blind Ambition in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Destroy 5 drones in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 73,889 tracked gamers (63% - TA Ratio = 1.25) 116,760

At the beginning of this page, I recommended that you should unlock PULSE, SMOKE, BANDIT, MUTE, or KAPKAN as these are the operators that can use Nitro Cell or more commonly referred to as 'C4'.

When you purchase your first DEFENSIVE operator you will unlock :

On Your Six in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Unlock one of the 10 Original Defense Operators.
  • Unlocked by 96,661 tracked gamers (83% - TA Ratio = 1.09) 116,760

What you want to do is leave the room where your objective is located in and head towards one of the attacker spawns that is relatively far from your defensive objective.
In social/casual game modes, the game will most likely prevent attackers from spawning very close to your objective (contrary to ranked where attackers can pick their own deployment location).

Now plant your C4 on one of the barricaded windows or doors that are most commonly used by enemies. A lot of enemies do not expect defenders to be that far away from their objectives, and as long as one of the camera drones has not spotted you, there is a very serious chance that the attackers will just carelessly bash in a door or window. Peek underneath until you see feet or a hole in the barricade appear and then blow it up in their faces. Alternatively, you can shoot enemies into an injured position and chuck C4 on him.

Once you have 10 of these kills, you will unlock :

Wrong Number in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Kill 10 enemies with Nitro Cell in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 23,797 tracked gamers (20% - TA Ratio = 2.21) 116,760

Now would be an excellent time to purchase Blitz if you haven't already. Blitz carries a riot shield that has a bright flashlight on it then can temporarily blind enemies. This option counts as a stun grenade for your 10 stun grenade kills, and since the stun grenade itself is a rather unreliable tool, I highly recommend using Blitz for the job. Blitz only carries a sidearm and the range on both the weapon he is wielding, as well as the flashlight he is using to blind enemies is rather limited so you should focus on creating short range scenarios for yourself.

Once you have 10 of these kills you will unlock :

Senseless in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Senseless24 (10)
Kill 10 enemies blinded from Stun Grenade in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.
  • Unlocked by 20,468 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.38) 116,760

If one were to consider boosting one achievement for this game it should be the next one. The achievement requires us to make a kill with the Breach Charge and this really comes down to simple luck. The breach charge itself barely does enough damage to kill an enemy that is standing right behind the wall/door or window that the charge is placed on. The charge is easily destroyed if enemies simply shoot or punch through the barricade that the charge is placed on.

Then how to obtain this achievement?

First, you must be attacker and you must have a breach charge in your loadout (Blitz can be equipped with a breach charge). First and foremost, it helps if you have been playing this game for a while and know where enemies tend to camp. Make use of your camera drone to see where defenders are laying in cover. In the meeting hall of the 'Plane' map are often opportunities to place breaching charges on the walls right next to the favorite camp spots of the defenders.

The most common way to get this achievement is to be on a team that is getting its ass kicked while your enemy (the defenders) still has the numbers to make them feel comfortable enough to roam around the area and search for you. You wish to barricade a door or plant your breach charge on one of the doors that the enemy has barricaded. Once most of the people in your team are dead, chances are the defenders will start roaming around the area, searching for you. Lay flat on the ground behind the door that you have rigged with a breach charge until you see feet appear on the other side. Once you do, quickly detonate the breach charge. If you were too late, then the guy on the other side might bash a hole in the barricade and consequently destroy your breach charge.

Downing an enemy is not enough to get this achievement. He must be dead but you can place your breach charge next to a downed enemy if he happens to be sitting on a surface that can be breached (the top floor of consulate for example). Last men standing in teams can never be downed and will always instantly die (unless it's a Doc). Placing your breach charge on a reinforced metal door that was put up by castle prevents enemies from shooting through the cover and destroying your breach charge. If you wish to peak underneath doors until you see feet then placing your breach on a metal door is a relatively safe bet).

All in all, this is based on luck, and through patience and dedication, you will eventually unlock:

Meat Wall in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Meat Wall50 (20)
Kill an enemy with a Breach Charge in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 18,910 tracked gamers (16% - TA Ratio = 2.48) 116,760

The last achievement that requires a special kill is one that you will have to make a kill while your enemy is trapped in barbed wire. This can be your barbed wire or that of your teammates. Place your barbed wire on a popular route or hallway, even potentially next to the objective (most people are afraid to shoot/punch right next to a hostage because they might kill it) and camp that spot. Be sure to get a straight up kill because 'downing' the enemy won't count for this achievement. You can ensure a straight up kill by shooting a headshot.

This will unlock:

Don't go in There! in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Kill an Attacker inside a Barbed Wire in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 52,788 tracked gamers (45% - TA Ratio = 1.48) 116,760

NOTE: From this point forward, you will no longer be needing specific operators so you can start saving up to accumulate 5000 renown or purchase operators as you see fit. You will eventually need to acquire all operators, as well as the majority of their weapons and weapon attachments.


In order to obtain these achievements (performing specific actions on specific maps) you must try to ensure that you get to play on the required map before you can even attempt to meet the conditions in order to unlock the achievements that correspond with those scenarios.

You can significantly increase the odds of getting the right combination of map and game type by going to 'options 'and then 'matchmaking preferences'. In this menu you will find a list of all maps and all game modes. As default all the boxes will be checked. You should uncheck all these boxes and then only check the ones for the combination that you need.

For example

Win a match of TDM - Hostage in "Hereford" on Casual/Ranked Multiplayer. (Secret)

This achievement requires you to play 'TDM-Hostage' game mode on the map 'Hereford'. Uncheck everything except for Hostage and Hereford before you start matchmaking. Changing these preferences is no guarantee that you will not be matched on other maps (being matched in a different game type than the one you have selected is a rarity) but it improves the chances of getting the desired combination between map and game mode. Alternatively you just start playing without changing any settings and you just hope for the best. This is a viable option because there is an achievement for winning 50 rounds and chances are you pick up a few of the required combinations/achievements through regular play. Changing the settings to prioritize the proper combinations is quicker though. Search until you find the right map+gamemode or keep playing until the map+gamemode makes an appearance.

It may take a while for the Hereford map to be cycled through but after you and your team have managed to win you will obtain:

Who Dares in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Who Dares34 (20)
Win a match of TDM - Hostage in "Hereford" on Casual/Ranked Multiplayer. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 39,895 tracked gamers (34% - TA Ratio = 1.71) 116,760

NOTE: For the next achievements you need to have an offensive operator that has a breach charge. Purchase one if you do not have one yet.

Next achievement is slightly easier because it no longer requires us to win the game but simply perform a rather easy action on the map 'House'. Once again, uncheck all boxes except for the House map and pick whatever game mode you favor. Once you are on the ATTACKING side, pick any operator that has a breach charge. When you deploy, make your way to the back of the house and rappel up to the first floor. Go through one of the windows and when you find yourself in the center of the house at the top of the stairs you will see a square platform on the floor, indicating that you can breach through here. Simply place your breach charge on the floor here and detonate your breach charge for an easy achievement.

Here is a videoguide in case you would like a visual reference. Credit for the video goes to Maka91

NOTE: this achievement can also be earned in Terrorist Hunt

Death from Above in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Breach a Floor or Ceiling in "House" on Casual/Ranked Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 46,288 tracked gamers (40% - TA Ratio = 1.58) 116,760

The next achievement is also relatively easy to obtain. We wish to play on the level 'Bank' and the game mode does not matter. This achievement can only be obtained on the DEFENSIVE side and you must be an operator. The recruit cannot earn this achievement (he can only put up one reinforced wall instead of the two we need) You need to reinforce 2 soft walls with plates of metal. Simply walk up to a soft wall and hold cn_X to place a metal wall against it. Do this twice to unlock the achievement. Once again a visual reference in case you are struggling:

NOTE: this achievement can also be earned in Terrorist Hunt

Fortress in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Fortress20 (15)
Reinforce 2 breakable walls in "Bank" on Casual/Ranked Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 67,882 tracked gamers (58% - TA Ratio = 1.31) 116,760

For the next one we wish to uncheck all the boxes again but this time we wish to select the map 'Plane'. This achievement requires us to successfully defend the meeting room, which means your team must pick/be assigned Meeting room as their location and then win one round on it while they are defenders. This achievement can also be earned in Terrorist Hunt where you can play solo and where you get to decide what your deployment location is, but the risk of playing solo is that there is no one to revive you. Playing this on Terrorist Hunt solo pits you against riot shields, suicide bombers and 4 waves of enemies. One could argue that simply winning one round in multiplayer is the easier alternative.

Regardless of what approach you took, you should unlock the following achievement if you were successful in your defense:

Air Force One in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Defend the Meeting Room in "Plane" on Casual/Ranked Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 59,585 tracked gamers (51% - TA Ratio = 1.39) 116,760

Next map is "Consulate'. Once again, we do not have to concern ourselves with the game mode so pick whatever you fancy. You need to be on Attacker and you need to pick an operator that has a breach charge.

Once we spawn we are going to run up to the building and rappel up on the side. You should now place your breach charge on one of the windows, get clear of the blast radius and blow it up. After that, all you have to is rappel through the window you have just breached and another easy achievement is yours:

Coming through! in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Breach and rappel through a window in "Consulate" in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer or Terrorist Hunt. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 66,946 tracked gamers (57% - TA Ratio = 1.32) 116,760

After achieving the achievement listed above, we are going to repeat the same process but this time, you wish to select ' TDM - Secure Area' as your game mode and 'Clubhouse' as your map. All you need to do is win this combination. No other specific actions are required.

If you have successfully been matched into the right map and the right game type, your assignment is once again to win the game. Upon victory, you will unlock:

Sausage Fest in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Win a match of TDM - Secure Area in "Clubhouse" on Casual/Ranked Multiplayer. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 53,205 tracked gamers (46% - TA Ratio = 1.48) 116,760

Now for the next achievement, you can select all the maps you like but you should only keep TDM-Secure Area selected as your game mode. We need to be attackers for this achievement and this achievement is actually earned in the deployment phase. We need to use our camera drone to locate the enemy objective within 20 seconds. Your drone needs to be the one that locates the objective, if your teammate finds it then it will not count. You start at :45 seconds so you must have found the objective before the timer hit :25. This is luck based. Having a decent understanding of possible objective locations goes a long way in regards to this achievement. Fortunately, all the other achievements that come after this no longer concern themselves with specific maps or game modes, so just keep your game mode limited to TDM - Secure Area while you work on the rest of the achievements that are detailed below:

That was Fast! in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Find the Objective in TDM - Secure Area within 20 seconds in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 61,600 tracked gamers (53% - TA Ratio = 1.37) 116,760

You can now toggle all maps back on, as well as all game modes or stick with whatever maps and/or game modes you have enjoyed the most. For the coming achievements you are free to play whatever game type or map that you like.

Now for the last achievement in the 'perform specific actions on specific maps' achievement we will need Thermite(FBI). Purchase Thermite if you haven't already. For this achievement the map, nor game mode are of any importance. This achievement can be earned on any map. Thermite's special ability allows him to destroy reinforced walls with an exothermic breach charge.You need to be attacker. All you have to do is look for a room where you see the metal spikes coming out of the other side of the wall that indicate that, that wall has been reinforced. Place your exothermic charge on that wall and detonate it, your charge will cut through the wall and create a hole for you and your teammates.

-You can do this from either side of the wall
- There is a chance the enemy has electrically charged the wall, if that is the case your exothermic charge will automatically be destroyed when you try to place it. You can test if the wall is charged by simply running into the wall and checking if you take damage. (Yes, running into the wall is a good thing for once...)
-If the enemy team has a MUTE operator and he has a signal jammer placed on the other side of the wall, then your breach will not work, but it will not be destroyed either. You can destroy the signal jammer and then detonate your breach afterwards.

Here is a visual aid made by Maka91:

Oh Yeah! in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Oh Yeah!15 (10)
Destroy a Reinforced Wall with the Thermite Charge in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 49,364 tracked gamers (42% - TA Ratio = 1.53) 116,760


There are only 3 achievements left in the Multiplayer-category of this game.

2 out of 3 of these achievements are tied to the ranked multiplayer playlist which is unlocked upon reaching level 20.

If you have not reached level 20 by the time that you have completed all of the achievements listed above, then you should head over to the next page of this walkthrough and indulge yourself in the pleasures and possible achievements of the last game type that Rainbow Six Siege has to offer: Terrorist Hunt. Terrorist Hunt also earns you experience that contributes towards your rank and there is nothing for us to work on in the multiplayer until we have reached rank 20 while Terrorist Hunt has some of the most time-consuming achievements in this game within its ranks. Your time would be better spend in that playlist until you have reached rank 20.

Assuming that you ARE rank 20, then you can now work towards the last 3 achievements in the multiplayer category.

Upon reaching rank 20 you unlock the ranked playlist. All you have to do is play 3-4 in this playlist. This game will give you a temporary assessment based on your performance during these first few games. After said games it will give you a skill rank that serves as a reflection of skill level. This rank can increase and decrease based on your performance.

There are couple of differences when playing ranked (compared to casual):

Ranked matches have voting on spawn/objective location
Ranked matches do NOT have Death Replays
Ranked matches will utilize a minimal HUD setting
No scoring indicators
No grenade indicators
No threat indicators
No reload indicators
No teammate outline
No kill confirmation marker

Upon reaching a skill rank, you will unlock:

Ranked in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Ranked18 (10)
Receive a Skill Rank in Ranked Multiplayer.
  • Unlocked by 35,754 tracked gamers (31% - TA Ratio = 1.80) 116,760

The final real multiplayer challenge presents itself in the form of an achievement that requires you to win a game in the ranked playlist without losing a single one of the 4 rounds that you play. There is no guaranteed way to obtain this achievement and it is most likely achieved through regular play. Obviously it helps if you tackle this with friends or partners that you can communicate and coordinate with. If you still find yourself, struggling then you should get 2 groups of people together who all have their matchmaking preferences set to the exact same limited setting (all search for Hostage on Plane for example) while unchecking all the other boxes and then search at the same time. Take turns with your flawless victories.

No matter if you win this legitimately or boost, eventually you'll find yourself in the lucky position that either half your opponents team lags out or you are teamed up with Jason Statham, Chuck Norris, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. You will eventually pick up this achievement:

One Mind in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Win 1 match without losing a single round in Ranked Multiplayer. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 36,925 tracked gamers (32% - TA Ratio = 1.77) 116,760

Now, the last achievement in the multiplayer category is one you might have picked up a long time ago and if not you will be really close by the time you have finished all of the achievements listed above. You need to win 50 rounds of multiplayer in casual or ranked matches. This comes through regular play and does not require further explanation:

Objective Driven in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Win a round 50 times in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer.
  • Unlocked by 57,206 tracked gamers (49% - TA Ratio = 1.42) 116,760

Now that that is taken care of, we should head to Terrorist Hunt!

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