Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Reviews

  • mattclarkiemattclarkie67,035
    11 Jan 2009
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    I am giving this game the full 5stars not because it is the best 360 game ever, but because it doesn't do anything wrong. In every area of the game I just couldn't find fault, and I am a person who loves to find fault. I am going to divide the game into the key areas, Single Player, Mult-Player and Co-Op.

    Firstly, the Single Player game is perfectly polished, it looks good, has a perfect difficulty curve, and the story is reasonable for an FPS.
    Your AI team mates are actually rather good, compared to the first game they don't run-in and get themselves shot, and although the game hasn't got as many Casinos as the first, it has a wide range of locations.
    The best feature of the game has to be the inclusion of XP in the Single Player game, and the A.C.E.S system that rewards extra points for the way you kill and enemy. This adds a new level to the game, and it is very addictive trying to increase your A.C.E.S points.

    The Mulit-Player. I loved the Multi-Player of the first game, but always disliked the way the XP resulted in the hosts loading the teams. But with the new XP system rewarding each kill rather than the number of minutes played and the overall result, this issues did not occur. I personally feel that the maps are far superior to those on the first game, and each map was interesting, and although some lent themselves particularly well to certain gametypes, every map was a good all rounder.
    The inclusion of new game types some of which were DLC for the original game was great. VIP was a brilliant gametype, and the capture games were fast passed and fun, but you will likely find yourself playing standard deathmatches, which are great.
    The one slight flaw with the MP is that they introduced random spawning (an option). This is good in theory, but in practice much more annoying than fixed spawning.

    Finally Co-Op. Well this is many times better than the original Vegas, and is as good, or better than the Co-Op on any game I have played. Playing through Realistic with a buddy is a great experience, and keeping the 2 AI players in was a nice touch. The games were never laggy, and as it plays exactly the same as the Single Player game the checkpoints, cinematics, and story were perfectly executed for Co-Op.
    The Terrorist Hunts add a new dimension to the Co-Op. And unlike the first game I found them much more manageable and with a good team they were a blast. The maps lent themselves to T/Hunt very well, and I became addicted to T/Hunt.

    Rainbox Six Vegas 2 is a brilliant game for FPS players, if you played the original Vegas you will see that it improved a brilliant game in every area. The XP system sets itself above any game I know of, and will hopefully be used in many future releases. With a good SP, MP and Co-Op it is impossible to not recommend this game
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    crowbo 360I've given you a positive on the basis that the review is well written but I disagree with your opinion of the game. I remember thinking that when the game first came out, it looked like it hadn't been finished properly. Whilst the layouts of the maps were ok, overall the rendering and general look was quite poor. There hadn't been much visible improvement over Vegas 1, which I still believe is the superior game of the franchise.
    Posted by crowbo 360 On 17 Feb 10 at 20:45
    prokopi think this game is amazing. the first one was awesome but this one was 4x better. so happy they had a sprint button in it, so helpfull. +1
    Posted by prokop On 09 May 11 at 00:55
    LockAndLuke@crowbo - I recently bought the first Vegas as I never had a chance to play it, I jumped straight to Vegas 2, and I have to very much disagree with "Not much visible improvement", that was the most distinct difference I noticed when I recently pooped in Vegas 2 again.

    This review is great and the game itself still (for me at least) remains the greatest shooter on the 360, or quite possibly the best I've ever played, it's just so much fun alone or with friends.
    Posted by LockAndLuke On 20 Mar 12 at 10:43
  • Willie FuegoWillie Fuego753,777
    28 Sep 2010
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    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a worthwhile game for FPS fans, however, for better or worse it doesn't do much to truly distinguish itself from the original Rainbow Six Vegas or other recent FPS games. R6V2 provides strong coop over Xbox Live in all game modes, and if you liked the original, then chances are you're going to enjoy this latest iteration. However, it falls short of rising to the level of a Halo 3, or Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

    The gameplay mechanics and level design on Rainbow Six Vegas 2 are engineered to focus the players on cooperative and strategic play. In this vein, R6V2 probably has more in common with the Brothers in Arms series than it does with Half-Life 2, Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4. Levels are designed to give the user multiple angles of attack so that they can effectively use their computer-controlled squad and/or human coop partner. As such, as you move through the Story and Terrorist Hunt modes, you'll find yourself using the old "suppress and flank" tactic quite a bit. Attacking from multiple angles will yield you the most success, while going maverick or piling your team together will put you at a strong disadvantage, as the AI-controlled opponents will actively (and satisfyingly) use the environment to suppress and flank you.

    Movement is definitely slower and more methodical than most other current FPS releases. While a new sprint feature enables short bursts of speed, it's a tool to be used to get you short distances from cover to cover, and not something you always leave on, like in Half-Life, or something you can use infinitely, like in Gears of War. Slower is not a bad thing, mind you. The slower movement forces the player to use the solid cover system to exploit angles on the enemy. Players can post up against most of the environment, similar to Gears of War.

    Another great aspect of the Rainbow Six Vegas 2 game engine is that it allows for bullet penetration through materials. As such, there is a difference between cover and concealment. Bullet penetration is toned down substantially from Modern Warfare however. Since players are encouraged to use the edges of doorways to post up and make attacks, it is typically difficult or impossible to shoot and kill players through walls. Players will find that shooting through concealment is most effective when the enemy is hiding behind wooden surfaces, and significantly less effective for other materials. Even so, the game engine allows wooden doors to be shot through, most can be blown off its hinges and many can be completely destroyed with gunfire. This is a very useful tactic for attacking into a room without entering, as well as ensuring opponents cannot use doors to conceal activity occurring within.

    A great innovation in the game's reward system is the ACES system, where you will receive rewards based on your style of play. Marksmanship will reward the player with long range weapons (e.g. sniper rifles, etc.), close quarters effectiveness will reward the player with short range weapons (e.g. shotguns, etc.) and brute-force tactics will reward players with high-powered assault weapons (i.e. light machine guns, etc.). This is a great concept, but users will most likely exhaust this system fairly quickly. The weapons don't seem to be modeled in a fashion that distinguishes themselves from others in the same class much, nor is the user rewarded for using each individual weapon effectively as in Modern Warfare. In short, tying weapon unlockables to the players gameplay style is very neat, but ultimately not terribly impactful. As such, the encouragement to play in a particular manner to obtain a weapon that just owns in its category is slight. A hybrid of the R6V2 ACES system and the Call of Duty 4's challenges system might have yielded slightly more motivation to focus on particular weapons and play styles.

    The story mode is less cinematic, compelling and enthralling than GoW2, COD4 and Half-Life, but R6V2 makes up for that with seamless cooperative multiplayer over XBox Live in all game modes, which is just as important. The cooperative terrorist hunt is a favorite, as this allows for 4-player coop, and is still somewhat challenging (though sometimes cheaply so) at the Realistic difficulty level.

    While terrorist hunt is indeed fun, it can also be extremely frustrating, as enemies will frequently magically spawn right next to you out of thin air. As such, you will often have to send some unlucky guinea pig to run into a room and be the bait to draw the magic spawning enemies out into your ambush. This makes terrorist hunt on realistic difficulty absolutely punishing on your own.

    Annoyingly, ranked matches will eject players back to the matchmaking screen to try to find a new game after every match, which often takes a while to find. Personally, after quickly obtaining my achievements for getting a few wins in a row, I never played this mode again. If you can find a good host for un-ranked player matches, you will have found all you need to gain XP, unlock rewards and have a great time. A good host will keep the game moving, take requests for game modes and maps, entertain weapon restriction requests, turn respawns on / off, etc. While a great host will result in great fun, likewise, if the host is a prick it can be highly obnoxious.

    All in all, R6V2 is a fun time that provides very strong cooperative gameplay that is more methodical and team-oriented than most of its competitors. It's a solid game that changes up the formula a little bit and is certainly worth owning.
  • SpectreSubZeroSpectreSubZero381,595
    04 May 2009
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    This game is a major improvement over the first one. I held off and bought it a year after it came out. Amazing multiplayer. Story is pretty lame and a little glitchy but flawless online. One thing they need is some new maps. The weapons are all different and everyone uses a different weapon depending on their playing style. Your soldier is highly customizable which is a plus. There are a lot of people who still play this game online. If you like online shooter, I highly suggest this game, especially for the price. Aces mode along with the ranking system makes this game addictive. The only reason I give this game a 4 is the story mode kinda stinks.

    Story: 4 out of 10
    Graphics: 7 out of 10
    Unit Customization: 9 out of 10
    Multiplayer: 10 out of 10
    Gameplay: 9 out of 10
    Sound FX: 7 out of 10
    Weapons: 9 out of 10
  • Citiz19nCitiz19n436,099
    30 Aug 2011
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    Rainbow Six Vegas 2

    Im not taking into account Rainbow Six Vegas for this review, so any new player to the rainbow six games, will be able to see all the features this game has.

    The Zone Reviews: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

    The comment

    A great overall experience, alone or with friends, and even better online, it's a tactical shooter, and is a little slower than your common first person shooters, but it offers great customization on the way you execute your tactics, a thumbs up for this game


    The strong part of this game is it's gameplay, it has some tweaks to your common shooter, and even to the rainbow six series, first of all if you dont know anything about this game, it's a tactical first person shooter, wich means you play in first person (obviously), but more to the side of think before you act, and try to kill in your first shot.
    The major change is the cover system, wich basically lets you put something in he way of bullets, you take cover by just pressing the LT from here you can do some actions like pop out and fire, blindfire, use grenades, or look behind cover to see whats sorrounding you,but beware because not every material is bullet proof so if you are in wood pray that nobody shoots your cover, the next feature is the context button, if you are in the right situation your rainbow is able to rappe, fast rope, use mounted machine guns, use snake cam, and some other actions, the third feature is the use of visors, a thermal visor and a nightvision, this is pretty useful in thight situations or when you need clear objectives, next is the AI actions wich I will tell you more later, also this game feaures auto heal so if ou dont get enough damage, you can survive and heal.
    As a rainbow you have a lot of weapons to choose from like, sniper rifles, light machine guns, submachine guns, pistols, assault rifles, shotgun and a riot shield, each category of weapon has plenty of options in equipment, and every weapon is very unique so try using what best appeals to you, so you want stoping power?, precise shots? go for it. Also you have basic equipment like frag grenades, smoke grenade, flash grenade and others.
    Ubisoft has made a good job to make sure you want to play the game as best as you can with two on the fly awards, first of them is experience points, wich lets tyou rank up, you only get experience from killing, or winning online matches, the best of this is that any experience gained in campaign or plaing offline will count online, so whats the great thing of ranking? the equipment dude you have more options of equipment for your P.E.C. (more on this later) the second is the A.C.E.S. system wich give players awards for killing wih style, there are three A.C.E.S. wich are,
    close range (killing in cloe range, killing from the back, killing using blindfire)
    sharpshooter (killing from long distance, headshots, killing a guy in a rope)
    assault (killing with explosives, killing shielded guys, killing through cover)
    so why do you want A.C.E.S.? because the more skill in each category unlocks, the more weapons you unlock.And last but not least Rainbow six vegas 2 has a pretty interesting mode called terrorist hunt wih you can play coop, or solo, where you are pited agains a determined number of terroris in any map you choose so take a look at this mode.
    The Good
    +The ability to customize everything on your character
    +Every move is useful, and makes you feel like an agent
    The Bad
    -it would have been cool if they implemented more cover moves
    -some ranks are really hard to achieve

    a silver star for the game, is the campaign, it has really good moments, it is lenghty, but it doesnt take forever to finish it. As you can figure the campaign, takes you to sin city but you are wrong if you think you will be playing in casinos (the first rainbow six vegas takes you there) instead you will be playing in LVU, a refinery, a conventon center, a residencial zone, and some other places in the same fashion, you play as Bishop a P.E.C. (persistent elite creation) wich you create, and equip and even dress haha, either online or offline, and you almost every mission will have two AI characters, wich most of the time are pretty useful, you can send them to ehrever you want, open doors throw granades, be stealth, plenty of options, but they are not perfect sometimes they are stuck and left behind, or they dont know how to search for the enemy, but dont be scared, this never happens often,the story doesnt continue here the firs one left, instead it stars five years ago, then hours before, then after the first one, but trust me it makes sense, its not an award winning story but it's ok, you can also play it co-op offline or online, and a thumbs up for the difficulty as it is rewarding, oh and dont expect great character development, you never get to know the story of your team or character
    The good
    + great Ai very versatile
    + everything is well explained
    The bad
    -umm the places you go definitively doesnt make you feel like vegas it may have been anywhere you want
    -you only get to see like 2 civilians in the whole game

    ok if the campaign is a silver star the multiplayer hits gold, is rainbow against rainbow in intense battle, tactics, and cheap kills, so what makes it so great? umm let's start with the game modes, (oh every game mode is for 14 players) you have your classic deathmatch and team deathmatch, here you can tweak the options so it plays as a survival mode wich respawns baby pure hardcore!, then here are the original modes, total conquest, wich puts two teams and 3 satelite dishes, so guess what? you have to capture the three satelite dishes and mantain them for 1 minute (sometimes its harder than it looks) then you have team leader, again two teams, each team has a leadr or VIP and you have to guide it to the extraction point, every player except the leader has unlimited respawns, but if your leader dies, you cannot respawn anymore, so if both leaders die is basically ah team survival, and there is also Attack and defend, wich pits two teams (again) one that attacks with an objective (arming a bomb, recue hostages , or retrieve data, and the other team has to defend it, is a great game mode, another thumbs up for this game is that it pushes you to do some teamwork, as you may get your butt kicked if you are a lone wolve, the maps are from ok, to great, and the online community is is great in my opinion this game is a must have if you have xbox live.oh and I almost forgot, the last update made the game more interesting by adding, one main option for online named high stakes wich makes the game more realistic; you are not as accurate if you are not standing and zooming, more recoil on weapons, you dont heal, less ammunition, you cant see behind cover
    The Good
    +the game modes are great
    +the feeling of killing a sniper from long distance is awesome
    +high stakes is a great addition
    The Bad
    -many people plays the same map over and over and over.......
    -you will learn to hate the 500 tatic believe me


    The Good
    +the weapons look and sound ok
    +good characer modeing
    The Bad
    -the music it just doesnt inspire me to becme a killing machine
    -some textures look awful (im watching you villa)

    Closing Comment
    One of the best experiences I have played, great online offline, great campaign, amazing multiplayer, terrorist hunt and high stakes are a good options and gabriel sounds like Tom Cruise