Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Walkthrough

9. Operation Dark Hours

To even be able to play Operation Dark Hours you need to be in World Tier 5 and have a minimum Gear Score of 490. However, your actual build doesn't matter that much anymore with the addition of Discovery mode (which does unlock the achievement). For normal mode you need to have a fairly well-optimized DPS build. Before starting this raid, make sure you have 8 people in your team of which at least 2 are using Survivalist. I'll describe each encounter separately with the steps to beat it.


Run through the tunnel and go up the ropes onto the tarmac. This section has nothing in the way of mechanics, simply kill all enemies (including reinforcements) and you'll complete this section.

Max "Boomer" Bailey

There are two miniguns in this room on opposite corners (which I will dub "45" and "41" due to their locations) with four nodes that make any enemy standing in them immune to damage. To start this encounter, have two players get on the miniguns and destroy all four nodes. Kill the first set of enemies and the boss appears.

Boomer is a hulking heavy with a glowing chestplate that heals him and a weakspot on his back. One person will always have his aggro (denoted by an eye symbol under the player name/the crosshair if you have his aggro). That person's job is to kite him in front of a minigun (45 first since he comes in closest to that one) and expose his back to the person on the minigun. That person has to shoot the backpack to get him on his knees, which starts a DPS phase. Do as much damage as possible and rotate as a team to 41, clearing as many enemies as possible. The person who has Boomer's aggro has to keep an eye on his chestplate and shoot it to stop him from healing if the plate's glowing.

(Normal mode only): Periodically, there will be an alarm and the screens hanging on poles in the middle will show letters in blue. Those letters correspond with the laptops in the middle that need to be activated in order to stop the immunity fields from reactivating. First, it will only be one letter but more letters will be active based on Boomer's health, with all four being active when he has low health. For normal mode, I strongly advise to have two people dedicated to this so they can shut it down as soon as the right letters are called.

Keep rotating Boomer between 41 and 45, exposing him to damage and shutting down his healing until he's dead. Then clear out the area to complete the encounter.

Oliver "Weasel" Gordon, Carl "Dizzy" Dawson and Ben "Ricochet" Carter

This area will have your team split up in two groups of four, on either side of the plane that's bisecting the room. Two people will have to coordinate the panels on that plane since there will be two gases coming out of it that need to be flipped from time to time during the fight. The orange gas reduces the effectiveness of your armour, while the other reduces the effectiveness of your weapons. During this first phase, both teams will get a boss: Dizzy or Ricochet. Get both bosses' health close to dying while flipping the gas periodically, then flip the gas again and kill both of them at the same time. This will trigger Weasel. Everyone will move to the side where he didn't enter and defend themselves. When the purple gas is up, focus mainly on survival and aim for maximum damage with the orange gas active. Periodically, Weasel will also shoot sticky bombs that deal massive damage. If you're stuck with one, get out of the way of any teammates. Otherwise you may personally cause the entire team to die. When Weasel is dead and all other enemies cleared out, you finish this encounter.

Lucy and Buddy

This fight is all about balancing. Have three people position themselves on the far left side and five on the right and then start the fight. Both bosses will run to the middle and eventually move away. The team of three will need to be survivable as they're getting the more lethal of the two bosses, Lucy, after them. When Lucy does a spin attack, make sure everyone is in cover since the attack will instantly down you. Then start damaging both bosses, ensuring that their health bars stay inside the white box on top. Buddy, the other boss, will also periodically heal himself. Make sure to deal as much damage as possible to avoid their health being too split. Repeat this process until their health is at two white bars. Then, when Buddy starts healing, burn his health down. Once he's dead, switch over to Lucy and help that team kill her. When both bosses are dead, you have completed the encounter.

DDP-52 Razorback

This fight is an endurance run, so be ready for it. In this area, there are four generators, labeled 1, 2, 3 and 4. There will also be four SAM sites that are labeled the same. After the initial wave of enemies is cleared, the true raid encounter is started by standing in the vicinity of any generator. Before you do so however, give everyone a designated role: four people for each of the generators and four to cover their backs. It is also strongly advised to have two of these generator people on opposite sides use the Survivalist spec. The four generator people enter their generator areas at the same time and wait until it's lighting up 100% above it in green. Then the survivalists destroy the center panel with their crossbows while the other two on generator duty throw concussion grenades inside the opened vents. During this entire process, no one on generators is allowed to step out of the area! Once that's correctly done, the tower raises up and the generator folks can step off. They'll move to the front and start damaging two panels on the sides. If anyone is using Sharpshooter, the TAC-50 does loads of damage on the panels. IF your team manages to break both panels, you can move to DPS: a vent will open near the top of the tower. Shoot it as much as you can. If you deal 25% of the total health as damage, the vent will automatically close. During this time, the people on add duty will be mostly clearing out the drones that the boss is spewing out. After either panel damaging or direct boss damage, everyone will go to their SAM sites and be on the lookout for heavy units. These need to die fast, otherwise they'll cause the entire team to wipe. Repeat this process until the boss has no health remaining. That triggers the final stand mechanic. Everyone has to once again rush back to their SAM sites. Once the screen on the site glows red and the SAM rises up, shoot it until it's broken. If your SAM is broken, go around to your neighbouring SAMs and help your teammates where possible. If you get this right, congratulations! You have beaten the Dark Hours raid and you'll be rewarded with lots of loot and an achievement:

Washington Raiders in Tom Clancy's The Division 2
Complete the full Operation Dark Hours raid in a group of eight players.
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