Tomb Raider: Anniversary (JP)

Xbox 360

Tomb Raider: Anniversary (JP) Achievements

Most Earned

Weapon Master III10 (10)Collected the Shotgun weapon.
Slayer I31 (30)Defeated the T-Rex without dying (Peru).
Weapon Master I11 (10)Collected the Magnum weapon.
Good Show in Peru!39 (35)Completed all the Peru Super Actions without fail (first try).

Least Earned

Egyptian Speed Run42 (30)Completed all the Egypt Time Trials.
Lost Island Speed Run41 (30)Completed all Lost Island Time Trials.
Greek Speed Run41 (30)Complete all the Greece Time Trials.
Hard Game60 (45)Completed the game on Hard difficulty (includes Easy and Medium Game achievements).
All Tomb Raider: Anniversary (JP) Achievements