1. Tomb Raider: Anniversary Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

The story achievements in TR:A are somewhat unique in that whilst most of them relate to the story, only 3 are obtained by following the story regardless of the outcome, and these are the three difficulty achievements. For the purposes of this guide, we will be playing through on the hard difficulty to minimize playthroughs. The other achievements that relate to the story are for not dying during any of the levels. As we're playing on hard, fights are a bit longer, and you take more damage. Fortunately, TR:A has a checkpoint system, but unfortunately, should you die and go back to the last checkpoint, this will count as a death. To avoid this, save after getting every checkpoint. Therefore, if you die, you can revert to the save rather than the checkpoint and not miss out on the no death achievements. I will point out most of the checkpoints in the levels, reminding you to save at the key ones before missable events, or at points where death happens easily.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of glitched achievements in TR:A, but for the most part, they are all avoided by playing through the story first before touching Croft Manor or the Time Trials. The achievements that are affected are the ones for beating the game on hard and for completing the levels with no deaths. Should any of the achievements glitch, you can either replay the whole section and hope it unlocks, or you'll have to delete your saved data and play through the game again. It has also been noted that replaying levels may glitch the achievements too. To reiterate, for peace of mind, play through on Hard first before doing anything else.

The main guide will be split into two sections. First will be a full walkthrough of each individual level, separated by areas with all collectibles included. Secondly will be an abbreviated guide listing all weapons, collectibles, and Super Actions should you wish to play through the rest of the game with no hints.

In the Croft Manor section of the game, whilst there are artifacts to collect, they are not required for the achievement, so I will not be detailing where to collect them.

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