2. Tomb Raider: Anniversary General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Throughout the game, you will get hints showing you the controls for various actions you can perform, but below, I have listed to most common ones you will use.

cn_A - Jump/Long Jump (Hold)
cn_B - Roll/Crouch/Dodge
cn_Y - Reload/Interact/Shimmy faster (Tap)
cn_X - Grapple
cn_LT - Lock On
cn_RT - Fire Weapon
cn_LB - Center Camera
cn_RB - Walk/Manual Grab
cn_start - Open Menu
cn_back - Open Inventory
cn_down - Small Medipack
cn_up - Large Medipack
cn_left- Change Weapon
cn_right - Change Weapon
cn_LS - Move
cn_RS - Move Camera/Manual Aim

In Water

cn_A - Surface
cn_B - Dive
cn_Y (tap) - Swim faster.

The Pistol has unlimited ammo, so it is a great way to take down enemies without worry. The only thing to be aware of is to make sure you always have full ammo before each fight. Some animals can take almost an entire clip to kill, and you don't want to reload mid fight.

To make things easier, always hold cn_A when jumping to get bigger jumps.

Health is fully restored when you load the game, so use this to your advantage when ever possible.

I will point out any health packs/ammo that I find, but as they are not related to achievements, I haven't actively searched for them. They are usually very visible though.

Whilst there are cheats in the game, they are only unlocked by doing the time trials. As noted in the last section, it is heavily advised not to do the time trials before doing the story else it may glitch. You can use the cheats if you would like, as they themselves don't disable achievements.

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