6. Tomb Raider: Anniversary Lost IslandUpdate notes

Natla's Mines - 4 Artifacts, 1 Relic

Note - At the start of this level, you have no weapons

Swim forward when the level starts to enter a room with a boat in the middle. Swim over to the waterfall on the right, climb up the ledge behind it, and follow the path up to the opening overlooking the room you were just in. Jump to the pole on the right, then to the two ledge on the wall. From the left hand ledge, jump backwards to a rope holding up a crate, then drop down onto the crate and jump to the next one. To the right is a Large Medipack, and to the left is a rope hanging over the boat down below. Jump to the rope, then position yourself to swing to the ledge to the left of the waterfall. After landing on the ledge, shimmy all the way right then jump behind you to a pathway, and follow it to the next room. Checkpoint and SAVE.

In this room, head to the left following the railroad track round a corner to get another checkpoint. There will be two rats on the floor which you can't kill, so avoid them as much as possible and jump onto the mine cart at the back of the room to get the Red Fuse. Return back to the main room and climb up the steps on the left hand side to enter a blue room. The rats may follow if you're not quick enough but they don't cause too much hassle regardless. In the blue room, place the red fuse in the corresponding slot, then press the switch next to it to reveal a corridor. Head back down the stairs and over to the ground floor building on the other side. To the left of it is a movable crate which you need to position next to the building, then climb up both of them to the roof. From the roof, move to the right hand side to see two pillar sticking up from the floor. Jump over them to the ledge on the wall, then jump right and up two more ledges. From the top ledge, jump backwards to a pole, then swing over to a slope, then jump to the platform in front of it to get ARTIFACT #1/4. Drop back down to the floor and climb back onto the building, this time going down the corridor, then follow the path and jump over the gap for a checkpoint. Continue through the corridor and end up back in the main room. Checkpoint and SAVE.

Push the yellow crate off the edge to provide an easy route back up here, then jump over to the next platform. Jump to the first ledge on the right, then to the one left of it and up to the next one. Shimmy all the way left, then jump to the platform at the very left hand edge of the room. Climb onto it then jump to the slope in front of it, then jump to the next two walkways. From the last walkway, drop down over the fence to get the Green Fuse. Turn around and jump away from the floor you're on and start to wall run. At the top of the wall run, jump left to land on a ledge, then shimmy, and jump right to a platform with a ladder. Climb up the ladder and jump left back over the fence to another ledge, then drop down and return back to the room where you put the red fuse, avoiding the rats again. Place the green fuse in its slot and press the button to the right of it to move the crate again, then press the red switch to move another crate next to it. Run back down the stairs and jump onto the small crates at the bottom, then to the covered crates in front of them, then onto the green then blue crate. Shimmy left on the blue crate and round the corner, then about halfway along, jump backwards to a platform. Follow the platform into a corridor, then when the path splits, go right and down a ladder then down a second one. When you overlook the next room, jump to the ledges on the other side and drop down to the floor, avoiding another rat, and head to the other end of the room to get the Blue Fuse, then climb on the box next to it. Checkpoint and SAVE. Note - reloading the save will put you next to the Blue Fuse to collect again

From the top of the box, jump to the pipe next to it when the steam stops, then to the second pipe once the steam has stopped there too. Climb up the pipe then jump to the platform to the left of it. From the platform, wait until the rotating device in front of you has its back to you with the ledges, then jump to them. Shimmy right and then when next to the elevated dumpsters, jump to the first one, then quickly to the second one before it moves too much, then jump backwards to another ledge. Shimmy right and then when the steam stops, jump to the pipe behind you, and climb up it and jump to the upper ledge to the left. Shimmy all the way left and jump to the ledge on the wall, then right and climb up the next to and into an alcove. From the alcove, jump back to the corridor you came in on then go up the ladders and back to the room with the first too fuses. Place the blue fuse in its slot, but don't press the switch yet. Press the red switch first, then green, then finally the blue one to smash the roof of the second building. Checkpoint and SAVE.

Go back down the stairs, and jump onto the crate next to the newly accessible room, then jump inside and reclaim your pistols. Shoot out the windows then take out the two rats if they've been following you. Go back down the corridor you first came down to the first room of the level with the waterfall. Jump into the boat when here and shoot the rope holding it in position. Wait until it drifts past the first ledge on the left of the tunnel (left as you look down from the main room) then jump to the ledge. Jump right then up onto the next two ledges, then jump backwards to a third. Shimmy all the way right and jump to another ledge, then right again and drop into an alcove and behind the crate is ARTIFACT #2/4. Note - Much like Eminem, you only have one chance to grab the ledge before the boat passes it, so don't miss. Jump back into the water and head behind the waterfall up to where the pole is. Before jumping to the pole, shoot the rope holding the closest crate to drop it, then head back down and inside the crate is RELIC #1/1. Head back to the fuse area again (you'll have to swing to the second crate this time) and go back to where you got the red fuse. Checkpoint and SAVE.

Press is cn_RS to manually aim and shoot out the windows of the room in here, then jump to the small crate to the right of the room, then onto the ledges underneath it, and shimmy left to climb into it. Press the button at the end of the room, then drop back down and climb onto the back of the drill to start it moving. A small interactive cutscene starts after Lara looks down and says "I'm not who you think I am". The Super Actions are simply cn_RT, cn_RT, cn_RT whenever the opponent raises his gun. After the cutscene, pickup the shotgun. Checkpoint. Take the blue fuse and place it back in its slot and press the button to raise the blue crate, then get the drill moving again. At the end it will smash through some wooden planks and you end up in a room with a lot of lava. Checkpoint and SAVE.

From the railroad track, jump diagonally left to the first pillar, then drop off the far side of it, then to a ledge below. Shimmy all the way left round a corner, then jump to a small pillar in the lava, then to the rocky platform on the ground to get the other pistols. Jump back onto the low ledge, then shimmy right and jump to a pole behind you, then climb up as much as you can. From the pole, face the other side of the room, and there is another pillar sticking out from the lava. Jump to it, then to the ledge on the other side. Jump up to the next ledge, then shimmy left and jump to the platform behind you. Checkpoint and SAVE.

From the platform, jump towards the lava and swing across to a slope, then jump immediately to a swinging pole. Once the pole has stopped, turn around and swing to the small rocky platform below the broken train track to get ARTIFACT #3/4. It's a tough jump but doable. Jump to the two pillars sticking out of the lava to get back to the slope, then jump to the pole again. When it stops, jump to another slope, then to the ledges in front of it. Climb up the ledges to the top of the platform, then turn around to see an alcove on the other side of the room, swing across the gap to pick up the SMGs ammo, then swing back using the same ring. Jump to the tracks ahead and follow the corridor to the next room. Checkpoint and SAVE.

Jump on the slope to the right, then to the next ledge and start climbing up the platforms. On the third one, turn around and jump across to the other side of the room and up to another platform, then jump back across to a slope, then to the floor above for another interactive cutscene. The Super Actions here are; cn_B at the very start, cn_RT as the big guy charges with the knife, cn_A as he charges a second time. DO NOT PICK UP THE SMGS, you'll see why soon. Checkpoint and SAVE.

Head to the left side of the room and move the crate to where you can jump onto the rocks at the side. Jump onto the first rock, then up the ledges in the wall. Shimmy round to the right, then jump right to land above the slope. Climb up one more ledge, and then up to the top of the platform. This next bit is the reason we didn't pick up the SMG's yet. On the front of the pyramid are a series of small pillars, of which six act like buttons that retract on touching and don't come back. Pressing all six will open the door below, but there is also an artifact on the other side that utilizes one of these pillars, which means if you miss it first time, you have to reload the save and try again. This may take one try, it may take 30, it just depends on your luck. To start with, lets get the first five pillars out of the way. As they don't ever come back up, there's no rush to these so you can fall as many times as you like during the process, and there's always a path. I'll try my best to explain the positions of the first five buttons to push.

1st - From the platform, jump Forward - Forward - Left (1st pillar) - Back Right.

2nd - Forward Right - Backwards (2nd Pillar) - Left.

3rd - Forward Right - Forward Left - Forward Right (3rd Pillar) - Forward Right.

4th - Forward Right (into alcove) - Back Right - Right - Down (4th Pillar) - Left.

5th - Forward Left (5th) - Drop down to the floor.

After pressing the 5th pillar, drop to the floor and grab the SMG's. Checkpoint and SAVE.

Now comes the most awkward artifact in the game. Head back up to the top of the platform, then follow this path.

Forward - Forward - Forward Right - Back Right - Forward Right - Back Right - Back Right - Forward Right - PAUSE.

You will now be next to the last pillar, which when pressed will disappear like the rest, but you need it to get to the artifact. Line up so your facing the corner of the ledge ahead, then jump to the pillar and immediately to the ledges, then pray you make it. If you have to balance on the last pillar, you won't make it. If you aim too far left or right, you won't make it. Once you do finally make it, shimmy right and jump to the platform, the onto the small rock and climb up to get ARTIFACT #4/4. Now you'll need to drop back down and repeat that path again, but this time instead of jumping to the sixth pillar, take the following path:

Forward Right - Forward Left - Forward Left - Left - Forward Left (into alcove).

Once in the alcove, pull the switch to end the level. Checkpoint and SAVE.


The Great Pyramid - 1 Artifact, 1 Relic.

Drop down from the alcove to the bottom and head through the corridor to the next room, picking up the ammo along the way if you wish. Move through the room to the other side, picking up the ammo on the right just before heading through another door for a cutscene. Checkpoint and SAVE.

After the cutscene, you'll be attacked by a gargoyle and two jackals. Use whatever weapons you like, but take out the gargoyle first as its fireballs get annoying, then deal with the jackals. It's not a hard fight, but you may have to use a Medipack afterwards. Go back to where you first entered this room, and there will now be a door open on the right hand side, go through it and climb up the ladder, making sure you have reloaded your preferential weapon. After walking into the top floor of the room you were just in, two more gargoyles will appear from below, so take them both out. Pick up the two Large Medipacks and the ammo in this room, then head through the door on the other side and down the corridor to the next room. Checkpoint and SAVE.

Pick up the supplies on the left, then look to the right to see a button you can shoot (aiming will auto lock to it), then shoot it a few time to release a ring above it, and a gargoyle from below. It takes 8 shots in quick succession to release the ring, so do it a second time after defeating the gargoyle, then jump to the corner ledge to the right, then shimmy left and jump backwards to grapple the ring and swing over to the other corner ledge, then jump up, shimmy left and jump backwards to the platform behind you. Checkpoint. It's the same procedure as before on this platform, shoot the button on the right hand side (opposite the last one), kill the gargoyle, then shoot the button again, jump to the ledges on the right, swing across, jump up, and backwards again to another platform. Checkpoint and SAVE.

Similar procedure here, only this time, two gargoyles will attack when shooting the button. This floor is different from the last two strategy wise. After shooting the button again, jump to the small ramp in the corner, then jump off straight away to the first pole above the platform, then again to the second pole. Turn around on the pole and jump to the ledge in the corner, then shimmy left and jump backwards to the ring, then wall run across the gap, and when you hit the other side, jump left and grapple a second ring, then jump to another ledge in the corner, and finally backwards to the next platform. Checkpoint and SAVE.

Same again, shoot the button, kill two gargoyles. This time the platform will slowly move into the wall, but at a very slow rate so don't worry about it too much. Shoot the button, then jump to the ramp on the right, then to the pole, then to the ramp in front, another pole then to the ledge in the corner. Then climb and jump to the platform as normal. Checkpoint and SAVE.

Button. Gargoyles. Kill. Shoot the button again and then jump to the ramp on the right, then immediately to the ring, then to another ramp, another ring and to the ledges on the other side, then jump to the platform. Checkpoint and SAVE. You will now unlock:

From the platform, look to the wall with an alcove in it, and jump to the ledge in the corner, then shimmy left and climb into the alcove to get ARTIFACT #1/1. Jump back to the platform, and turn around to kill the gargoyle that attacks, then head down the corridor. There are three traps in the corridor, first is a simple crusher that does three moves and then stops. Secondly is a series of fireballs that fire in sequence in front of another crusher. Finally is another set of six fireballs that fire in sequence in front of yet another crusher. With the fireballs, wait until the crusher has closed for the second time before moving forward and rolling through the gap, then head to the next room. Checkpoint and SAVE.

Get whatever weapon you prefer ready as you're about to fight three jackals. Drop down into the room and eliminate them, but be careful, as in this room is a mirror version of yourself that does whatever you do, including shooting, and if you shoot her, she'll shoot you right back with fireballs. Once the jackals are dead, head to the object in the middle of the room and rotate it to make a platform appear under the two ladders. The ladder you want to climb is the one that leads to a doorway. Quickly run and jump to the platform and then climb up the ladder. At the top, jump to the ledge on the right, then backwards quickly to land on a platform, avoiding the fire on the ledge. Pick up the Large Medipack and move forward, kill the gargoyle that pops out of the wall. Pull the switch on the left at the end to open a hole on the platform you're on. Drop down to the floor and repeat the process as before, but go up the other ladder. When you jump to the platform, the mirror you will fall into the hole and die. Head towards the second switch, kill the gargoyle, and then pull it, opening the door. Drop down again, and rotate the switch to climb the ladder, then head through the door to the next room. Checkpoint and SAVE.

In the next room, head to the right to the first series of pillars moving out of the wall. When they start moving out, hit cn_A constantly to get to the other side with the switch and pick up the Large Medipack, then pull the switch. Checkpoint. A gargoyle will attack from below, so take it out, then jump back across the pillars again. Head to the other side of the room to some more pillars, but this time, you can just walk in between each one individually, but touching one will kill you. On the other side, pull another switch. Checkpoint. Another gargoyle will attack, so kill it then head to the bridge. As you step on the bridge, aim your gun above the door and shoot the platform loose. Drop into the hole it created, then jump down, and jump off the ramp to grapple the ring and swing across the gap. Pick up the Large Medipack, then climb the ladder round the corner to get RELIC #1/1. Jump into the hole on the left, then drop down and cross the bridge, jumping over the gap to end the level. Checkpoint and SAVE.


Final Conflict - 4 Artifacts

A cutscene will play as you move forward, then you're straight into your first boss battle of this level. Using the pistols, shoot the Abomination as quickly as you can to build up his rage meter, then pull out the shotgun. Avoid the rage attack and shoot the boss at the right timing to send him over the edge. Aim for his hand and shoot it as quickly as possible. If you're quick enough, he'll drop to the bottom, ending the fight early. If he pull himself back up, keep shooting to get him in to rage mode, then after dodging the attack, shoot his hand to destroy it. Position yourself next to the edge again, and get him to do his rage attack again. This time when he flies over the edge, shooting his hand should send him to the bottom. If not, rinse and repeat by standing near the edge and getting him to fall off. Once defeated, you'll unlock:

Checkpoint and SAVE.

Head into the corridor and jump onto the tow rocks in the lava, picking up the Large Medipack if you wish. Jump to the first pillar sticking up (you'll need to tap cn_Y on landing, then to the one on the left, then to the platform ahead, again pressing cn_Y. As you climb up, a gargoyle will attack so kill it. Be aware as its shots can push you over the edge. Pull the switch on the wall to make the platform ahead move forward, and the one you're on retract. When the platform ahead is fully out, jump to it, then hold cn_A to pull yourself up. Head down the corridor, the when you see the artifact in an alcove, pull out a weapon and be ready to dodge as a centaur will attack from round the corner. Kill it, then head into the next room Checkpoint and SAVE.

Head to the opposite side of the room and pull the switch to close the door you just came from, and open another one leading downwards. A gargoyle will appear as well so kill it before moving on, then head down to the next room. Checkpoint. As you enter, a jackal will attack from the left and a gargoyle from the right. Take them both out, then jump into the pool in the middle of the room. Dive down and swim towards the entrance of the room to find a lever to pull, then swim back up and climb onto the newly appeared ledge. From here you can safely take out the jackal that has appeared before climbing into the hole in the wall. Climb into the hole with the cage, then turn around and jump to the ledge behind to pick up ARTIFACT #1/4. Jump back to the cage and push it into the room you were in a minute ago and push it next to the pillar next to the closed door. Climb onto the cage, then on to the pillar and kill the gargoyle that appears, then pull the switch above the door to re-open it. Drop down and move the cage under the alcove in the corridor to get ARTIFACT #2/4. You will also get a checkpoint as you position the crate, so SAVE when you do so.

Move the crate back to next to the pillar, then climb up again and jump to the ledge on the wall. Very quickly shimmy and jump left on these three ledges as they will burn you if you stay on to long, then jump to the ledge in the corner. Shimmy left and jump backwards and grapple the ring and swing over to the ledge in the wall, then climb into the alcove above. Drop down the other side and turn around to see a stone block, grab the middle of it, then when it drops, jump off and shoot the button above it to move a gate under water. Turn around and climb over the rocks to get back into the room with the pool, where two more stone blocks are. Head to the left one first, and after shooting the button, kill the gargoyle. Checkpoint. Now head to the right one, jumping over the lava to get to and from it, then shoot the button again. Checkpoint. Dive into the pool and head through the newly opened pass, then climb out and the other end where there is a lava river in the middle of the path. Checkpoint and SAVE.

Jump over the lava on the floor and avoiding the drops from the ceiling to get round the corner. Look to the right to see a ladder down below, then jump to it. Climb to the top, then door the next sequence quickly, and with the right timing. When the hole to your left stops shooting fire, jump to the ledge below it, then immediately to the ledge above and shimmy right, then up to another ledge and then jump left to a safe ledge on a pillar. Jump left over the gap to the next pillar, then down to the ledge below. Avoiding the lava on the left, shimmy left then jump backwards to a ledge, then drop down twice to the floor below. Jump to the next two pieces of rock in the lava, which will sink as you land on them, and from the second one, jump to the floor behind the lava fall and grab ARTIFACT #3/4. Head back to the second sinking rock then jump to the ledge on the wall, then jump up and shimmy just round the corner, avoiding the lava drops. Jump backwards to a pillar, then wait for the flames to pass over a second one before jumping to that one. Then quickly to a swinging pole, then to one sinking rock then back to solid ground. Go round the corner, then jump over the sinking rock and climb the ladder, then move towards the next room, but DO NOT GO IN IT. Checkpoint and SAVE.

Turn around a swing over the gap using the ring above, then avoid the fire and jump over the gaps to get ARTIFACT #4/4 and unlock:

Head back to where you got the checkpoint and go into the next room for the final boss.

The final boss isn't too hard. In the first round, try to just use your two pistols and focus on shooting her wings. You'll know if you're hitting them as her health will deplete. She'll teleport around the room a bit so keep track of her as best you can. Once she's down to half health, the second phase begins. Hopefully you have a lot of SMG ammo, or else you'll be firing your pistols a lot in this part, and hopefully, you have a fair few shotgun shells too. If not, there a few bits of ammo dotted around the arena. Start of by shooting her with your pistols or SMG to get her into rage mode. Once she is, switch the the shotgun, and run towards her, diving over the top of her to dodge, then shooting at the green gem on her back once you land. Keep repeating this for about 6-7 goes of rage mode to defeat her. After the battle, an interactive cutscene plays. The 'Super Actions' are: cn_A cn_B cn_B cn_RT cn_X After the cutscene, you will unlock:

  • Hard Game

    Completed the game on Hard difficulty (includes Easy and Medium Game achievements).

    Hard Game

  • Medium Game

    Completed the game on Medium difficulty (includes Easy Game achievement).

    Medium Game
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty SpecificStackable

  • Easy Game

    Completed the game on Easy difficulty.

    Easy Game
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineStory CompletedStackable

Then after saving the game for the last time and returning to the main menu, you will unlock:

Congratulations, you've completed the main part of the game. Onto Croft Manor.

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