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  • FrustratedNerdFrustratedNerd326,656
    19 Jul 2012 25 Jul 2012
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    I've been seeing a lot of mixed feelings on this game but it seems everyone was unclear what this game really is. It feels as if more people were hoping for a full remake of THPS 1 & 2, and didn't realize it was more of a "best of" compilation. The bottom line is this is an Xbox Live Arcade game, and not a full retail disc. I think people expected more out of a $15 game.

    You only get a handful of characters (including your avatar - which was awesome in my opinion), 7 levels, and only part of the original soundtracks. I went into this game with my hopes held low, and I recommend you do the same. If you expected your favorite level to be on this game, assume it's not. I actually felt lucky and honored that my personal favorite was the last level in the game.

    I think some people forgot how poor 1 & 2 were compared to 3, 4, and T.H.U.G. Remember there's no reverts, or walking. One cool thing they did keep in there was the unlockable cheats. Although to use them you forfeit achievements and saves so they're just for fun.

    To run through all objectives with one character it took me about 4 hours (with struggling at an all time high). The replay value of this game is entirely on your shoulders. I still love it, so I'll be playing it as much as I can. They did away with split-screen versus and replaced it with Live matches, so that definitely knocks the replay down a few pegs.

    The controls are exactly how you remember. So much that the modern technology of the Xbox 360 controller isn't precise enough to really conquer the game as we did when we were children. After you get the hang of it, and adjust your special tricks so you stop doing them unprovoked, it doesn't prove to be absolutely terrible, but still enough to be annoying 20% of the time.

    Nostalgia was obviously the selling point to this game, and I assumed everyone realized it. All of the levels and objectives are as you remember (Don't worry, all of those floating dollar bills are right where you left them too). People who played the first game religiously will love the Déjà vu feeling as you start to remember every nook and cranny while you're playing. The not-so-secret gym in the School II to the helicopter lift off in The Hanger, it's all there.

    I could go on and on about what's stayed the same, and there's not much for what' hasn't. Your still completing goals, buying stats (and tricks) but the key is to not think of it as an "HD Remake" (the title does lie) but to think of it as "trip down memory lane". Sure, the graphics have been suited for your HDTV, but that doesn't mean you're buying Tony Hawk 1 & 2, and an N64/PS1 controller to go with it..

    If you've never played the original games; and you enjoy the modern skating games you will love how easy it is to exploit this. The difficulty level is almost obsolete compared to Skate or Project 8. I really would only recommend it for fans of the original series, but at $15 it's definitely a fun little game to run through.

    The Road To 100% (Update): I was really hoping I didn't have to come here and admit this, but I'm finding a couple of the challenges extremely difficult. At first I thought it was just me getting a grip of the game, but I've been seeing more and more kids who are way better at games then I am struggling. The Ain't 'fraid of no ghosts cheeve is proving to be difficult even thought I'm slowly getting closer and closer. Completist doesn't seem impossible but it is defiantly not perfect. It seems "Boneless The Magic Bum" is glitched, and hard to complete. When not focusing on pure completion, I still really enjoy this game. So for the completionists out there who aren't amazing at THPS games, you may be in for a challenge.

    In short; Nostalgia lovers rejoice. We're given enough to remember our childhood, but you might be left unsatisfied since it's not all there. It's obvious they plan to sell you DLC. Remember, it's only an arcade "best of" compilation, not the full games.
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    ScottMacFreedomAlright, I am going to be a dick and say you guys who remember 1&2 didn't know how to play. (not being serious). But I played both of them a few months ago and I still thought they were amazing. To be fair I loved Too Human, so clearly my taste is slightly different than other people.

    All I want to know is, does Goldfinger's Super Man return in this soundtrack?
    I tried the demo anyway and I will say I wasn't impressed. What happened to the Secret Tapes? DVD...... Anyways good job.
    Posted by ScottMacFreedom on 23 Aug 12 at 07:55
    FrustratedNerdYes, Goldinger is on there. You guys could Google the soundtrack?
    Yes, they're DVDs.
    Posted by FrustratedNerd on 23 Aug 12 at 11:01
    ScottMacFreedomI would love to, but back in my day of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater that would have taken me about half an hour. Also I like the whole social interaction thing.
    Posted by ScottMacFreedom on 24 Aug 12 at 08:12
  • Ultima22Ultima22868,963
    24 Jul 2012
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    Beloved by gamers, the Tony Hawk's series has recently fell upon hard times. Is this the remake we've been clamoring for, or does it bail just trying to ollie? Read on to find out.

    First off, to those wondering, this isn't a full remake of the first game, but rather, just certain levels from the first two games remade with full HD graphics. Everything else is completely the same: the gaps, the career goals, nothing new has been added to the levels. In addition to the career, more modes have been added: Hawkman, where you collect pellets while comboing, Big Head Survival, where you keep your head from exploding by comboing tricks. Free Skate and single session are here as well. SKATE, oddly, is nowhere to be found.

    The presentation is a touch garish, with Robomodo opting to change the UI in a few ways, some helpful, some not. The pause menu now shows a map of all goals and gaps, allowing the new players to ease themselves into the experience.

    And this is where the problems lie: THPSHD takes one step foward, but two steps back:

    A bunch of long time players' favorite songs are including When Worlds Collide, Superman, and Bring The Noize. On the other hand, there is no way to choose which songs to listen to, or even make a playlist.

    The controls are the same as what we're all used to, but outside of specials, there's no way to change the control scheme, and rotating is assigned to the trigger, instead of the bumper. Argh.

    When you bail, the animations are no longer canned, but now uses a physics engine. While this is a welcome change (Finally!), the physics is also responsible for intermittent glitches not seen before.

    Another odd choice is the decision not to include split-screen co-op. When asked, Robomodo said it would decrease the quality of the game, but I fail to see how. Nary in sight are the customary skate video unlockables, or Spiderman as a playable character. Officer Dick does report for duty, however.

    Really, as a lifelong fan, I enjoyed this; but there are issues abound.

    +Levels are exactly the way you remember them
    +New modes and goals a welcome addition
    +Old songs are back

    -No split-screen multi-player.
    -New physics glitches are annoying.
    -No skating videos

    I give Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD 3 SKATE letters out of 5.
  • MC0REBEMC0REBE558,023
    20 Aug 2012 20 Aug 2012
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    The early Tony Hawk's Pro Skater-series always brought happy times when I was either completing the career over and over again with a new character each time or playing some versus with my brother back in 1998. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 was the first game I ever played on my PlayStation (got it for my birthday) and it didn't take me long to buy the predecessors, which reminds me of looking forward to the Wednesday afternoons during a school week or the week-ends where I could play this game for 8 hours or longer a day. But does this remake give me the same feeling? You can find an enumeration below.

    Although the controls are the same as any other Tony Hawk game released till this day, I was missing the nostalgic feeling. The feeling I had when I was playing THPS or THPS2. Rotations while airbourne seemed harder then it was with those game or even with the 'newer' games Tony Hawk's Project 8 or Tony Hawk's Proving Ground. Landing trick perfect seemed harder because even when you do a trick such as a Nosegrab, your skater tweaks the board a bit and it's difficult to estimate how many further you had to rotate. That was the first and actually the only thing that bothered me in this remake. The balance meters while doing a grind or a manual are still the same, doing fliptricks is still the same, ...
    Therefore I give this one a 8/10

    The graphics are updated off course and all the area's you are skating in still look the same as when you where playing the original games. They polished some things, which makes it better and the environment you're skating in looks fantastic. Robomodo did their best to maintain the original, so I think it's only fair to give this a 9/10.

    In-game content:
    There are a few new things included in this HD-version, and it's fun for a while but gets kinda boring when you're playing it for 2 hours straight. New things like the Hawkman challenges or the Big Head Survival add their own special influences in this game, but for me, it wasn't really required. I had fun with the original ones without these, so I wouldn't mind if they weren't included.

    Another new thing (or should I say things) is the updated list with Pro Skaters you can attack the maps with. Legends like Rodney Mullen and Erik Koston are still included and even the unlockable Officer Dick is nice to play with, but what happened with skaters like Bucky Lasek, Steve Cabbelero and Chad Muska? Those were the Pro Skaters at the moment the original games came out while Chris Cole, Nyjah Huston and Riley Hawk (Tony's son) are just known recently for their work in the skating world. The new skaters are pretty good, but keep if you really want to make a HD-version, please keep the old skaters as well. A positive thing about the updated list is that you can now skate with your Avatar. It's a cool feature and it's nice to think you can move mountains while getting a 500k highscore in Marseille.

    A huge loss in this is the Create-a-...-mode, where you could build your own parks or even create a very own skater. I spend some hours in the Create-a-Skater mode in the original series and I was kinda stunned this wasn't included. Other games may be upset about the lack of Create-a-Park mode, but I didn't like it so I won't go in detail about that.

    All of this combined let's me give it a 6/10.

    When the game was available on the marketplace, I downloaded it immediately. It just happened to be my best friend was at my place so we were looking forward to play some games against each other. When the download was completed and I booted the game up, I was very disappointed about the fact you can only play with/against someone over XBOX Live. Even though it could be fun with some friends, the only reason I went on there was because there was one achievement to gain. No more, no less. You can call it the Achievement Hunter within me, but I still prefer some local multiplayer over online multiplayer.
    Even though some old game modes are still included, I missed the HORSE option, where you needed to set a score and your opponent had to beat it (or vice versa). Because of the listed facts above, I give this 5/10.

    Yes, I know some of you have been waiting for this. This can maybe lead you to buy this game or ignore it. Well, the achievements in this game are pretty easy to obtain with a bit of practice, a bit of luck and character with full stats. There are 'story'-related achievement when you've beaten enough goals and unlocked a new map, but there are also some miscellaneous achievements on every map available. Some can be hard, some can be tough, but nothing is impossible without practicing. I've spend most time in collecting all the pellets in one combo in the Hangar and eventually got it. The projectives are relatively easy since they are all the same except the 'Sickest Score' and 'Get x points in one combo' increases every level but it's all about finding the right path and how to obtain most points. I give this a 7/10.

    I enjoyed this game simply because Robomodo brought back the old Tony Hawk games without focusing on story or caring about getting number one on a leaderboard. Although it misses a few small details, this game is quite enjoyable. Gamers looking for nostalgia will only find 60% in this game, but gamers who never played any game in the series before may like it and therefore buy all the other ones available (if they don't want to hurt their TA-ratio or completion percentage). This game is worth a 7/10 and because I can't give half a star it will be a 4/5.

    Hope you enjoyed this review, which was my first. Comment if you think I can do something better, I still need to learn some stuff here laugh!

    - MCoreBE
  • DieCobrosDieCobros196,100
    15 Aug 2012
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    The Pro Skater series is back! Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD takes the best levels from the first two games and puts them together in one game, a sort of "Greatest Hits" collection, if you will.

    The classic levels represented here have been given a makeover, making it easier on the eyes. Some levels have been given very minor additions in terms of design, but it won't detract from the experience. When you start a level sometimes, the game will take a few seconds to load the textures when you're in it, again, a minor gripe.

    The soundtrack is a mix of classic music and new additions. Most of the classic music is from Pro Skater 2, with the exception of "Superman," which was in the first installment. It feels great to listen to some of the old music, especially if you haven't played THPS in a long time, increasing the nostalgia factor. The new music fits quite well with the game, and I personally enjoyed listening to them.

    The game's controls have been kept the exact same since the last Pro Skater games, so most veterans will pick it up right from the get go and get into the action. Newcomers might find the layout a bit confusing, especially if you're used to EA's "Skate" series. For the most part, the controls are tight and responsive overall.

    Gameplay/Replay Value:
    THPSHD has various modes, the main one being the Career. In this mode, you skate around levels completing goals, such as collecting the SKATE letters or getting high scores. The original goals are kept intact, as well as some new ones sprinkled in. If you beat Career easily, then there are several other modes to entice you.

    Projectives has the same layout as the Career mode, except this time the time limit is shorter and the goals are much harder. These challenges will test your skills to the max. (Cheesy, I know.)

    Hawkman is a mode where you go through each level collecting pellets, by grinding, wall riding, jumping, or manualing through them. The faster you collect them all, the more cash you will earn. It's a good mode for practicing your combos.

    Big Head Survival is a test to see how long you can last. As time goes on, your head grows bigger and bigger, and you have to perform combos to shrink your head size. Eventually, your head growth rate increases, and it becomes increasingly harder to maintain your head.

    Single Session is a 2 minute run through a level, to see how many points you can score in the time allotted.

    Free Skate is literally just that. Pick a level and practice your combos, or just skate around.

    With secret characters, cheats, online multiplayer, leaderboards, etc. This game has enough to keep you going long after it's done. This game is a tribute to the fans.