Top Hand Rodeo

Top Hand Rodeo

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Top Hand Rodeo Achievements

Most Earned

Bull in a China Shop
Bull in a China Shop (0)Admit it, you were tempted to knock the barrel over when you first saw it, right? Me too.
BRB, feedin' mah horse
BRB, feedin' mah horse13 (10)If you really did just feed your horse, I gotta admit, that's pretty awesome (and coincidental)!
Humility is a virtue
Humility is a virtue (0)Pride cometh with the fall. Afterall, you survived, didn't you?
Roped by a dope
Roped by a dope (0)Them calves ain't gonna catch themselves!

Least Earned

Sheer Steer
Sheer Steer99 (25)Rope 150 steers in Team Roping.
Rough Stock Rider
Rough Stock Rider99 (25)Ride 150 bulls in the Bull Riding Event.
Top Hand of the Rodeo
Top Hand of the Rodeo337 (100)Get a Gold Buckle in every event in every arena.
Piggin' it up
Piggin' it up84 (25)Successfully tie down 100 calves in Tie Down Roping.
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