Torchlight Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Since this is largely a Hack and Slash RPG, there isn't much I can provide with tips, but I can give basic guidelines at least.

You can of course play the game on the difficulty you feel comfortable with, BUT if you´re looking for the fastest way possible, play it on easy.

Make sure to pick the right character for your gaming style, meaning that if you like to bash heads in through melee fighting pick the fighter class. If you like to see enemies burned to cinders from a distance, use the mage rather than the marksman. You can't revise your choice, so pick wisely and make sure you make the right decisions when it comes down to skills and skillpoints. For example, a fighter should focus on his strength and health stats, rather than mana and dexterity.

DON'T spray your attribute points across all your statistics. Focus on specific stats and amass them there. This means basically as soon as you get a level up use all of the 5 points on a specific attribute (for example 5 points on strength, next time 5 on health, etc.). I tell you this because it has only one practical use. You will be proficient rather fast in one of the attributes, in contradiction if you do it the other way you wont ever be good at any particular attribute leaving your charecter too weak on higher levels, therefore not being able to carry better weapons, armor, etc. not to mention being unable to take on tougher enemies.

Pick up everything you can! Even if you don't need it, rather sell it than leave it lying around. The reason is simple since having more gold than needed is always a good thing (for additional scrolls, potions, new equipment, etc.). Your pet will gladly carry a lot AND can be sent to town to sell it automatically, so use that to your advantage!

Focus on one particular game style and stick with it, meaning that if you rather use a sword, stick to that one, etc. Only if you feel you cant get any better in the skill tree, try something different.

Use magic scrolls to suplement your weaknesses, meaning since you are only one player, it would be rather nice to summon some minions to aid you, won't it? Or maybe use a fireball as a fighter? You can also let your pet learn some spells, so make also use of that feature. It's rather more usefull than using fish to transform your pet (I only used it once for the achievement and that's about it).

Use potions as often as you can since you will find loads of them! If you play it on easy at least, I can tell that you won't need more than 10 as a marksman until you finished the game, and that's nothing since they only take away one inventory space!

Always use the best equipment possible but be aware that a high value for damage or armor doesn't go hand-in-hand with good effects (like poisoning, resistance, higher drop rates, etc.). Always compare to be up to date since monsters will get stronger and dying is not an option.

Keep the jewels and forge them to better ones. 2 pieces of a bad quality jewel can be made in 1 mediocre and so on. There is a guy in town which can "change" items and that's the thing he can do for you. Having good jewels is crucial for good equipment you keep the best jewels for good items.

Always think about enchanting your favorite equipment! The good thing here is that you ALSO can enchant allready rare items, so make use of the possibilitie!

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