Touchdown Hero: New Season (Windows) Reviews

  • NamcoPlayerNamcoPlayer#9871188,517
    20 Aug 2022
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    Touchdown Hero: New Season is another free Game Troopers game (Tiny Troopers) that can be downloaded for free on the Windows Store.

    Graphics (2.5/5):
    The graphics of this game are just pixels with sprites similar to the SNES but if they had a little adjustment to them. That's simply it.

    Gameplay (2.5/5):
    The game is you in control of a football player running down an endless field while being pursued by other football players from the top of the screen. Simple like other mobile games (Subway Surfers, Crossy Road, Minion Rush).

    Achievements (1.5/5 at best):
    The achievements are just basically obtaining uniforms for completing tasks in the game, such as getting a number of touchdowns or played games. If you don't want to spend a single penny on this game, then you can only get 160/200 Gamerscore since some of the achievements are glitched and you will instead have to pay $9.99 for all the uniforms now if you want to complete it. Heck, there is no way to individually buy the uniforms for a decent price.

    Personally, I think that this achievement list seems very effortless to complete 100% if you want to pay $10 that can go into a good XBLA game.

    Overall (2):
    Overall, this is a game to play a little while (in a train, vacation, etc.) until you play something else in my opinion. It seems like the bugged achievements will never be fixed (bugged for about 6 years) if you don't want to pay $9.99. From what I heard, $2.99 used to be the price of all uniforms. But instead, Game Troopers inflated the price to $10.
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