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Posted on 22 October 09 at 21:30, Edited on 23 October 09 at 02:42
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Another one of those love it or hate it, twitch motion/puzzle arcade titles which in theory is simple as can be, but will take alot of practice to master. Anyone can pick up the game and play but only a someone who has polished their skill will "finish" the game

This game is so simple there is just one button used here (you even have the option to use your scene-it controller) its very mindless one of those games you can play on autopilot and just chillax

The basic objective is to stack boxes to make a high-rise apartment the twist is that the crane is swinging around wildly and eventually as your tower gets higher that too wobbles around and matching the boxes up perfectly square will become a challenge.... But the controls consist of just one button how hard can that be??

The gameplay is then further broken down in to
"Quickplay" - where you build as high as you can but you only get three misses
"Time Attack" - its a race against the clock, you start with 30sec which counts down but by getting boxes square on you earn time, also you collect more time by passing though checkpoints
"Build City" - this is the puzzle component of the game, where you work on maximizing the limited space by putting a series of towers of varying heights (defined by colour) that must be situated next to other certain colour(s) tower(s)
and there are a few multiplayer options too

Visually its a pleasing brightly coloured game nice and simple with cutesy graphics. You have some control over the camera but it probably won't add to your experience or will just frustrate you.
The audio gets very old very quickly, but again it doesn't add to the gameplay so just mute the sound and listen to something else

The achievements are all grinders... with the exception of about 25gs the rest will take upwards of 30hours for the average gamer and there are some achievements that require a very high level of skill or a large amount of luck.

As for value I'm not sure that everyone will be able to justify spending 800ms points on this game as you can get it free around the internet but for some people its so addictive and a game you mindlessly play to kill time

In conclusion its one of those classic games that if you love you'll keep coming back just like tetris, pong, space invaders etc.
but if you played the trial you've played the whole game
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