1. Tower of Guns Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Awww.... they just want a hug!Awww.... they just want a hug!

Welcome to the walkthrough for Tower of Guns! This game was created by Joe Mirabello, while taking some time out of the fast lane to make what he calls a "lunch break game." It's a short game with a ton of randomized elements that is good for a quick playthrough if you don't have a lot of time.

Since a huge part of this game is random, you may have a few playthroughs without getting very far. There are many cumulative goals to unlock weapons and perks so even if you're having a bad run it will still count for something. The guide will give a basic order of the achievements to aim for. There is also an extensive appendix that contains information about many aspects of the game. Check it out if you're having trouble with a boss or which item to choose.

So it's time to grab a rocket launcher with a machine gun mod and some bunker busters and get ready for Tower of Guns!

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