2. Tower of Guns General hints and tipsUpdate notes

  • Before you enter a room you can look into it and get a general idea of where you need to go in it. The enemies won't spawn until you actually step foot in the room.
  • You usually want to avoid the "upgrade" that has a tombstone on it. This increases your difficulty. When your difficulty increases the enemies do more damage to you, take longer to kill, and they start to move faster. There are no benefits to increasing the difficulty.
  • You will see upgrades that are under a blue glass with a number at the bottom. These are upgrades for sale and you should always pick them up unless they increase the difficulty.
  • Every time you take damage you lose some weapon experience. This is the primary reason to avoid taking damage. It's a good idea to keep an eye on your health, but if your weapon level drops you will be more likely to die.
  • If you get stuck in a level or you get to a point where you would take a lot of damage to get to safety, you can always "tilt." This brings you back to the beginning of the room. It is good to use this if you had to cross a lot of lava to get to a secret or an upgrade. It can also get you out of a pit if you don't have enough jumps. To tilt hold cn_Y for a few seconds.
  • On runs numbered 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 you will start out on a level called Caketown. This is a short level that has very good loot and usually some upgrades. If you want to reset the level to see if you can get better loot, pause and select "Give Up." You will be able to go to the main menu to change your gun and perk. When you start again it will still be a Caketown level.
  • Many Enemies are not very good at pivoting. Because of this it is often best to attack the sides or back of enemies. This is even true of some bosses. So always try to find a new angle if you are getting slaughtered by too many enemies.
  • After you beat the final boss you will come to an elevator room. The first elevator will end the game, or if you're playing endless will take you to the Foyer again. On the backside of this area there is another elevator that will take you to a level called the Crow's Nest. This is not needed for any achievements so it should be avoided.
  • Use a gun's recoil to float or boost you a little further. Egon's Pride is recommended to play with, but it can be used to float almost 3 times further than a regular jump. Point it straight at the ground and start firing. Then jump and move in the direction of the gap you need to clear. If you get the rapid fire gun mode, you can literally fly anywhere around the stage.
  • You can also use rising platforms to jump higher. As the platform is about to reach the top jump and you will be launched high into the air. Be careful of fall damage!
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