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There isn't really a story in this game. There are several lines of dialogue that will appear at the top of the screen but it doesn't affect anything. Each set of dialogue is randomly generated. One of the dialogues will actually tell you that the story is pointless and sounds like it was written by an 8-year old. You're basic goal is to get through 5 levels and destroy the final boss. Any information that you will likely need will be listed in the Appendix page.

Since this is a rogue-like there are a lot of elements of the game that are randomized. The rooms are random, the enemies are random, most of the pickups are random, even the 2nd and 3rd levels are random. The first level is always the Foyer, the fourth level is Logistics and the fifth level is Sanctum. Because of the extremely random nature of this game it is hard to give concrete directions of exactly what should be done on every playthrough. So I will give a rough outline of the order of the achievements that you will probably get, and which ones you should try for next. Some playthroughs you will get really bad upgrades and may not even be able to finish the normal game with them.

To start off, select a New Game and change the game mode to Endless with cn_X. This will repeat the levels after you beat the final boss. Since you get to keep your stats and extra jumps it will make the game easier, while also allowing you to unlock more guns, perks and achievements. For guns, the Peas-N-Carrots pistol is a little better than the Portable Pizza Oven so use that one. For perks Bluegrass is more useful, since you can just jump before you hit the ground to avoid most falling damage.

For your first few playthroughs just get use to the physics and how the game works. There is no ammo or reloading, so feel free to unload as many bullets as possible whenever there are enemies around. Also make sure that you kill all the enemies as they drop health, experience, item charge, and occasionally upgrades. Doors open by shooting them and each stage has around 3-6 rooms. For the most part you'll beat each level in less than 5 minutes.

The first room you will come to these little happy looking robots just looking for a hug. These are called hugbots. Killing them is usually good because it will give you health and experience, but there is a small trade-off. Every one you kill will increase your difficulty by 1, which is a very small amount. If you complete all the levels without killing a single hugbot there's a small chance that you will be taken to a secret level called "Hugbot Alley." There are a lot of hugbots in this area and they have a very good chance of dropping upgrades.

In the next room there will be some enemies. After you've killed them all you can already get an achievement. Hold the cn_Y until the bar fills completely and you will be taken back to the beginning of the room. This is called a "tilt" (like in pinball) and it is intended to get you out of areas that you are trapped in, but can also be used to get out of areas that would cause a lot of damage. Use it 9 more times while you are in the same room and you'll unlock an achievement.

Continue through several more rooms and you'll come to a boss room. Hopefully you have at least weapon level 3, otherwise for most of the bosses you'll want to keep shooting them and avoiding their shots. Only the final boss and the uber-win boss are more complicated. Read the Appendix for additional information on each boss and their basic attacks. Generally it will just be shoot them before they shoot you. Once you kill the first boss you will unlock an achievement.

For some reason there seems to be a glitch that also pops the achievement for unlocking a weapon. So that's a cool 165G and you're only a few minutes into the game.

Keep playing until you die. With the starting guns and perks it's unlikely that you'll get much further than the 3rd or 4th level. But that's okay because you're still working towards several accumulative achievements.

The next playthrough you can try to get one of the best weapons in the game and one that is recommended for most of the game: Egon's Pride. All you have to do is beat a level under par time. The Foyer's par is 3:51 and you should have more than enough time to beat it that quickly. Kill the hugbots to get some weapon experience. Instead of killing all the enemies just run to the exit door of each room. You may want to kill a few more so that you can get more weapon experience. But don't spend too much time in each room. When you get to the boss room destroy it and quickly head into the elevator and the gun should unlock.

Now that you have the recommended weapon you just need to get the recommended perk: TooYoungToDie. Luckily to get it you just need to take 4000 damage. So play another full round of the main game trying to get as far as you can. Also while you are doing this you can try to get an achievement for staying in the air for 45 seconds. Look for a vertical, white beam of light. When you stand in it, you slowly raise off the ground and it looks like this:

Jump into it and set a timer for 45 seconds or count to 60, making sure that you stay in the light and don't fall out. You actually have to jump into it not just walk into it. It's okay to hit the ceiling; you just can't touch the ground. It's also good to have Bluegrass equipped and to have a few extra jumps just in case you fall out of it. After it's been 45 seconds land back on the ground and earn an achievement.

If you've had a few good runs there are several perks with cumulative requirements that you have already unlocked. You will also unlock Consolation Charger just for dying 3 times. You will probably have Junkman (Pick up 451 items) and Tunnel Rat (fire 2999 shots) just from normal play. There's a good chance that you got Fireforce (Beat the Foundry).

Once you get to your 5th run you will start out in a new level called Caketown. This level occurs on runs number 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100. It will contain very good loot and often has several upgrades to make the run a little easier. If you want to restart the level to see if you can get better loot, pause the game and select "Give Up." When you start again you will be back at Caketown with different loot.

Simply go into the elevator for this level without taking any damage. So don't shoot yourself or fall off the edge and you will unlock the gun 609mm Handcannon. This gun will often cause self-damage which isn't very good for normal play but it is great for unlocking guns, perks and some achievements.

Now that you have Egon's Pride and TooYoungToDie it's time to beat level 7. This requires you to set the game mode to endless with cn_X before you start the game. Because a lot of the game is very random, this may take a few tries to get all the way there. Don't worry about dying too much, as there are several things that you'll probably need to grind out at the end anyway. Also, just by playing, you are working toward all those goals. Just make sure you are killing most of the enemies and picking up as many of the power ups (except for increase difficulty) that you can. Most of the levels will be pretty self explanatory and nearly everything is covered in the appendix part of this guide. Go there and check it out if you're curious about an item, boss, etc.

Sometime during this playthrough you should get the achievement for killing 350 enemies in one level. If you don't get here you'll get it on a future playthrough. As long as you're killing all the enemies it's pretty unmissable.

One thing to remember for this playthrough is for the very end. Once you destroy the Gumball Machine, go in the first elevator that you see in the next room. Do not go in the elevator that is in the back of the room. That will take you to a level called the Crow's Nest, which has an extremely hard boss. There are no achievements associated with that area, so you never have to go back there--although I'm sure curiosity will get the better of you eventually.

Beating the Sanctum level will unlock the Nightmare perk (Beat the game) and beating level 7 will unlock the Blatherskite Crossbow (Beat level 7 in Endless mode). There's a good chance that you unlocked a few more on the way. If you haven't gotten the Lifeline perk (Find 5 Health Upgrades in 1 Life), keep playing until you get that. You get 1 health upgrade in the first 2 levels. Since you replay the first two levels to get to level 7 you should have at least 4, and there's a good chance that you picked one more up on the way. The Grease Pit perk (Find 15 Badges in 1 Life) is another one to keep playing for, since you'll need to beat about 7 levels for that one too.

If you have all of these or you die before you can get them you will unlock an achievement.

Next you can try to get the Major Moose perk (Take 100+ damage (And survive)). The best way to do this is to equip the 609mm Hand Cannon with the Tunnel Rat perk. You have to be very careful with this weapon as it causes huge amounts of self-damage and just a few point blank shots at a wall will kill you. Make sure to keep your distance from everything that you are shooting at. Once you get the weapon to level 4 and you still have full health or close to it, shoot straight down. You should do enough damage to unlock the perk, but now you also have to finish the level. So it's usually best to try for this after a boss fight.

This is also a good time to get an achievement. If you're not level 4 by the end of a boss fight, wait until the boss is almost dead. Then when you hit it with the last shot, kill yourself by shooting straight down at the ground while the boss is still exploding to unlock an achievement.

Once you get the Major Moose perk you can switch back to using Egon's Pride and Bluegrass. It's time to find 5 secrets in one level to get the Kegerator. For all the secret locations use the "Secrets" part of this guide. There's way too many to list in this section of the guide. If you're in a room and can't find a secret, check out the high areas and dead ends for fake walls. Most of them will require some jump height and many extra jumps so you'll definitely want to play on endless mode so they will carry over to the next playthrough.

Assuming that you got the Kegerator and have been following the guide, there are only 3 guns and 1 perk left to get. For all of them you will need to play multiple times, and the appearance of the goal items are random. It may take several playthroughs just killing all the enemies, picking up all the items and leveling up your gun multiple times. Here is a list of the miscellaneous goals left.

Kill 24 Tanks: These are large floating tanks that fire explosive bullets. They are somewhat rare and it may take a few playthroughs just to find them. Then on other playthroughs you'll get 5 in a level. They are usually in Battlements and Logistics but can show up in other stages as well. Just for reference, this is what they look like:

Collect 22 different items: Items are the chargeable things in the upper right corner of the screen. You will usually get one after a boss fight and sometimes they are for sale in various places around the level. If you get an item that you don't want to keep you can pick it up and then switch back to your last item. Of all the miscellaneous goals, this one should come relatively quickly.

Kill 250 Spikeball Launchers: There's no quick way to do this. You just have to play through the game several times. These are fairly common but 250 is a high number to reach. This might be the last one that you get.

Level up (your gun) 70 times: You level up your gun with blue orbs and blue ammo clips. This should come about naturally, but if you need to grind it you can get close to a level up. Grab enough experience to level then take enough damage to lose a level. Repeat as much as possible. Also you can use the 609 Hand Cannon to force a level down, but you will take a lot more damage.

By this time you should have all the guns and perks and unlock the associated achievements.

The only achievements left are for finishing 100 runs. Luckily there is an easy way to boost this. Equip the 609 Hand Cannon and the Tunnel Rat perk. As soon as the level starts point the gun straight at the ground and keep firing until you die. Do this until you get the final achievement. It should only take about an hour depending on how many runs you have already finished.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the game!

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