Latest Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp (WP) News

Select Windows Phone Games on Sale

There are a handful of Windows Phone titles on sale right now, all a part of what is likely a Spring/Easter sale, though no official details have been made yet. Your best bet is to act fast as these

Posted 12 years ago by litepink

Windows Phone 7 Release: February 29th, 2012

One of the most highly anticipated titles in the Must Have Games promotion hits Windows Phone 7 today, concluding the promotion. Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp (WP) - $2.99 / £2.29 Wage war on a tiny scale

Posted 12 years ago by Suyomizzle

Must Have Games for Windows Phone Dated and Priced

Earlier this month, Microsoft not only revealed that the "House Party" would once again be coming to XBLA, but they also put out details of the upcoming Must Have Games promotion for Windows Phone ti

Posted 12 years ago by Michelle Balsan

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp (WP) Detailed

Earlier this month, Microsoft revealed the titles that would be a part of their Windows Phone "Must Have Games" promotion. Among those titles was Signal Studios' Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp. Unlike the t

Posted 12 years ago by Michelle Balsan

2012 WP7 'Must Have Games' List Revealed

Following on from last year's promotion, next month we'll see a collection of hit games heading out to Windows Phone over five weeks. This year's 'must haves' are: BulletAsylum Annihilate invaders wi

Posted 12 years ago by ButterflyxEdge

Tons of New WP7 Games Announced at Gamescom

As you can see from the TrueAchievements front page, lots of exciting Xbox 360, Kinect, and XBLA news has been churning out of Gamescom. Today, Microsoft has shown that they are going at their Window

Posted 13 years ago by litepink

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