Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp (WP) Reviews

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    02 Mar 2014 02 Mar 2014
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    Toy Soldiers is essentially a collection of Mini Games that are found in the Arcade game Toy Soldiers Cold war. This will be a short review for a short game.

    That being said these mini games were more training exercises on how to use the turrets in the game, and not meant for a ton of playtime more of a distraction.


    The controls are average, it aims were you want it to go, but the advanced moves, like direct rockets and flying are less than stellar.

    There are three game modes.

    Cardboard theater: You shoot missiles at targets and get points for hitting the target more for bullseyes and the size of the target. The controls here are mediocre, they do the job but are not setup the greatest, sliding for the speed on the left side does not work well.
    Flyswatter: You shoot flies with a turret, aiming works fine, nothing much more.
    Thread the needle: You control a rocket through various neon obsticles, this one your finger gets in the way too much when controlling the rocket, making it more difficult than it needed to be.

    This is about the only good thing here. They average for a phone game.


    Decent everything sounded as it should, explosions, guns etc.


    Easy as they come. This game shouldnt take more than 1-2 hrs, the only annoying one is flying the rocket, but even that comes with a few tries.

    This was not a good game, but not atrocious either. A tower defense style game would have been better. These mini games were forgettable before when they were in the arcade version, on the phone they do not translate well and gladly the achievements are easy. If you want 200 GS, buy it, otherwise save a dollar and buy something more fun.